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Kidderminster Rat Catchers Contractors (DY10): Even though it's not that commonplace nowadays, noticing a rat in your house or garden in Kidderminster is not a pleasing thing to experience. A single rat sighting may not be that much of an issue, nevertheless, if you observe the presence of rats more frequently or notice more than one you could be heading for trouble because they reproduce so fast.

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There are actually two kinds of rat which you may spot in Kidderminster, brown (or common) rats and black rats. It's relatively unlikely that you will ever see black rats, and if you've stumbled upon a rat recently it's likely to have been one of the more common brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (ship rats) were once common and were blamed for the Great Plague during the 17th Century, they're relatively scarce nowadays, however where they do exist they have good hearing, are superb climbers, and can produce between 20 and 100 baby rats every twelve months.

The brown rat is usually larger than the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and may weigh nearly 500g, with a length of roughly nine inches. Most of the destruction caused by brown rats is down to the fact that to prevent their incisor teeth from growing too long, they have to continually chew on stuff. Woodwork is especially more prone to this gnawing.

An infestation of rats will lead to lots of different issues for business owners and householders in and around Kidderminster, they will spread disease, leave droppings, gnaw their way through insulation, pipes, woodwork and wires, and contaminate foodstuffs. The local authorities must be informed whenever rats are spotted. You could also report rat problems on the .gov website online HERE.

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You will sometimes identify the existence of rats not actually by physically observing them, but by them announcing their presence by other means. It could be that you might discover droppings on the floor or in cupboards, you might hear noises coming from a wall, floor or loft, you might come across distinctive rat holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards or you may come across a rat's nest in some tucked away location.

To address this issue there are two or three routes that you might take. You could put down traps or poison yourself, you could find a pest removal specialist or you can get in touch with your local Kidderminster council. There aren't very many people nowadays who specialise just in issues with rats, you're also able to call them if you have moles digging up your lawn or even a wasp nest in your loft space. (Tags: Pest Control Kidderminster, Rat Catchers Kidderminster )

Rat Poisons: Using poison is one of the more horrible ways to remove rats and rodents. Wholewheat grains are covered with a poisonous compound and left for rats to consume, it only takes a few days for them to die. When it is set in the perfect position in or close to a rat infested area, poison can quite rapidly deal with a large number of rats. Lethal substances which are widely-used in rat poison includes: bromadioline, brodifacoum or difenacoum. Rat poison doesn't just harm rats, pets could also be affected, so extreme care must be taken. Well known brands of rat poison in the UK include the likes of: Propest, RatKil, Rentokil, Elixir Gardens, Pest Expert and Roshield. (Tags: Rat Poison Kidderminster, Rat Poisons Kidderminster)

Do You Have Rats?: There are several ways by which you can find out if you have rats. If you have a notion that there may be rats in your home or business you could listen closely for constant scratching noises emanating from lofts and walls, especially at nighttime, hunt for tail trails or footprints in dusty areas, be on the lookout for tunnels or burrows next to solid surfaces, keep an eye out for faeces, they are dark brown in colour and look like large grains of rice, watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on walls and skirting boards, check for gnawing in wood, wires and cables, especially in lofts.

Burrows: If you've got rats living in the garden, the chances are that there will be a burrow somewhere. Rats love to dig burrows and they commonly excavate them close to solid structures and objects like garage foundations, terraces, walkways and garden sheds. These are the spots to check if you believe there might be rats nearby. These are not just straightforward holes, but rather substantial systems of burrows, intended to provide food storage, nesting places and shelter. A certain sign of a rat burrow is a smooth sided hole by the side of a solid structure, where the coming and going of furry bodies have polished and rubbed the burrow entrance. Should you discover holes but aren't certain that they are rats, they'll usually be about two to four inches across. An easy way to ascertain if rats are still in that specific burrow is to chuck some stuff into the entrance and check if it has been cleared away the next day.

Reporting Rat Sightings

We mentioned this subject earlier, so now we will go into more detail. If you spot rats in a public place, in your own garden or in a neighbours garden it is generally advisable to inform the local environmental health. When it comes to rats this may at times be a cost-free service, while you'll normally be asked to pay for some other infestations for instance bed bugs, cockroaches and wasps. Sightings of rats may also be reported on the Government (.gov) webpage HERE. Click HERE to book your local rat catcher and get the issue sorted without delay.

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