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Croydon Rat Catchers Contractors (CR0): Whilst it isn't that commonplace nowadays, seeing a rat in your garden or home in Croydon is not really a nice thing to go through. Just one rat sighting should not be too much of a concern, nonetheless, if you observe the presence of rats more frequently or see multiple rats you could potentially be in trouble since they reproduce so quickly.

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If you happen to see rats in Croydon, the chances are that they'll be brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus), even though there are actually two sorts of rats at present found in the British Isles; black (or ship) rats and brown (or common) rats. As you could be aware black rats were responsible for the Great Plague (17th C) and at that time they were quite common. Black rats are quite scarce nowadays but in fact neither type is native to the British Isles, both arriving from Asia.

The largest and heaviest of the two rats is the brown rat at about 9 inches, while the black rat (Rattus Rattus) only grows to between 5 and 7 inches. To wear down their continually growing incisors, common brown rats need to keep on gnawing at things, which explains why they're the cause of so much damage and destruction. Their attention is frequently focused on objects made from timber.

An infestation of rats lead to a lot of issues for business owners and householders in Croydon, they'll leave behind droppings, transmit disease, gnaw their way through woodwork, pipes, wires and insulation, and contaminate foodstuffs. Homeowners must always report sightings of rats to their local authority. Additionally you can report rat and pest problems on the .gov website online HERE.

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It is not invariably by appearance alone that you'll be alerted to the presence of rats, their behaviour is often quite enough to give warning. Perhaps you could observe holes chewed into floorboards or skirtings, you could detect droppings on the floor or in cupboards, you could come upon a rat's nest hidden away somewhere or you may hear scratching noises coming from a wall, loft or floor.

If you want to have this situation remedied properly you should speak to an expert. You can get in touch with the local authority or call in a specialist Croydon rat catcher or pest controller for yourself. These days rat catchers typically fall into the category of pest management, and pest control providers not only deal with rats but additionally wasps, mice, fleas, bedbugs, moles, cockroaches and many more types of garden and household pests.

Rat Traps:Rat Cage One of the ways that you can sort out a rat infestation is by the use of rat traps. Rat traps can be intended to kill a rat or to compassionately imprison a rat for later release. The capture type are the optimal alternative for folks who hate to see creatures being hurt in any way, even pests. If you take a look around you will find plenty of varying designs such as: electronic rat traps, enclosed poison traps, cage traps and spring loaded bait traps.

Molecatchers in Croydon: While no longer such a commonplace pest these days moles can also be controlled by rat catchers. In no way such hated critters, moles bring about totally different problems to rats. It's outside in your garden where you may have problems with moles, and lawns especially are at risk of damage. Nicely mowed lawns laden with ugly piles of newly dug earth are sure signs of mole activity. Moles may be caught in traps and released someplace else, if you favour the most humane method.

Spotting Rats: There are a few ways by which you can tell when you've got rats. When you have your suspicions that there could be rats in your business or home you could try to find footprints or tail trails in dusty areas, pay attention to gnaw marks in cables, wires and wood, especially in lofts, watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls, look out for burrows or holes alongside solid surfaces, keep your eyes open for faeces, they look much like large grains of rice and are dark brown, listen closely for scratching noises emanating from walls and rooves, particularly at night.

Burrowing: If you have rats running around your garden, the likelihood is that there'll be a burrow. Rats like to dig burrows and they usually dig them next to and under solid objects or structures such as garage foundations, pathways, garden sheds and patios. These are the places to check out if you believe there are rats in the area. Useful for food storage, shelter and a nesting place, rat burrows are excavated into substantial networks which can even cause damage if allowed to continue unchecked. The entrances to rat burrows are generally worn smooth by the constant coming and going, so keep your eyes open for holes with smooth sides beside solid surfaces. Should you discover holes but aren't sure if they are made by rats, they'll normally be approximately 2" to 4" across. An effective way to learn if rats are still in that specific burrow is to throw a bit of stuff into the burrow entrance and check if it's been cleared away the following day.

Rat Sightings - Reporting

This is a little more detail on a topic that we outlined earlier. It is always best to inform the local environmental health if you spot rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public area. In the case of rats this might sometimes be a cost-free service, though you will frequently be asked to pay for other infestations like cockroaches, wasps and bed bugs. You can head over to the Government (.gov) webpage HERE to report rat sightings. You're obviously able to schedule your own rat catcher to come and deal with the situation by going HERE.

Not surprisingly rodents are not only found in Croydon itself, they can also crop up in West Wickham, Woodside, Carshalton, Thornton Heath, Addiscombe, Beddington, Purley, Waddon, Selhurst, South Norwood, South Croydon, Addington, Shirley, Mitcham, Purley Oaks and some other places close by.

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