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Whilst it isn't such a common problem in UK nowadays, folks can still have issues with rats once in a while. Seeing a rat in your garden or inside your property isn't a pleasant thing to experience, and will be sufficient to give some people the shivers. Lone rats don't really create much of an issue, but of course rats reproduce quickly and may start to cause problems as they grow in numbers.

Rat Prevention UK: The most effective way to stop issues with rats is not to attract them to start with. So, even if you don't presently have a rat problem, deterring rodents ought to be high on your priority list. Amongst the principal reasons for rat infestations is household waste in gardens. Supplying both the materials and place for a nest will do nothing but encourage them. If there's also a lot of food on offer these rats imagine they are in paradise, so be warned that traditional bird seed feeders often attract rats, in particular when they're susceptible to spilling over, and domestic household food scraps should also not be easily accessible.