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Worcester Rat Catchers Contractors (WR1): Despite the fact that it is not really a common occurrence nowadays in Worcester, people can still have issues with rats on occasion. Seeing rats in your home or garden is not a nice thing to experience, and is enough to give some home owners the shivers. Individual rats are unlikely to create very much of an issue, but of course rats tend to breed rapidly and may cause issues when they grow in numbers.

Rat Catchers Worcester WR1

While neither of the 2 rat species currently seen in the UK originate from these islands, they've clearly thrived since they got here. The brown rat is especially widespread while the ship (black) rat isn't so much these days. Both of these breeds escaped from Asia and arrived in the United Kingdom on boats.

The black rat at 5 to 7 inches, isn't as large as the brown, which reaches lengths of nearly 9 inches and weighs in at close to half a kilo. A lot of the damage attributable to brown rats is due to the fact that to keep their incisors from getting too much, they must continually gnaw on stuff. Woodwork is particularly more prone to their interest.

Rat infestations will cause a lot of issues for business and home owners in Worcester, they'll leave droppings, transmit disease, gnaw their way through insulation, woodwork, pipes and wires, and contaminate foodstuffs. The local council should be informed whenever rats are sighted. Additionally you can report problems with rats on the .gov website HERE.

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It's not only by sight that you will become aware of the existence of rats, their habits are sometimes enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you could find a rat's nest hidden away, you may notice droppings on floor surfaces or in cupboards, you could hear scratching coming from a wall, floor or loft or you could encounter holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards.

Unless you wish to wait around for environmental health to deal with your rat problem you can also speak to a local Worcester pest controller or rat catcher who'll be knowledgeable in the world of pest removal. Way back in the past, rat catchers were simply that, but these days they tend to be known as pest control experts and will not just be able to help you with rat problems but also mice, wasps, ants, cockroaches, moles and more. (Tags: Ratcatchers Worcester, Pest Control Worcester )

Worcester Mole Catching

Although nowhere near such a commonplace pest these days moles are sometimes tackled by rat catchers. Certainly not such hated creatures, moles cause different issues than rats. Lawns and gardens are mainly at risk if you've got a mole problem. The recognizable sight of mounds of earth in the middle of a nicely trimmed lawn are the proof of this activity. Moles can be caught in traps and rereleased elsewhere, if you prefer a more humane resolution.

Do You Have Rats?

When you have an inkling that you may have rats in your business or property, there are a variety of ways in which it's possible to tell. You should check for gnaw marks in wires, cables and wood, particularly in attics, listen for scratching noises emanating from lofts and walls, in particular at nighttime, hunt for tail trails or footprints in dusty areas, watch out for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks, keep an eye out for droppings, they look just like large grains of rice and are dark brown, be on the lookout for burrows or tunnels next to solid surfaces.


If you have rats appearing in your garden, the probability is there's going to be a burrow somewhere. Rats like to burrow and dig and they typically do this alongside solid objects or structures like garden shed bases, garages, patios and walkways. These are the best locations to check out if you think there may be rats nearby. Providing shelter, nesting and food storage, burrows are excavated into extensive systems which may even cause damage if allowed to continue. The access points to rat burrows are generally worn smooth by the endless comings and goings, so watch out for smooth sided holes at the side of solid surfaces. The entrances to burrows are typically about 2-4 inches across. An effective way to find out if rats still live in the burrow is to throw a bit of debris into the entrance hole and check if it has been removed the following day.

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