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Todmorden Rat Catchers Contractors (OL14): Whilst it's not so common nowadays, noticing a rat in your home or garden in Todmorden isn't really a good experience. One sighting of a rat shouldn't be too much of a concern, nonetheless, if you observe rats more regularly or spot more than one rat you could soon be in trouble because they tend to reproduce so quickly.

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Though neither of the 2 breeds of rat presently found in the UK originate from these islands, they've clearly made themselves at home. The brown rat is particularly commonplace while the black rat just isn't so much so these days. Both of these types fled from Asia and got to the UK on boats.

The black rat at 5-7 inches long, isn't as large as the brown, which grows to lengths of almost nine inches and weighs close to 500g. To wear down their continually growing teeth, common brown rats must keep gnawing at things, and that's why they're responsible for so much damage and destruction. Their gnawing is usually focused on objects made from wood.

Rats may cause a variety of issues in businesses and homes in Todmorden and they leave behind droppings, transmit diseases, gnaw their way through wires, woodwork, pipes and insulation, and are generally problematic. Householders must always report sightings of rats to the relevant local authority. Or perhaps post a report to record incidences of rats and pests on the .gov website HERE, which will be forwarded to the relevant local authorities.

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It isn't only by appearance that you will become aware of the presence of rats, their behaviour is sometimes enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you could spot rat holes gnawed in skirtings or floorboards, you could uncover a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you could find droppings on floor surfaces or in cupboards or you may hear scratching noises coming from a wall, loft or floor.

Unless you want to wait for environmental health to solve this rat infestation you can also get in touch with local Todmorden pest controller or rat catcher who will be experienced in the business of pest removal. Way back in the past, rat catchers were just that, but currently they tend to be labeled pest control experts and won't only be happy to help you tackle rat problems but also resolving problems with mice, wasps, cockroaches, ants, moles and many more. (Tags: Pest Control Todmorden, Rat Catchers Todmorden )

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The easiest way to prevent problems with rats and mice is to discourage them from the get go. Subsequently, even though you don't currently have a rat problem, deterring rodents ought to be extremely high on your list of priorities. Household trash cluttering up the garden is accepted as one of the major factors behind rat infestations. You will simply attract rats and mice if you provide them with both the materials and place to build a nest. When there is also loads of food on offer these rats will be in paradise, so be warned that traditional bird seed feeders can attract rats, particularly when they're vulnerable to spillages, and household food waste should also not be easily accessiblw.

Rats - Telltale Signs

There are plenty of ways by which you can tell when you've got rats. If you've got your suspicions that there may be rats in your home or business you should listen closely for continual scratching noises coming from lofts and walls, in particular at night, keep an eye out for droppings (faeces), they are dark brown in colour and look just like large grains of rice, be on the lookout for burrows or tunnels next to solid surfaces, check for gnaw marks in wires, cables and wood, especially in attics, try to find tail trails or footprints on loose soil or in dusty areas, watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls.


Something that all rats like to do is dig and burrow, and the area that they especially like to dig is next to and under solid objects or structures like garden shed bases, garage foundations, patios and pathways. Rats build extensive systems of burrows which are useful for food storage, shelter and a nesting place. Keep an eye out for holes having smooth edges, that have been rubbed by the endless movement of these busy animals. Should you discover holes but aren't certain that they're made by rats, they will normally be about two to four inches in diameter. A great way to learn if rats are nesting in the burrow is to toss a bit of debris into the burrow and see whether it's been cleared the following day.

Reporting Rat Sightings

Here's a little more detail on a topic that we mentioned earlier on this page. Should you notice rats in your own garden, in a public area or in a neighbours garden it is best to report it to the local council. Certain local authorities offer a free service for rat problems but payment is ordinarily needed for most other pests like cockroaches, wasps and bed bugs. Incidences of rats may also be reported on the .gov website HERE. You are obviously able to organize your own rat catcher to come and deal with the situation by going HERE.

Naturally rat infestations aren't only a problem in Todmorden, they are just as likely to be seen in Oxenhope, Wier, Burnley, Lydgate, Hawks Stones, Cornholme, Hebden Bridge, Shawforth, Cragg Vale, Sowerby Bridge, Littleborough, Sandbed, Blackshaw Head, Wardle, Bacup, Whitworth and some other locations close by.

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When you've got a problem with rats in Todmorden you could possibly try to resolve it yourself - and needless to say plenty of home and business owners in Todmorden do choose that course of action. By looking around shops, hardware stores and supermarkets in the Todmorden area, it's relatively simple to obtain rat traps, rat poisons and similar solutions. An expert rat exterminator in Todmorden is however the preferred person for the job, because controlling rats may not be as simple as you may suppose. The amateur use of rat poison is likely to do more harm than good, since you have to be exceptionally cautious with them especially if children and pets are likely to be contact with them. You'd be much better off enlisting the help of a professional when you want rat control in Todmorden. (Tags: Rat Control Todmorden, Rat Removal Todmorden, Rat Exterminators Todmorden)

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