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Neston Rat Catchers Contractors (CH64): Despite the fact that its not such a frequent problem in Neston nowadays, people do still have trouble with rats every now and then. Seeing rats in your house or garden isn't a nice experience, and would be enough to cause some home owners the shivers. Individual rats aren't likely to create much of an issue, but naturally rats tend to breed rapidly and will cause issues as their numbers rise.

Rat Catchers Neston CH64

If you do notice rats in Neston, the likelihood is that they'll be brown rats, even though there are actually two sorts of rat presently found in Great Britain; brown (common rats) and black (or ship rats). As you might be aware black rats were blamed for the Great Plague of the 17th Century and at that time they were fairly common. Black rats are quite rare nowadays and actually neither variety is native to the UK, both of them originally from from Asia.

The largest and heaviest of the two rat varieties is the common brown at around 9", whilst the black only measures 5-7" long. To wear down their continuously growing incisors, brown rats must keep on gnawing at stuff, which explains why they cause so much damage. They particularly love to gnaw at timber.

Rats leave behind droppings, transmit diseases, gnaw through insulation, wires, pipes and woodwork, and are generally troublesome in businesses and homes in Neston. The local council ought to be notified whenever rats are causing problems. Or even go HERE to report incidences of rats and other pest problems on the .gov dedicated webpage.

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You'll in some cases notice the presence of rats not actually by physically observing them, but by them announcing their presence by other means. It is possible you could spot holes gnawed into floorboards or skirting boards, you may find droppings in cupboards or on the floor, you may hear noises coming from a floor, loft or wall or you could come upon a rat's nest hidden away.

If you don't want to wait around for environmental health to manage your rat issues you might decide to contact a local Neston rat catcher or pest controller who will be competent in the field of pest removal. There are no longer very many people nowadays who just specialise in rat problems, you're also able to call them if you have a problem with moles causing damage to your lawn or even a wasp nest in your walls.

Have You Got Rats?

If you have suspicions that you could have rats in your business or home, there are a variety of ways in which you could tell. You could keep your eyes peeled for rat droppings, they look like large grains of rice and are darkish brown, check for gnaw marks in wood, wires and cables, especially in attics, try to find signs of tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil, look out for holes or burrows adjacent to solid surfaces, listen for scratching noises coming from lofts and walls, particularly at nighttime, watch out for rub marks on skirting boards and walls where greasy fur has left marks.


If you've got rats living in the garden, the probability is there's going to be a burrow somewhere. Rats love to burrow and they typically excavate them beside solid structures and objects like garage foundations, pathways, shed bases and patios. These are the places to look if you believe there are rats about. These are not often just simple holes, but rather extensive systems of burrows, created to use as shelter, nesting and food storage. A guaranteed indication of a rat burrow is a smooth sided hole close to a solid surface, where the movement of hairy critters have polished and rubbed the entrance. Commonly around 2-4 inches in diameter, entrances to burrows are quite easy to spot. Toss some stuff into the burrow entrance and check the next day to see if it has been shifted. This can determine if the rats are still in situ.

Problems With Mice in Neston

Whilst not so upsetting as seeing rats scurrying around garden or house, mice may be nearly as much of a problem. While a lot smaller, mice are still going to leave droppings, gnaw at stuff, breed quickly and contaminate foodstuffs. The resolution to mouse problems in Neston are much the same as those used with rats ie setting traps and poisoning. When you've got an infestation of mice, Neston rat catchers should be glad to help fix this problem. Head right over to RATED PEOPLE and find a pest controller near you.

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