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Kingswinford Rat Catchers Contractors (DY6): Although it is not so commonplace nowadays, seeing a rat in your house or garden in Kingswinford isn't really a pleasant thing to experience. One single rat sighting might not be too much of a concern, nonetheless, if you witness the presence of rats more often or spot more than one you could potentially be heading for trouble because they breed so quickly.

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There are actually two kinds of rat which you might spot in Kingswinford, brown (or common) rats and black rats. Its quite improbable that you will ever come across black rats, and if you have spotted a rat fairly recently the chances are it will have been one of the more common brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (or ship rats) were once common and were blamed for the Great Plague, they're relatively scarce nowadays, but where they are seen they've got good hearing, are exceptional climbers, and can produce between 20 and 100 baby rats every 12 months.

The brown rat is larger than the black rat weighing in at 500g and reaching lengths of around 9 inches. Brown rats cause damage because they have to continuously gnaw at things to prevent their teeth from getting too long. They especially love to gnaw at timber.

An infestation of rats lead to a number of problems for business owners and householders throughout Kingswinford, they'll spread disease, leave behind droppings, gnaw through insulation, woodwork, pipes and wires, and contaminate foodstuffs. The local authorities must be notified when there are regular incidences of rats. It's also possible to report rat and pest problems on the .gov website HERE.

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You'll occasionally become aware of the existence of rats not by actually seeing them, but by their indicating their existence in other ways. Perhaps you could start seeing droppings on floors or in cupboards, you could hear noises coming from a floor, loft or wall, you might come across a rat's nest in some concealed location or you might encounter holes gnawed into floorboards or skirting boards.

If you're going to have this issue tackled properly you must call in a specialist. You can either inform your local authority or get hold of a professional Kingswinford rat catcher or pest controller for yourself. In the past, rat catchers used to be simply that, however nowadays they tend to be termed pest controllers and will not solely be able to help you tackle getting rid of rats but also wasps, moles, ants, cockroaches, mice and more.

Rat Prevention Kingswinford: Discouraging rats and mice before they even appear is definitely the best way of avoiding having problems with them. Consequently, deterring rats and mice ought to be something to consider even though you do not presently have rat problems. Domestic waste laying around the garden is one of the major reasons behind rat infestations. Providing both the location and materials for nests will only encourage them. If there is also lots of food on offer those rats think they're in paradise, so be aware that traditional bird seed feeders often attract rats, particularly when they're vulnerable to spillages, and domestic waste food should also not be left lying around. (Tags: Rat Deterrents Kingswinford, Rat Prevention Kingswinford)

Mole Problems: Kingswinford rat catchers are sometimes called on to help with another problem, namely moles. Responsible for quite different issues to rats, moles are usually not quite as detested. It's out in the garden where you're likely to have issues with moles, and lawns specifically are at risk. Neatly clipped lawns laden with ugly piles of newly dug soil are a sure sign of moles. Trapping is undoubtedly the most favourable and humane solution to get rid of moles.

Signs of Rat Infestations: If you've got a notion that you may have rats in your business or property, there are various means by which you are able to tell. You should be on the lookout for holes or burrows close to solid surfaces, check for gnaw marks in wires, wood and cables, particularly in attics, listen for scratching noises emanating from walls and rooves, particularly at night, watch out for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks, keep your eyes peeled for faeces (droppings), they are dark brown in colour and look similar to large grains of rice, search for signs of tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil.

Rat Burrows: The one thing that rats love to do is dig burrows, and the area where they most like to burrow is next to and beneath solid structures and objects like paths, patios, garden sheds and garages. Rats build substantial burrow networks that provide them with a nesting place, food storage and shelter. Keep an eye out for holes with smooth edges, that have been rubbed by the continuous movement of these busy critters. When you discover holes but aren't sure if they're made by rats, they'll commonly be around 2-4 inches across. Toss some stuff into the entrance hole and check back the following day to find out if it has been cleared. This should show if rats are still using it.

Reporting Rats: Let's go into it a bit more now, though this subject was mentioned further up the page. The Environmental Health is the place to report it should you spot rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public space. Some councils will sort out rats free of charge, but when you have other infestations like cockroaches, wasps and bed bugs they'll usually charge. You can visit the .gov website HERE to report rats. To have the problem sorted out immediately contact a rat catcher HERE.

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