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Gravesend Rat Catchers Contractors (DA11): Observing rats in your house or garden is usually rather an alarming thing to experience and while it's not such a common occurrence in Gravesend nowadays, it's definitely something that happens every once in awhile. Rats breed fairly quickly and are likely to cause issues, especially when their numbers get out of hand. One sighting of a lone rat probably won't be that much of a concern, however if you are observing them often you should take action.

Rat Catchers Gravesend DA11

Even though neither of the two kinds of rat currently living in Great Britain are natives of these shores, they have clearly thrived since they arrived here. The brown rat is particularly common whilst the black rat just isn't so much these days. Both species fled from Asia and got to the UK on boats (as stowaways).

The brown rat is normally larger than the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and can weigh nearly half a kilo, with a length of roughly 9". The majority of the destruction attributable to brown rats is due to the fact that to prevent their incisor teeth from getting too much, they must continuously chew on things. Woodwork is especially prone to this attention.

Rats gnaw their way through pipes, woodwork, insulation and wires, leave droppings, transmit disease, and generally cause issues in businesses and households throughout Gravesend. Property holders must report incidences of rats to the local authorities. Or alternatively click HERE to report pest problems and rat sightings on the .gov website.

Pest Control in Gravesend

You won't have to physically witness rats to know of that they're there, since there are a range of revealing signs which may betray their presence. Perhaps you might hear noises coming from a loft, wall or floor, you may come upon a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you might observe holes gnawed in floorboards or skirtings or you could find droppings in cupboards or on the floor.

To remedy this issue there are several strategies that you could take. You could set poison or traps yourself, you can get in touch with the local Gravesend authorities or you can look for a pest removal specialist. There are not very many folks nowadays who only specialize in rat problems, you are also able to contact them if you have a wasps nest in your loft space or even moles digging up your lawn.

Rat Traps Gravesend

Whether you're planning to take care of the rat situation yourself or if you are bringing in professionals, one of the ways to accomplish this is to use rat traps. Nowadays there are several different kinds of rat traps to choose from, supplying you with a choice of capture alternatives. People who don't like to think of animals of any sort harmed, will definitely choose the capture kind. The available kinds of rat trap include the likes of: electronic rat traps, spring loaded bait traps, cage traps and enclosed poison traps.

Types of Rat

You'll only ever run across 2 sorts of rat in Gravesend, Kent and anywhere in the British Isles. The Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) and the Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus).

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The brown rat (Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), sewer rat, street rat or common rat) is the most frequently seen rat in Great Britain and all across Continental Europe (also North America). This grey or brown coloured creature grows to lengths of 4-9" (plus tail) and weight around 140 to 500g. Now known to have originally come from Central Asia (very likely China), it was at one time deemed to have spread from Norway (hence its name). Brown rats dig extensive burrows and climb effectively, they have good hearing but bad eyesight, the females can produce up to 5 litters each year, they'll eat practically anything (they are omnivores) but prefer cereal grains.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Originating from India the black rat, ship rat or roof rat (Rattus Rattus) is also not native to the UK or Europe. Thought to have been spread at the time of the Roman Empire, this rat quite likely reached Europe and Great Britain inside cargoes of spices. Rather uncommon now in Great Britain, this rat was pretty much replaced by the larger brown (common) rat. Weighing in at just 75-230g, the black rat attains a length of approximately 5-7 inches. Well known for causing trichinosis, salmonella, bubonic plague, listeria, typhus, toxoplasmosis and Weil's disease, black rats are notorious spreaders of disease and pathogens.

Have You Got Rats?

There are various ways that you can tell if you've got rats. When you've got some suspicions that there could be rats in your business or home you could listen closely for continual scratching noises coming from walls and roofs, in particular during the night, try to find signs of tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil, pay attention to gnaw marks in wires, cables and wood, particularly in attics, keep your eyes open for droppings (faeces), they are dark brown and look just like large grains of rice, be on the lookout for tunnels or burrows near to solid objects, watch out for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks.

Rat Burrows

Digging is something that rats like to do and it's beside solid objects or structures such as paths, garages, patios and shed bases that they mainly like to dig. Rats build substantial burrow networks which provide food storage, nesting and shelter. A sure sign of a rat burrow is a hole with smooth sides close to a solid structure, where the coming and going of furry creatures have polished and rubbed the entrance hole. If you notice holes but aren't sure if they are made by rats, they'll normally be about 2" to 4" in diameter. Throw some debris into the entrance and check back the following day to ascertain if it's been shifted. This can show you if rats are still about.

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