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Birkenhead Rat Catchers Contractors (CH41): Though it is not all that common at present, finding a rat in your home or garden in Birkenhead isn't really a great thing to experience. One sighting of a rat should not be that much of an issue, but, if you notice rats more frequently or see multiple rats you could soon be in trouble since they breed so fast.

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There are two types of rat which you might encounter in Birkenhead, black rats and brown (or common) rats. It's fairly improbable that you'll ever come across a black rat, and if you have stumbled upon a rat recently the chances are it will have been one of the more commonplace brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (or ship rats) were common at one time and were responsible for the spread of the Great Plague during the 17th Century, they're pretty scarce nowadays, though where they are found they are amazing climbers, have an acute sense of hearing, and can produce between 20 and 100 baby rats every twelve months.

The black rat (Rattus Rattus) at 5-7 inches, isn't as big as the brown rat, which attains a length of up to about 9" and weighs in at around half a kilogram. A lot of the damage caused by brown rats is due to the fact that to prevent their incisor teeth from getting too much, they've got to continuously gnaw stuff. Their gnawing is commonly concentrated on objects that is made of wood.

Rats cause a range of issues in homes and businesses throughout Birkenhead and they leave behind droppings, gnaw their way through insulation, wires, pipes and woodwork, transmit disease, and are generally troublesome. Property holders must report rat sightings to their local authorities. Or alternatively click HERE to report pest and rat problems on the .gov dedicated webpage.

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You may not need to physically observe rats to confirm their existence, due to the fact that there are various signs which will warn you of their presence. It is possible you might find droppings on the floor or in cupboards, you could hear scratching noises coming from a wall, floor or loft, you may come across distinctive rat holes gnawed into skirting boards or floorboards or you might come across a rat's nest hidden away.

To solve this problem there are specific strategies you might take. You could put down traps or poison yourself, you can contact your local Birkenhead council or you could track down a rat catcher or pest removal expert. In the world today rat catchers usually come under the category of pest management, and pest control businesses not only remove rats but also mice, cockroaches, wasps, moles, fleas, bedbugs and many other kinds of garden and household pests. (Tags: Rat Catchers Birkenhead, Pest Control Birkenhead )

Rat Traps

One of the ways that you can sort out a rat issue is by the use of rat traps. Nowadays there are many different styles of rat trap readily available, providing you with a choice of capture choices. The capture kind are the best alternative for people who don't like to see animals being harmed in any way whatsoever, even vermin. The available types of rat trap include: electronic rat traps, cage traps, enclosed poison traps and spring loaded bait traps.

Rat Poisons

To some, a horrible approach for getting rid of rat infestations is by putting down poison. A rat dies just a few days after eating a poisoned bait, normally wholewheat grain. A considerable gathering of rats may be killed by this approach provided that the poison is positioned effectively. One or more of 3 key components that are used in rat poisons are: brodifacoum, bromadioline or difenacoum. You must be extremely careful to keep this out of reach of dogs and cats. Well known brands of rat poison in the United Kingdom include the likes of: Roshield, Pest Expert, Elixir Gardens, Rentokil, RatKil and Propest. (Tags: Rat Poison Birkenhead, Rat Poisons Birkenhead)

Mole Problems

A number of rat catchers in Birkenhead will also help with moles. Responsible for quite different problems to rats, moles are usually not quite so disliked. Lawns and gardens are mainly vulnerable when you've got a mole problem. Proof of their activity can be clearly seen in the shape of randomly scattered mounds of earth on nicely maintained lawns. The favoured and most humane technique to remove moles is by using traps. (Tags: Mole Trapping Birkenhead, Molecatchers Birkenhead)

Do You Have Rats?

There are various ways by which you can tell if you have rats. When you've got an idea that there might be rats in your business or property you could keep your eyes open for faeces (droppings), they are darkish brown and look just like large grains of rice, be on the lookout for holes or burrows alongside solid objects, check for gnaw marks in wood, wires and cables, particularly in lofts, search for signs of footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, listen for scratching noises coming from roofs and walls, particularly at nighttime, watch for rub marks on skirting boards and walls where greasy fur has left marks.

Rat Burrows

The one thing which rats love to do is dig and burrow, and the area where they most like to dig is next to and under solid objects or structures like garage foundations, walkways, patios and garden shed bases. They dig out substantial burrow networks that are useful for shelter, food storage and nesting places. The access points to burrows will often be worn smooth by the frequent movement, so look out for holes with smooth sides next to and under solid surfaces. Typically about 2" to 4" in diameter, entrances to rat burrows are not difficult to spot. You can check if rats are there by partially filling up the entrance to determine if they come back and clear it away.

Of course rodents are not only an issue in Birkenhead, they're just as likely to be seen in Higher Bebington, Moreton, New Ferry, Woodhey, Upton, Oxton, Seacombe, Egerton Park, Egremont, Wallasey, Liscard, Rock Ferry, Thingwall, Prenton, Poulton, Prenton East, Claughton and other places in and around Merseyside.

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