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Barnsley Rat Catchers Contractors (S70): Even while it's not really a frequent occurrence in Barnsley nowadays, homeowners still have trouble with rats from time to time. Discovering a rat in your garden or inside your home is not a good experience, and will be enough to cause some householders nightmares. Individual rats should not cause that much of a problem, but naturally rats breed quickly and may begin to cause issues as soon as they grow in numbers.

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If you do spot rats in Barnsley, the probability is that they will be brown rats, even though there are in fact 2 species of rat presently found in the United Kingdom; black (or ship) rats and brown (common) rats. As you may know ship rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) during which period they were very widespread. Black rats are quite scarce nowadays and actually neither breed is native to the UK, both of them originally from from Asia.

Brown rats are generally larger than black rats (Rattus Rattus) and can weigh nearly half a kilogram, with a length of about 9". Brown rats often cause damage because they need to continuously gnaw on things to stop their teeth from growing too long. Timber is especially more prone to their interest.

An infestation of rats will cause a lot of problems for business owners and householders in and around Barnsley, they spread disease, leave droppings, gnaw their way through wires, pipes, insulation and woodwork, and build nests. The local council needs to be notified whenever rats are spotted. Or even click HERE to report pest and rat problems on the .gov web page.

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You may not need to actually observe rats to confirm their existence, because there are various revealing signs which will warn you of their presence. It could be that you could come across rat holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards, you could start seeing droppings on floor surfaces or in cupboards, you may hear scratching noises coming from a loft, wall or floor or you might come across a rat's nest hidden away somewhere.

If you want to have this issue dealt with effectively it is advisable to speak to a specialist. You can either get in contact with the local council or retain the services of an expert Barnsley rat catcher or pest controller for yourself. There aren't a lot of people these days who only specialize in rat catching, you can also contact them if you've got a problem with moles digging up your lawn or maybe a wasps nest in your attic. (Tags: Pest Control Barnsley, Ratcatchers Barnsley )

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Rat Traps Rat traps are one of the techniques for dealing with a rat infestation, no matter whether you're tackling it by yourself or bringing the professionals in. These days there are several different types of rat trap available, supplying you with a selection of capture alternatives. The capture style are the ideal alternative for people who hate to see creatures being hurt in any way whatsoever, even vermin. If you check around you will obtain loads of different patterns such as: electronic rat traps, cage traps, spring loaded bait traps and enclosed poison traps.

Do You Have Rats?

There are various ways that you can find out when you have rats. When you've got your suspicions that there may be rats in your business or property you should watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirting boards and walls, listen out for scratching noises coming from walls and roofs, especially at night, keep an eye out for faeces, they look like large grains of rice and are dark brown, look out for tunnels or burrows near to solid objects, check for gnaw marks in wood, wires and cables, especially in attics, hunt for tail trails or footprints in dusty areas.


Burrowing is a thing that all rats love to do and its next to and under solid structures and objects such as garages, patios, garden shed bases and paths where they predominantly like to dig. These are not just straightforward holes, but rather extensive systems of burrows, made to use as nesting, food storage and shelter. A guaranteed sign of a rat burrow is often a smooth sided hole next to a solid structure, where the comings and goings of furry bodies have polished and rubbed the entrance. The entrances to rat burrows are generally 2-4 inches across. It's possible to find out if rats are still about by partially blocking up the entrance hole to find out if they come back and remove it.

Rat Sightings - Reporting

I will go into a little more detail here, even though this topic was talked about earlier on this page. If you notice rats in your own garden, in a neighbours garden or in a public space it's smart to inform the local authorities. With regards to rats this is quite often a cost-free service, even though you'll often be charged for other pests for example wasps, cockroaches and bed bugs. You can go to the .gov website HERE to report rats. You can obviously arrange a local rat catcher to come over and handle the problem by clicking HERE.

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