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Ipswich Rat Catchers Contractors (IP1): While its not all that common in these modern times, seeing rats in your garden or even inside your home in Ipswich isn't a nice experience to go through. One single sighting of a rat should not be that much of an issue, but, if you see rats more often or see multiple rats you could potentially be in for trouble because they tend to reproduce so quickly.

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Whilst neither of the two sorts of rat currently living in the United Kingdom originate from these shores, they've unquestionably thrived since they arrived here. The brown rat is especially widespread whilst the black (ship) rat isn't so much so these days. Both species escaped from Asia and made their way to the UK on ships.

The biggest of the 2 rat breeds is the common brown rat at approximately 9 inches, whilst the black rat (Rattus Rattus) only measures 5-7 inches long. Brown rats can cause destruction as they have to constantly chew on stuff to prevent their teeth from growing too much. They particularly love to gnaw at wood.

Rat infestations will lead to all sorts of issues for home or business owners in Ipswich, they will gnaw their way through insulation, wires, pipes and woodwork, leave droppings, transmit diseases, and contaminate foodstuffs. Home owners must always report rat sightings to their relevant local authority. Or even head HERE to report sightings of rats and pests on the .gov web page.

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You won't need to actually see rats to know of that they are there, because there are a number of telltale signs that will alert you to their activity. It is possible you may encounter distinctive rat holes chewed in floorboards or skirtings, you might hear scratching coming from a wall, loft or floor, you might find droppings on the floor or in cupboards or you could uncover a rat's nest in some tucked away location.

To address this situation there are several routes that you could consider. You could put poison or traps down yourself, you can speak to your local Ipswich authority or council or you could employ the services of a pest controller who specialises in rat removal. There are no longer a lot of individuals nowadays who specialize just in issues with rats, you can also call them if you have a problem with a wasps nest in your loft space or even moles causing damage to your lawn. (Tags: Pest Control Ipswich, Rat Catcher Ipswich )

Rat Prevention

Discouraging mice and rats before they show up is actually an effective way to avoid such issues. For this reason, deterring rodents should be a thing to look at even if you do not have a rat problem at present. Household rubbish laying around your garden is amongst the major reasons behind rat and mouse infestations. You'll just attract rats if you provide them with both the place and materials to build nests. In addition, you should avoid supplying easily accessible food by leaving household scraps of food lying around and putting out bird feeders with grain that will just attract rats.

Molecatchers in Ipswich

A few Ipswich rat catchers will also help with mole issues. Moles may cause trouble in another way to to rats and aren't quite so despised. The primary trouble with moles is that they cause quite a bit of damage to your garden, especially your lawn. The sight of earth mounds scattered all over a nicely manicured lawn is the proof of this activity. Trapping is by far the most humane and favourable way to reduce the incidence of moles.

Do You Have Rats?

If you have a notion you could have rats in your business or property, there are a few ways that you are able to find out. You could keep your eyes open for rat droppings, they're dark brown and look just like large grains of rice, look out for tunnels or burrows near to solid surfaces, hunt for signs of tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil, listen for scratching noises emanating from roofs and walls, particularly during the night, watch out for rub marks on skirting boards and walls where greasy fur has left marks, pay attention to gnawing in wires, wood and cables, especially in attics.


When you have rats running around the garden, the likelihood is that there'll be a burrow. Rats love to dig and burrow and they frequently dig them near to solid objects or structures such as walkways, garages, shed bases and patios. These are the spots to check out if you think there are rats nesting there. They build substantial burrow networks which provide them with nesting places, shelter and food storage. A certain sign of a rat burrow is often a smooth sided hole near to a solid structure, where the comings and goings of furry bodies have polished and rubbed the entrance hole. The entrances to burrows are typically 2-4 inches in diameter. You can find out if rats are there by partially blocking the entrance to find out if they return and remove it.

Reporting Rat Sightings

Here is more detail on a subject that we outlined further up the page. It is always advisable to report it to the local authorities if you see rats in a public space, in a neighbours garden or in your own garden. In the case of rats this is occasionally a free service, though you will frequently be required to pay for other pest infestations for example cockroaches, bed bugs and wasps. It's also very easy to report rat infestations on the Government (.gov) webpage which you will find HERE. To get things taken care of speedily schedule a rat catcher HERE.

Of course rats are not only found in Ipswich, they are just as likely to be seen in Freston, Chantry, Pinewood, Whitton, Akenham, Rushmere Saint Andrew, Warren Heath, Washbrook, Westbourne, Tuddenham, California, Sproughton, Claydon, Castle Hill, Westerfield, Bramford and similar areas nearby.

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