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Teddington Rat Catchers (TW11): Although it is not really a common occurrence in Teddington nowadays, homeowners do still have issues with rats occasionally. Spotting a rat in your garden or inside your home is not a great thing to experience, and would be enough to cause some home owners nightmares. Lone rats aren't likely to cause much of an issue, however rats reproduce rapidly and can start to cause problems as they grow in numbers.

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Even though neither of the two varieties of rat at present seen in Great Britain are native to these shores, they have certainly made themselves at home. The brown rat is especially common while the black rat just isn't so much so nowadays. Both of these varieties originated from Asia and made their way to the United Kingdom on ships.

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The biggest of the 2 rats is the common brown at approximately 9 inches, while the black rat (Rattus Rattus) only grows to between 5" and 7". A great deal of the destruction attributable to brown rats is down to the fact that to keep their teeth from growing too long, they have to constantly gnaw on things. Rats especially like to gnaw on woodwork.

Rats may cause lots of problems in homes and business premises throughout Teddington and they transmit disease, gnaw through insulation, pipes, wires and woodwork, leave behind droppings, and are generally problematic. Any sightings of rats ought to be reported to the local council. Or alternatively head HERE to report pest problems and rat sightings on the .gov web page.

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You won't need to actually see rats to know of their existence, since there are a lot of signs that can alert you to their activity. It's possible you could find droppings on floors or in cupboards, you may come upon a rat's nest hidden away, you could come across holes gnawed into floorboards or skirting boards or you could hear noises coming from a loft, wall or floor.

To tackle this problem there are a few strategies that you could consider. You could put poison or traps down yourself, you could get in touch with the local Teddington council or you can look for a pest controller who specialises in rat removal. In the good old days, rat catchers used to be just that, however nowadays they tend to be referred to as pest controllers and won't solely be capable of helping with rat problems but also eliminating moles, wasps, cockroaches, ants, mice and more. (Tags: Ratcatchers Teddington, Pest Control Teddington )

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Digging and burrowing is a thing that all rats love to do and it is close to solid structures and objects like garage foundations, garden sheds, terraces and walkways where they predominantly prefer to dig. They excavate extensive burrow networks that provide them with shelter, food storage and nesting. A certain sign of a rat burrow is a hole with smooth sides by the side of a solid structure, where the coming and going of hairy animals have polished the entrance. Typically 2" to 4" across, entrances to burrows are not hard to identify. Throw some debris into the burrow entrance and check back the following day to find out if it's been shifted. This will show if the rats are still living there.

Diseases Spread by Rats

A range of diseases are transmitted to humans by rats, mainly through their saliva, urine and faeces. Leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever are just some of the diseases that can be caught by humans from rats.

The respiratory system can be severely affected by hantavirus, potentially resulting in fatality. The bacterial infection salmonellosis causes abdominal cramps, fever and diarrhea. The bacterial infection known as leptospirosis can cause symptoms similar to those of the flu and, in severe cases, liver and kidney failure. Rat-bite fever, which can cause fever, vomiting and rashes, can be transmitted through a rat scratch or bite due to a bacterial infection.

It is important to take steps to control and prevent rat infestations in order to reduce the risk of these diseases. Additional diseases, such as Lyme disease and typhus, can be transmitted to humans by ticks and fleas that are carried by rats.

What Attracts Rats and Mice?

Though some people in Teddington may think they are rather cute with their twitching whiskers, pointy faces and furry bodies, mice and rats are not creatures that you want to be living in your home or garden, and can even be dangerous to have around. Mice and rats can sometimes cause fires and other issues in homes and business premises in Teddington by chewing through floorboards, plastic, electrical wiring and plasterboard. Between them rats and mice can spread over 30 sorts of diseases including rat bite fever, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, typhus, Weil's disease, listeria, bubonic plague and salmonella. Among the things around your home and garden that will be attractive to mice and rats are:

  • ENTRY POINTS AND HOLES - Rats and mice can crawl through the tiniest of holes and cracks, so keep an eye out for gaps around entrances, crawl spaces, plumbing and air vents.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Surprisingly heaps of compost and even pet waste can attract rats and mice - there are likely to be some tasty morsels hiding in there!
  • RUBBISH - An accumulation of garbage and garden waste heaped up on your property (especially in the garden) will clearly attract mice and rats.
  • CLUTTER - General clutter in shed, basement or loft will be especially attractive to rodents, particularly if there's a food source close by.
  • FOOD - Food that is left lying around or discarded is perhaps the main attraction for rats and mice.
  • WATER - Busy rats and mice need to drink, subsequently sources of water like birdbaths, pet bowls, leaky pipes and seeping sprinkler systems are a big attraction for these unwelcome pests.

Rat Poisons

What some may consider a distasteful technique for removing rat infestations is by using poison. Rats die several days after consuming a poison laced bait, normally wholewheat grain. A significant population of rats can soon be eliminated with this technique so long as the bait is positioned effectively. One or more of 3 main ingredients which are used in rat poisons are: bromadioline, difenacoum or brodifacoum. You must be very careful to keep these poisons away from cats, dogs and other pets. Brands of rat poison sold in Teddington include the likes of: Pest Expert, Elixir Gardens, Roshield, RatKil, Propest and Rentokil. (Tags: Rat Poison Teddington, Rat Poisons Teddington)

Ultrasonic Pest Control

To repel pests like insects, mice, rats, and other critters, ultrasonic pest control employs high-frequency sound waves. The functioning of the technology is based on emitting sound waves that are above the range of human hearing but audible to pests. The waves generate an unpleasant and confusing atmosphere for pests, which complicates their navigation and communication with one another.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control devices is open to debate, despite their ease of use and low-cost. While certain studies have demonstrated that these devices can repel some pests effectively, others have discovered little or no effect. Ultrasonic pest control's effectiveness can differ depending on various factors such as the pest species, area size, and environmental elements. It is essential to weigh all options and seek the advice of a specialist before choosing a pest control strategy, as with any other process. While ultrasonic pest control can be effective, it is best used in combination with other pest control techniques for maximum effectiveness.... READ MORE.

Rat Prevention Teddington

The easiest way to avoid issues with rats is to discourage them from the get go. Subsequently, even when you do not presently have a problem with rats, rat prevention should be on top of your priority list. One of the primary factors that cause rat and rodent infestations is household rubbish in gardens. You will simply encourage them if you supply them with both the location and materials to build a nest. When there's also loads of food on offer those rats imagine they are in heaven, so keep in mind that traditional bird feeders can attract rats, particularly when they're vulnerable to spillages, and domestic household food waste shouldn't be accessible.

Reporting Rats

This is a little more information on a subject that we outlined before. Should you spot rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public place it's sensible to report it to the Environmental Health. Certain councils will sort out issues with rats free of charge, but when you have other infestations such as bed bugs, cockroaches and wasps they will generally charge. It is also simple to report rat sightings using the Government (.gov) website which you can find HERE. Click HERE to book your local rat catcher and get the issue tackled without delay.

Problems With Mice in Teddington

Mice are often just as much of an issue as rats, especially when they find their way inside your home. While not as big, mice still leave droppings, breed rapidly, contaminate food and gnaw at stuff. Precisely the same methods are normally employed to solve mouse infestations in Teddington, basically poisoning and setting traps are favoured. No matter whether you've got a problem with rats or mice, head over to BARK to obtain an expert Teddington pest controller to sort it out for you.

Mole Problems

Teddington rat catchers are often brought in to help remedy another issue, namely moles. Bringing about completely different issues to rats, moles are certainly not quite so detested. Lawns and gardens are mainly at risk when you have a mole situation. The sight of earth mounds in the middle of a nicely trimmed lawn are clear evidence of this activity. The preferred and humane solution to remove moles is by trapping.

Kinds of Rat

In Teddington or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, there are only two sorts of rat which you're ever likely to run into. The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) and the Black Rat (Rattus Rattus).

The Brown Rat

In Teddington, the rest of the British Isles and Europe the most prevalent type of rat is the brown rat (Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), street rat, sewer rat or common rat), this is what you will sometimes see in your home or garden. The brown rat (it can often be grey) is generally 4" to 9" in length (excluding the tail) and weighs 140 to 500 grams. It invariably lives wherever humans live. This rodent was given its name Norway Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) because it was presumed to have spread to Britain by boat from Norway. It is now thought to have originated from Central Asia/China. Brown rats climb effectively and dig burrows, they have an acute sense of hearing but poor eyesight, the female rats can give birth to 5 litters every year, they consume more or less anything (omnivores) but have a preference for cereal grains.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Originating in Southeast Asia (India) the black rat, ship rat or roof rat is also not a native of the UK or Europe. It's believed to have spread through Europe at the time of the Roman Empire, very likely traveling in cargoes of spice. The black rat was at one time prevalent in the UK but was largely ousted by the more dominant brown rat and is now fairly uncommon. Weighing in at only 75-230g, the black rat reaches a length of five to seven inches. Black rats are notorious for spreading a variety of diseases, notably rat bite fever, trichinosis, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, typhus, Weil's disease, listeria, bubonic plague and salmonella.

General Pest Control in Teddington

An important service, general pest control involves a wide range of measures for managing and eradicating common pests in commercial, public and domestic spaces in Teddington, both remedial and preventative. It maintains the health, safety and comfort of workers and residents, protects property, and ensures the overall well-being of local communities in a crucial way.

"General pest control" is a vital service that protects homes, businesses and public areas from various pests. Such pests include a diverse array, including insects like ants, rodents like mice and rats, cockroaches and bedbugs, and other annoying pests such as flies, spiders and silverfish.

One of the primary objectives of pest control is to prevent infestations before they happen. Proactive measures, such as pest-proofing, regular inspections and cleanliness maintenance, are essential for accomplishing this. Identifying potential entry points and addressing conditions that attract pests, such as water sources or food debris, is a key strategy for business owners and householders in Teddington to significantly reduce the risk of pest problems.

Pest infiltration warrants the effective and prompt attention of general pest control services. Pest control experts can expertly identify the specific species of pest, assess the extent of the infestation, and devise a custom eradication method. Pest controllers employ a diverse range of techniques and methods, including baiting, exclusion measures, trapping and insecticide applications, to eradicate pests.

General Pest Control Teddington

Moreover, general pest control extends to the humane removal and rehoming of some wildlife species, such as squirrels, birds and bats, which can invade properties and pose health and safety risks. Pest control companies employ eco-friendly and ethical methods to guarantee the safe relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, lessening the likelihood of harm to both humans and animals.

The environmentally responsible and sustainable approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is often employed in general pest control. IPM prioritises the use of non-chemical methods whenever possible, such as implementing sanitation practices, sealing potential points of entry, and using biological controls like natural predators. Chemical treatments are judiciously applied, following regulations, to reduce their impact on non-target species and the wider environment.

To sum up, the broad and essential service of general pest control plays a fundamental role in the protection of individuals' and communities' property, health and comfort. The collaboration of preventative steps and effective treatments by general pest control services in Teddington ensures the maintenance of pest-free living and work spaces, contributing to a superior quality of life. (45567 - General Pest Control Teddington)


Folks with a rat problem in Teddington are occasionally tempted to have a go at resolving it themselves. Therefore, if this happens to you, what should you do? By looking in hardware stores, shops and supermarkets in the Teddington area, it's easy to buy rat poisons, rat traps and similar merchandise.

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An expert rat exterminator in Teddington is however the ideal person for the job, seeing as getting rid of rats isn't necessarily as simple as you might assume.

Because of the risks to pets and children, the novice's use of rat poisons isn't really recommended, and it isn't always helpful in any case. You would be much better off enlisting the help of a professional when you want rat control in Teddington. (Tags: Rat Removal Teddington, Rat Exterminators Teddington, Rat Control Teddington)

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