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Swynnerton Rat Catchers (ST15): While it is not all that commonplace in these modern times, discovering a rat in your garden or property in Swynnerton isn't really a nice experience to go through. Just one sighting of a rat may not be that much of a cause for concern, but, if you notice the presence of rats more often or spot more than one you might be in for trouble because they breed so fast.

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If you do see rats in Swynnerton, the probabilities are that they're going to be common brown rats, although there are in fact 2 kinds of rats at present living in Great Britain; brown (common rats) and black (ship). As you might be aware ship rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) and at that time they were really widespread. Black rats are quite rare nowadays but in fact neither type is native to Great Britain, both originally from from Asia.

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The brown rat is larger than the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and can weigh as much as 500g, with a length of roughly nine inches. Brown rats may cause problems as they have to constantly gnaw at things to stop their teeth from growing too much. They particularly love to gnaw at timber.

Rats cause an assortment of issues in homes and business premises in Swynnerton and they spread diseases, leave behind droppings, gnaw through pipes, insulation, wires and woodwork, and generally cause a nuisance. Property owners need to report rat sightings to their local authorities. You might also report sightings of rats and other pests on the .gov web page HERE.

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It is not invariably by appearance alone that you will become aware of the existence of rats, their actions are often enough to enlighten you. It's possible you could discover droppings on the floor or in cupboards, you might find a rat's nest hidden away, you may hear scratching coming from a loft, wall or floor or you may come across holes chewed in floorboards or skirtings.

If you're going to have this problem tackled correctly it is best to speak to an expert. You can either inform your local authority or call in a professional Swynnerton pest controller or rat catcher for yourself. Nowadays rat catchers normally come under the category of pest management, and pest elimination specialists do not only deal with rats but also wasps, fleas, cockroaches, mice, moles, bedbugs and all manner of garden and domestic pests.

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Problems With Moles

While no longer such a common pest these days moles may also be controlled by rat catchers. By no means such hated creatures, moles bring about different issues than rats. Gardens and lawns are mainly at risk if you have a mole situation. Beautifully manicured lawns spoiled by unsightly heaps of newly dug earth are sure signs of activity by moles. Using traps is far and away the most favourable and humane technique to get rid of moles.

Reporting Rats

I'll go into it a bit more here, though this topic was outlined further up the page. It is always advisable to inform the Environmental Health if you see rats in a public space, in your own garden or in a neighbours garden. Certain your local council will offer a cost-free service for rat problems but charges are typically made for most unwelcome pests for instance bed bugs, cockroaches and wasps. Also, it is easy to report rat infestations via the Government (.gov) webpage which you will find HERE. Click HERE to organize your own rat catcher and get the problem resolved fast.

What Attracts Mice and Rats?

With their furry bodies, pointy faces and twitching whiskers, some folk may find rats and mice to be quite cute, however they're definitely not the type of animals that you want in your house or garden in Swynnerton, and can actually be more dangerous than you might imagine. Mice and rats can sometimes cause fires and other issues around the home by chewing through plastic, wood, insulation materials and electrical wires. Between them mice and rats can spread over thirty sorts of diseases including conditions like typhus, rat bite fever, salmonella, Weil's disease, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, listeria, trichinosis and bubonic plague. Many different things will attract rats and mice to your home or garden including:

  • COMPOST/PET WASTE - Remarkably pet waste and even heaps of compost can attract mice and rats - there are likely to be a few tasty titbits hiding in there!
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Mice and rats can crawl through the smallest of holes and cracks, so keep an eye out for gaps around doorways, crawl spaces, grills and pipework.
  • WATER - Rats and mice have to drink, consequently sources of water like leaking pipes, dripping sprinkler systems, birdbaths and pet water bowls are a big attraction for these pests.
  • FOOD - Food that's left discarded or lying around is perhaps the main attraction for mice and rats.
  • CLUTTER - General clutter in loft, cellar or shed will be particularly attractive to mice and rats, especially if there's a source of food nearby.
  • RUBBISH - Accumulations of trash and garden waste stacked up on your property (particularly in the garden) will obviously attract rats and mice.

Problems With Mice in Swynnerton

Whilst not as shocking as discovering rats in your garden or house, having mice could be as much of a problem. While not so big, mice are still going to leave droppings, contaminate food, gnaw at stuff and breed rapidly. The resolution to mouse problems in Swynnerton are largely the same as those used with rats ie poisoning and trapping. Whether you have got an issue with mice or rats, head over to BARK and seek out a local Swynnerton pest controller to sort it out for you.

Ultrasonic Pest Control Swynnerton

Ultrasonic pest control is the practice of repelling and deterring pests such as insects, mice, rats, and other critters using high-frequency sound waves. By emitting sound waves that are above the human hearing range but within the audible range of pests, the technology functions. A disorienting and uncomfortable environment is produced for pests by the sound waves, making it difficult for them to communicate and navigate.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control units is open to debate, despite their ease of use and low-cost. Research into the effectiveness of these devices has produced contradictory findings, with some indicating effective pest repulsion for certain pests while others showing no effect. Ultrasonic pest control's effectiveness can differ depending on various factors such as the pest species, area size, and environmental elements. Before choosing a pest control method, it is important to consider all options and consult with an expert, as with any other method.... READ MORE.


The one thing which rats love to do is burrow, and their favoured area to do it is alongside solid structures and objects such as terraces, garden sheds, pathways and garage foundations. These are often not simple holes in the ground, but rather substantial systems of burrows, intended to provide nesting places, food storage and shelter. A sure indication of a rat burrow is often a smooth sided hole next to a solid surface, where the movement of furry animals have rubbed and polished the entrance. Generally 2" to 4" across, burrow entrances are not difficult to recognize. Chuck some debris into the entrance and look the next day to ascertain if it's been shifted. This will show if rats are still using it.

In Conclusion

Having a problem with rats in Swynnerton is a situation that most of us dread, and when this happens to you, you may have the urge to try to resolve it on your own. By looking around hardware stores, supermarkets and shops in the Swynnerton area, it is easy to purchase rat poisons, rat traps and other merchandise.

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Hiring a competent Swynnerton rat exterminator would however be a better option, unless of course you know precisely what you're doing, since the right approach is not always the most obvious one.

Generally speaking the rookie's use of rat poisons isn't actually all that beneficial, and may even cause more problems than it solves - do you really want to risk the possibility of doing harm to your pets and children? If you've got any doubts, bring in the professionals for rat control in Swynnerton. (Tags: Rat Removal Swynnerton, Rat Control Swynnerton, Rat Exterminators Swynnerton)

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