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Somersham Rat Catchers (PE28): Even though it is not so common in these modern times, seeing a rat in your garden or property in Somersham is not a pleasant thing to go through. One single sighting of a rat should not be that much of a cause for concern, but, if you notice the presence of rats more regularly or spot multiple rats you could be heading for trouble since they tend to breed so rapidly.

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If you do spot rats in Somersham, the probabilities are that they're going to be common brown rats, though there are actually 2 species of rat at present found in the UK; black (ship) rats and brown (common) rats. As you might know ship rats were responsible for the Great Plague of the 17th Century at which time they were quite widespread. Black rats are quite scarce now and actually neither type is native to the UK, both of them hailing from from Asia.

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The longest of the two rat varieties is the brown at around nine inches, whilst the black rat only grows to between 5" and 7". To wear down their continually growing incisor teetn, brown rats have to keep on gnawing at things, which explains why they cause such a lot of damage and destruction. Rats particularly choose to gnaw at timber.

Rats gnaw their way through woodwork, wires, insulation and pipes, leave behind droppings, spread diseases, and generally cause issues in businesses and homes throughout Somersham. The local authorities really should be notified whenever rats are causing problems. Or even report incidences of rats and pests on the .gov website HERE, to be forwarded to your local authority.

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It's not invariably by appearance alone that you'll be alerted to the existence of rats, their habits are oftentimes enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you could come across a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you might hear scratching noises coming from a loft, wall or floor, you may observe rat holes gnawed into floorboards or skirtings or you may detect droppings in cupboards or on the floor.

If you don't wish to wait for the local authorities to address your problem you might decide to contact a local Somersham pest controller or rat catcher who'll be skilled in the world of pest removal. These days rat catchers usually come under the category of pest control, and pest elimination companies not only deal with rats but in addition mice, wasps, bedbugs, moles, fleas, cockroaches and all manner of garden and household pests. (Tags: Rat Catcher Somersham, Pest Control Somersham )

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What Attracts Rats and Mice?

With their pointy faces, fur covered bodies and twitching whiskers, some folk might find rats and mice to be cute, however they're certainly not the sort of animals that you want living in your home or garden in Somersham, and can actually be more dangerous than you would imagine. Mice and rats can sometimes cause fires and other problems in homes and business premises in Somersham by chewing through electrical wires, floorboards, plastic and insulation materials. More than thirty different types of disease are spread by mice and rats including trichinosis, bubonic plague, typhus, toxoplasmosis, listeria, salmonella, Weil's disease, tularemia and rat bite fever. So, the principal things that may attract rats and mice into your garden or home are:

  • RUBBISH - Accumulations of garbage and garden waste heaped up on your property (especially in the garden) will surely attract mice and rats.
  • COMPOST/PET WASTE - Incredibly pet waste and even piles of compost can be attractive to rats and mice - there will be plenty of tasty titbits hiding in there!
  • CLUTTER - General jumble and clutter in an outbuilding, cellar or loft will be especially attractive to rodents, especially if there's a source of food close by.
  • WATER - Rats and mice need to drink, subsequently sources of water such as pet water bowls, dripping sprinkler systems, leaky pipes and birdbaths are a big attraction for these unwelcome pests.
  • ENTRY POINTS AND HOLES - Rats and mice can crawl through the smallest of holes, so keep an eye out for spaces around grills, piping, crawl spaces and entrances.
  • FOOD - Food that's left lying around or discarded is one of the principal attractions for rats and mice.

Rat Poisons

To some, a horrible way to eliminate rats is by poisoning. Grains of wheat are covered with a poisonous compound and strategically left for the rats to consume, it then takes them several days to perish. A large gathering of rats may be killed by this process so long as the poisoned bait is placed effectively. One or more of 3 main compounds which are used in rat poisons are: brodifacoum, difenacoum or bromadioline. You must be very careful to keep this away from cats and dogs. Rat poison brands in Britain include the likes of: Roshield, RatKil, Elixir Gardens, Pest Expert, Propest and Rentokil.

Species of Rat

There are actually two kinds of rat that you may run into in Somersham or anywhere else in the British Isles for that matter. The Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

In Somersham, the remainder of the UK and Europe the most prevalent species of rat is the brown rat (Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), street rat, sewer rat or common rat), this is the one you will sometimes see in your home or garden. The colouring of this species varies between brown and grey, it usually grows to approximately 4 to 9 inches (plus an equivalent length of tail) with a weight of between 140 and 500 grammes. Although once considered to have originated from Norway, it's now understood to have initially come from China. Brown rats are omnivores (feed on practically anything) though they favour cereals and grains, they've got good hearing but bad eyesight, the female rats attain sexual maturity in only 5 weeks and might give birth to five litters each year (up to 14 young in each), they climb well and dig extensively.

The Black Rat

The black rat, ship rat or roof rat (Rattus Rattus) is also not a native of Britain, originating in India and Southeast Asia. It's thought to have spread to Europe during the time of the Roman Empire, most likely traveling in spice shipments. The black rat was once common in Britain but was typically replaced by the brown rat and is now quite uncommon. This rat reaches a length of 5" to 7" and usually weighs 75-230 grammes. Known to pass on trichinosis, bubonic plague, typhus, toxoplasmosis, listeria, salmonella, Weil's disease, tularemia and rat bite fever, black rats are notorious spreaders of disease and pathogens.

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Ultrasonic pest control involves using high-frequency sound waves to repel pests, including mice, rats, insects, and other critters. The technology operates by releasing sound waves that are inaudible to humans but audible to pests. A disorienting and uncomfortable environment is produced for pests by the waves, making it hard for them to communicate and navigate.

Even though ultrasonic pest control devices are easy to use and reasonably priced, their effectiveness is subject to dispute. While certain studies have demonstrated that these devices can repel some pests effectively, others have discovered little if any effect. The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control is contingent on variables like the type of pest, the treated area's dimensions, and other environmental factors. As is the case with any pest control method, it is necessary to evaluate all possibilities and seek professional advice before making a choice. Combining ultrasonic pest control with other pest management techniques is more effective than relying solely on this method.... READ MORE.

Rat Bite Wounds

Whilst not that commonplace in the British Isles, bites from rats certainly do happen every so often, and in certain situations they can be serious. When rats are pressured or feel cornered, they can attack and bite humans, thus if you unfortunately find yourself in that situation, leave a clear exit route and stay out of the way.

Quite a few instances of rat bites happen when rats are being kept as pets (really?), and sticking your hand into a rat's cage is chancing it. Although rat bites aren't dangerous in all cases, they can become infected or be life threatening if they turn into "rat bite fever" (caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis). "Rat bite fever" can lead to death in 10% of cases, if left without treatment.

Signs of Rat Bite Fever - The signs and symptoms of "rat bite fever" can include:

  • Joint Pain or Swelling
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Muscle Pain
  • Redness or Swelling

You should promptly wash the affected area with warm water, if you are bitten by a rat, then apply an antibiotic cream, and finally cover it with a clean bandage or gauze. Even if the bite doesn't appear to be that serious, you ought to make an appointment to see your GP or head to the closest A&E. Getting a tetanus vaccine is also advised, particularly if it is more than 5 years since you've had one.

Do You Have Rats?

There are a few ways by which you can find out if you've got rats. If you've got a notion that there might be rats in your property or business you could hunt for tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil, listen out for scratching noises emanating from walls and attics, especially at nighttime, keep your eyes peeled for droppings, they are dark brown and look like large grains of rice, check for gnaw marks in cables, wires and wood, particularly in attics, be on the lookout for holes or burrows close to solid objects, watch for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls.

Diseases Spread by Rats

Diseases can be transmitted to humans by rats through their urine, saliva and faeces, with a variety of ailments being spread. Among the diseases that can be transmitted from rats to humans are hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

A severe respiratory illness that can lead to fatality can be caused by hantavirus. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can cause flu-like symptoms and even lead to kidney and liver failure. Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. Rat-bite fever is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through a rat bite or scratch, causing vomiting, fever and rashes.

In order to lower the risk of disease transmission, it is crucial to control and prevent rat infestations. Also, the droppings and urine from rats can contaminate water and food sources, further increasing the risk of disease transmission.

General Pest Control in Somersham

General pest control is a vital service that aims to manage and eradicate common pests in commercial, residential and public spaces in Somersham through a whole host of remedial and preventative measures. It maintains the health, comfort and safety of residents and workers, protects property, and ensures the overall well-being of local communities in a crucial way.

Public areas, businesses and homes are protected from various pests through "general pest control". These pests encompass a diverse range, including bedbugs, rodents like rats and mice, cockroaches and insects like ants, and other nuisance pests such as silverfish, spiders and flies.

Preventing infestations before they occur is a primary objective of general pest control. To achieve this, preemptive measures like pest-proofing, maintaining cleanliness and regular inspections are taken. Addressing conditions that attract pests and identifying potential entry points, such as water sources or food debris, is a key strategy for householders and business owners in Somersham to significantly reduce the risk of pest problems.

Nevertheless, when pests do infest a space, general pest control services are crucial to address the issue promptly and effectively. Pest control specialists are trained to identify the exact pest species, determine the extent of the infestation, and come up with a tailored strategy for eradication. Pest controllers employ a diverse range of techniques and methods, including exclusion measures, insecticide applications, trapping and baiting, to eradicate pests.

In addition to this, general pest control encompasses the humane capture and rehoming of some wildlife species, such as birds, bats and squirrels, which can infiltrate properties and pose health and safety issues. Pest control companies employ eco-friendly and ethical practices to facilitate the safe relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, thereby reducing the risk of harm to both animals and humans.

In general pest control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a frequently employed, environmentally responsible, and sustainable approach. IPM places a high priority on employing non-chemical methods, such as implementing sanitation measures, sealing potential points of entry, and using biological controls like natural predators whenever they're viable options. Minimising their impact on non-target species and the wider environment, chemical treatments are administered prudently and in line with regulations. (33117 - General Pest Control Somersham)

In Conclusion

Property owners with a rat problem in Somersham are often tempted to have a shot at resolving it themselves. Therefore, if this happens to you, what ought you to do? Rat poisons, rat traps and similar products are easily obtainable in shops, supermarkets and hardware stores in the Somersham area, so the things that you need can be easily purchased.

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Bringing in an experienced Somersham rat exterminator would however be a better idea, unless of course you know precisely what you're up to, given that the correct strategy is not always the most obvious one.

Because of the risks to pets and children, the amateur use of rat poison is not really advised, and it isn't always successful in any case. If you know what's better for you, use a specialist rat control service in Somersham for solving your rat problems. (Tags: Rat Removal Somersham, Rat Control Somersham, Rat Exterminator Somersham)

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