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Gosberton Rat Catchers (PE11): Despite the fact that it is not such a common problem in Gosberton nowadays, people can still have issues with rats every once in awhile. Seeing a rat in your house or garden is not a pleasant thing to experience, and could be sufficient to cause some property owners nightmares. Individual rats are not likely to cause very much of a problem, but naturally rats breed quickly and can begin to cause issues as soon as their numbers rise.

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If you do happen to see rats in Gosberton, the probabilities are that they're going to be brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus), though there are in fact two breeds of rat presently found in the UK; brown (or common rats) and black (ship). As you might be aware ship rats were blamed for the Great Plague of the 17th Century at which time they were very common. Black rats are quite scarce now but in fact neither type is native to Great Britain, both of them hailing from from Asia.

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The black rat at 5 to 7" long, is a bit smaller than the brown rat, which reaches a length of up to about 9 inches and weighs about half a kilogram. Brown rats often cause destruction as they must continuously gnaw on stuff to stop their teeth from growing too long. Rats especially choose to gnaw at wood.

Rats gnaw through insulation, pipes, wires and woodwork, transmit disease, leave droppings, and are generally troublesome in businesses and households in and around Gosberton. Property holders should always report incidences of rats to their relevant local authority. You can also report a rat problem on the .gov website HERE.

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You don't need to physically observe rats to know of their existence, because there are many revealing signs that will warn you of their activity. Perhaps you might discover droppings in cupboards or on floors, you might come across rat holes chewed in floorboards or skirting boards, you may hear scratching coming from a floor, wall or loft or you might come across a rat's nest hidden away somewhere.

If you are going to have this problem managed effectively you need to get an expert. You can inform the local authority or get hold of a professional Gosberton rat catcher or pest controller for yourself. In centuries past, rat catchers were precisely that, however presently they tend to be called pest controllers and won't just be able to help you tackle getting rid of rats but also resolving problems with moles, cockroaches, ants, mice, wasps and many more.

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Types of Rat

You're only going to run across two kinds of rat in Gosberton, Lincolnshire and throughout Great Britain. The Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The brown rat (common rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), street rat or sewer rat) is the most frequently seen rat in the UK and throughout Continental Europe (also North America). The colour of this rat varies between brown and grey, it normally grows to approximately 4" - 9" (plus an equivalent length of tail) with a weight of between 140 and 500 grams. Nowadays understood to have originated in Central Asia (very likely China), the brown rat was once presumed to have spread from Norway (hence its name). Brown rats have an acute sense of hearing but bad eyesight, they dig extensive burrows and climb effectively, they're omnivores but have a preference for cereal grains, the females will produce 5 litters of as many as 14 pups each year.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Originating in India and Southeast Asia the black rat, roof rat or ship rat is also not a native species of the British Isles or Europe. Thought to have spread in Roman times, this rat almost certainly reached Europe and the British Isles inside cargoes of spices. Pretty uncommon nowadays in Britain, this rat was largely replaced by the larger brown rat. The black rat gets to lengths of 5" to 7" and weights of 75g to 230g. Black rats have a reputation for spreading numerous diseases, most notably trichinosis, tularemia, salmonella, rat bite fever, bubonic plague, listeria, toxoplasmosis, typhus and Weil's disease.

Rat Traps

Rat Traps

One way that you can deal with a rat problem is by the use of rat traps. Rat traps can be designed to exterminate rats or to compassionately capture a rat for release later. Should you be against the harming of animals, probably the capture trap are your best answer. If you look around you should get a lot of different designs such as: spring loaded bait traps, cage traps, enclosed poison traps and electronic rat traps.

Rat Bite Wounds

Whilst not all that common in the United Kingdom, rat bites certainly do happen on the odd occasion, and in some instances they can be serious. When rats are threatened or feel cornered, they can attack and bite people, so if you find yourself in that situation, leave an easy exit route and stay out of the way.

Some instances of rat bites occur where rats are being kept as pets, and pushing your hand into a rat's cage is something of a risk. Although rat bites are not serious in every case, they must be avoided if possible, and can become infected or be fatal if they turn into "rat bite fever" (caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis). "Rat bite fever" has a 10% mortality rate, if left without treatment.

Signs of Rat Bite Fever (RBF) - Some of the signs of "rat bite fever" are:

  • Vomiting
  • Swelling or Redness
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Fever
  • Rash

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a rat bite, carefully wash the wound, put on some antibiotic ointment, and cover the affected area with a bandage. Even if the bite does not appear that major, you must make an emergency appointment with your GP or go to the nearest hospital A&E. It's also wise to get a tetanus jab, especially if you haven't had one in the last five years.


When you have rats running around the garden, the probabilities are there is going to be a burrow somewhere. Rats love to dig burrows and they generally dig them next to and beneath solid objects or structures such as pathways, patios, garage foundations and shed bases. These are the locations to check if you believe there are rats nesting there. These are often not simple holes, but rather substantial networks of burrows, intended to use as nesting places, food storage and shelter. Keep an eye out for holes with smooth sides, that have been rubbed by the constant coming and going of these busy creatures. The entrance holes to rat burrows are commonly around 2" to 4" in diameter. You can find out if rats are living there by temporarily blocking up the burrow entrance to see if they return and clear it.

Problems With Mice in Gosberton

Possibly considered by many to be not as unsettling as rats, seeing mice inside your house can cause just as many issues. Mice, similar to rats, contaminate food, gnaw at things, breed quickly and leave droppings. The resolution to mouse infestations in Gosberton are much the same as the ones used with rats ie poisoning and trapping. Irrespective of whether you have got an infestation of rats or mice, head right over to BARK and seek out a specialist Gosberton pest controller to help you out.

Rat Poisons

What some may consider a distasteful approach for getting rid of rats is by putting down poison. A rat dies several days after eating poisoned bait, typically wheat grain. A considerable infestation of rats can be exterminated by this technique providing the bait is set properly. One or more of 3 main chemicals which are used in rat poison are: brodifacoum, bromadioline or difenacoum. You must be extremely careful to keep these poisons away from pets and birds. Well known brands of rat poison sold in Britain include the likes of: Elixir Gardens, RatKil, Pest Expert, Rentokil, Roshield and Propest.

Diseases Spread by Rats

Humans can contract various diseases from rats, with their saliva, faeces and urine being the main sources of transmission. Rats have been known to carry diseases such as rat-bite fever, hantavirus, salmonellosis and leptospirosis, which can be transmitted to humans.

Through a rat bite or scratch, the bacterial infection rat-bite fever can cause rashes, vomiting and fever. Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection that causes diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps. The respiratory system can be severely affected by hantavirus, potentially resulting in fatality. Flu-like symptoms can be caused by the bacterial infection leptospirosis, which can lead to the failure of the liver and kidneys.

The risk of disease transmission can be minimized by controlling and preventing rat infestations.

What Attracts Rats?

With their pointy faces, fur covered bodies and twitchy whiskers, some people may find rats and mice to be rather cute, however they're definitely not the kind of creatures that you want to have living in your house or garden in Gosberton, and can be more dangerous than you'd expect. By nibbling through skirting boards, plasterboard, plastic and electrical wiring, mice and rats can cause electrical fires and other accidents. Between them mice and rats can spread over 30 sorts of diseases including trichinosis, tularemia, salmonella, rat bite fever, bubonic plague, listeria, toxoplasmosis, typhus and Weil's disease. A variety of different things will attract rats and mice to your garden or home including:

  • FOOD - Food left lying around or discarded is perhaps the main attraction for mice and rats.
  • CLUTTER - General clutter in a shed, cellar or loft will be especially attractive to rats and mice, especially if there is a source of food nearby.
  • TRASH/RUBBISH - An accumulation of trash and garden rubbish piled up on your property (especially in the garden) will certainly attract rats and mice.
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Mice and rats can crawl through the tiniest of holes, so look out for spaces around plumbing, doorways, crawl spaces and grills.
  • COMPOST/PET WASTE - Surprisingly pet waste and even piles of compost can attract mice and rats - there are likely to be plenty of tasty titbits hidden in there!
  • WATER - Active mice and rats need to drink, therefore sources of water like birdbaths, leaking pipes, pet water bowls and seeping sprinkler systems are a big attraction for these pests.

Problems With Moles

Rat catchers in Gosberton are occasionally also brought in to deal with another problem, namely moles. In no way such despised critters, moles bring about completely different issues than rats. The primary problem with moles is that they'll cause a fair amount of damage to your garden, and in particular lawns. Evidence of their destructive activity can clearly be spotted in the form of scattered mounds of earth on perfectly trimmed lawns. Moles could be caught in traps and re-released somewhere else, if you favour a more humane option. (Tags: Mole Trapping Gosberton, Mole Catchers Gosberton)

General Pest Control in Gosberton

General pest control is an important service that includes a whole host of preventive and remedial measures aimed at eradicating and managing common pests in residential, public and commercial spaces. It is a crucial part of maintaining the safety, health and comfort of individuals, protecting property, and ensuring the overall well-being of communities.

The control and management of various pests that can infest public areas, homes and businesses is referred to as "general pest control". Such pests include a diverse range, including cockroaches, insects like ants, bedbugs and rodents like rats and mice, and other nuisance pests such as silverfish, flies and spiders.

One of the primary objectives of pest control is to prevent infestations before they arise. This is accomplished through preemptive measures like regular inspections, pest-proofing and maintaining cleanliness. To significantly reduce the risk of pest issues, individuals and businesses in Gosberton should identify potential entry points and address conditions that attract pests, such as food debris or water sources.

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Nevertheless, when pests do infiltrate a space, general pest control services are vital to address the issue effectively and promptly. Pest control specialists are skilled in identifying the specific pest species, determining the extent of the infestation, and creating a tailored eradication plan. Pest controllers employ a diverse range of techniques and methods, including trapping, baiting, insecticide applications and exclusion measures, to eradicate pests.

In addition to this, general pest control extends to the humane removal and rehoming of some wildlife species, such as birds, bats and squirrels, which can invade properties and pose health and safety issues. Pest control experts adhere to ethical and environmentally friendly principles to guarantee the successful relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, thereby mitigating the potential for harm to both humans and animals.

In the world of general pest control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) stands out as a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach, frequently applied. IPM places a high priority on employing non-chemical methods, such as sealing potential entry points, implementing sanitation measures, and making use of biological controls like natural predators whenever they're viable options. In compliance with regulations, chemical treatments are used cautiously to limit their impact on non-target species and the wider environment.

To conclude, the broad and essential service of general pest control plays a key role in the protection of individuals' and communities' property, comfort and health. By integrating preventative strategies with effective interventions, general pest control services in Gosberton ensure living and working areas remain pest-free, thereby improving the quality of life for all. (76392 - General Pest Control Gosberton)

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When you have a rat problem in Gosberton you might be tempted to try to take care of it on your own - and naturally lots of householders in Gosberton do choose that strategy. By looking in hardware stores, shops and supermarkets in and around Gosberton, it's easy to obtain rat traps, rat poisons and other similar solutions. Nevertheless, unless you are aware of precisely what you are doing, it is probably far better to appoint a professional rat exterminator, who will have handled this issue hundreds of times before, and will automatically know what the ideal solution is. In most instances the rookie's use of rat poisons is simply not all that helpful, and may even make matters worse - do you really want to risk the possibility of doing harm to your children and pets? If you know what is better for you, always bring in an experienced rat control service in Gosberton for solving your rat problems.

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Also find: Surfleet rat catchers, Algarkirk rat catchers, Gosberton Westhorpe rat catchers, Quadring Fen rat catchers, Quadring rat catchers, Gosberton Clough rat catchers, Westhorpe rat catchers, Church End rat catchers, Quadring Eaudike rat catchers, Belnie rat catchers, Wigtoft rat catchers, Gosberton Risegate rat catchers, Sutterton rat catchers, Donington rat catchers and more. It is possible to get pest control services in all these locations. With years of experience and know-how, these professional pest controllers efficiently and effectively address your rat issue. In cases of a single rat or a larger infestation, these experts in pest control have the requisite skills and resources to quickly resolve the situation. By clicking here, pest control quotes are available to local residents. Got a problem with rats? Get a quote today, and don't delay!

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Gosberton rat catchers can generally help you with rat trapping, rat baits, the removal of contaminated loft insulation, pigeon control, electronic pest control Gosberton, bird pest control Gosberton, dead animal removal in Gosberton, anti-bird spike installation, ingress pest solutions, bird proofing Gosberton, pest removal, thermal imaging surveys to detect hidden pest infestations in Gosberton, preventive pest control Gosberton, commercial pest control, cockroach control, pest control for fleas Gosberton, mice pest control Gosberton, rat prevention, restaurant pest control Gosberton, bird dropping clearing, rat deterrents, rat proofing, fox pest control Gosberton, rodent control, dead bird removal, squirrel control, rat removal, rat poison, pest control, insect heat treatments, wasp pest control Gosberton, domestic pest control Gosberton, ant control in Gosberton, professional control of pests, rat catching in Gosberton and other pest control in Gosberton, Lincolnshire. These are just a selection of the activities that are accomplished by people specialising in pest control. Gosberton specialists will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of pest control services.

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