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Heckington Rat Catchers (NG34): Although it isn't really a common occurrence nowadays in Heckington, people do still have troubles with rats from time to time. Spotting rats in your garden or inside your property is not a pleasant thing to experience, and could be sufficient to cause some home owners the shakes. Lone rats are not likely to create very much of a problem, but of course rats breed quickly and will cause issues as their numbers rise.

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Though neither of the 2 kinds of rat presently seen in the United Kingdom are native to these islands, they've clearly made themselves at home. The brown rat is especially common (hence its name) whilst the black rat isn't so much these days. Both of these types originated in Asia and arrived in the United Kingdom on ships.

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The black rat at 5-7 inches, is not as large as the brown, which grows to lengths of nearly 9 inches and weighs in at about 500g. A lot of the destruction caused by brown rats is down to the fact that to prevent their teeth from growing too much, they've got to continually gnaw on stuff. Wood is particularly more prone to their interest.

Rats cause a variety of issues in homes and business premises in Heckington and they leave droppings, transmit diseases, gnaw through woodwork, insulation, pipes and wires, and generally cause a nuisance. Sightings of rats should be reported to the local authority. Or alternatively head HERE to report pest and rat sightings on the .gov website online.

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It is not purely by appearance that you will be alerted to the presence of rats, their actions are often enough to give warning. It could be that you could start seeing droppings on floor surfaces or in cupboards, you may stumble upon a rat's nest in some out of sight location, you could hear scratching coming from a loft, wall or floor or you could encounter rat holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards.

If you're going to have this problem dealt with effectively you should get in touch with a specialist. You could inform the local authority or get hold of a professional Heckington pest controller or rat catcher for yourself. There are not that many individuals nowadays who only specialize in issues with rats, so you can also bring them in if you have a problem with moles digging up your lawn or perhaps a wasps nest in your loft space.

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Rat Traps

Rat Traps

Whether you are likely to take care of the rat situation yourself or if you are hiring the experts, one way to do this is with rat traps. There are various different sorts of rat traps nowadays, some which actually exterminate the rats and others which capture the rat for later release. Those who are loathe to think of creatures of any kind harmed, will definitely opt for the capture style of trap. If you have a look around you will obtain plenty of different patterns such as: spring loaded bait traps, enclosed poison traps, electronic rat traps and cage traps.

Rat Poisons

A more horrible solution to removing rats is by poisoning. Rats will die just a few days after eating a poison laced bait, normally wheat grain. When it is placed in the perfect spot in or close to an area where rats have been seen, the poison can quite rapidly kill a large population of rats. One or more of three main components that are used in rat poison are: difenacoum, brodifacoum or bromadioline. Cats and dogs may also be harmed by coming into contact with these rat poisons, so take care. Rat poison brands sold in the UK include: Propest, Rentokil, Roshield, RatKil, Elixir Gardens and Pest Expert.

Mole Problems

Whilst not such a commonplace issue these days moles can also be controlled by rat catchers. Bringing about quite different problems to rats, moles are not quite as despised. The primary trouble with moles is they will cause a fair amount of damage to your garden, particularly lawns. Perfectly clipped lawns spoiled by ugly mounds of newly dug soil are sure signs of mole activity. Capturing with traps is by far the most humane and acceptable solution to reduce the number of moles. (Tags: Mole Catchers Heckington, Mole Trapping Heckington)

What Attracts Rats?

Although some folks in Heckington may consider them rather cute with their twitchy whiskers, fur covered bodies and pointy faces, mice and rats are not creatures that you want to have living in your house or garden, and they can even be dangerous to have around. By chewing through insulation materials, electrical wiring, plastic and floorboards, mice and rats can cause electrical fires and other accidents. Spreading things like tularemia, trichinosis, typhus, salmonella, listeria, bubonic plague, Weil's disease, toxoplasmosis and rat bite fever, rats and mice can cause over 30 different kinds of disease. A variety of different things will attract mice and rats to your home and garden including:

  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Mice and rats can squeeze through the smallest of holes, so watch out for gaps around pipes, doors, air vents and crawl spaces.
  • TRASH/RUBBISH - Accumulations of junk and garden rubbish stacked up on your property (especially in the garden) will clearly attract mice and rats.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Incredibly piles of compost and even pet waste can be attractive to rodents - they'll find some tasty titbits hidden in there!
  • WATER - Busy rats and mice have to drink, consequently sources of water like leaky pipes, pet bowls, birdbaths and dripping sprinkler systems are a big temptation for these pests.
  • FOOD - Food that's left discarded or lying around is one of the primary attractions for rats and mice.
  • CLUTTER - General jumble and clutter in shed, basement or loft will be particularly attractive to rodents, especially if there's a food source close by.

In Conclusion

Having a rat problem in Heckington is a situation that everyone fears, and when this happens to you, you might have the urge to try to resolve it yourself. By looking around supermarkets, shops and hardware stores in the Heckington area, it is relatively simple to buy rat traps, rat poisons and similar solutions.

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However, unless you're aware of exactly what you're doing, it's possibly advisable to appoint an experienced rat exterminator, who will have resolved this problem hundreds of times previously, and will automatically know what the preferred solution is.

Due to the risks to pets and children, the rookie's use of rat poisons isn't normally advised, and is often not effective in any case. If you've any doubts, contact the professionals for rat control in Heckington. (Tags: Rat Removal Heckington, Rat Control Heckington, Rat Exterminator Heckington)

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