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Camberwell Rat Catchers (SE5): Despite the fact that its not such a frequent occurrence nowadays in Camberwell, home owners do have troubles with rats every now and then. Seeing rats in your home or garden is not a pleasant experience, and would be enough to give some home owners the shakes. Individual rats don't really cause much of a problem, but of course rats reproduce rapidly and can start to cause issues when their numbers rise.

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There are two types of rat which you might come across in Camberwell, brown (or common) rats and black rats. It is pretty improbable that you will ever come across black rats, and if you've spotted a rat fairly recently the chances are it will have been the more commonplace brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (or ship rats) were common at one time and were responsible for the Great Plague during the 17th Century, they are pretty scarce now, although where they do exist they've got good hearing, are amazing climbers, and the females can produce between 20 and 100 offspring in a single year.

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The longest and heaviest of the 2 rat species is the brown rat at around 9", whilst the black only grows to between 5" and 7". To wear down their continuously growing incisor teetn, common brown rats need to keep on chewing stuff, which is why they are responsible for such a lot of damage and destruction. They particularly choose to gnaw on timber.

Rats may cause various problems in homes and businesses around Camberwell and they leave droppings, gnaw through insulation, pipes, woodwork and wires, spread diseases, and generally cause a nuisance. Sightings of rats need to be reported to the local environmental health department. Or even go HERE to report sightings of rats and other pest problems on the .gov website online.

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You won't need to physically see rats to know of that they are there, due to the fact that there are several revealing signs that may warn you of their presence. Perhaps you may find droppings on the floor or in cupboards, you may spot rat holes chewed in floorboards or skirting boards, you may come upon a rat's nest hidden away or you might hear scratching noises coming from a floor, wall or loft.

If you don't wish to wait for the local authorities to solve your problem you might decide to speak to a local Camberwell rat catcher or pest controller who will be knowledgeable in the area of pest removal. These days rat catchers commonly come under the umbrella of pest control, and pest elimination businesses do not only remove rats but in addition fleas, wasps, moles, cockroaches, mice, bedbugs and many more types of garden and domestic pests. (Tags: Ratcatchers Camberwell, Pest Control Camberwell )

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Rat catching and pest control can be done in Camberwell and also in nearby places like: Myatts Fields South, Walworth, Kennington, St Saviours, Elmington Estate, Nunhead, Dog Kennel Hill Estate, Vauxhall, Herne Hill, as well as in these postcodes SE5 0BX, SE5 5SS, SE5 5SN, SE5 0ET, SE5 5ST, SE5 0AG, SE15 5AL, SE5 0LJ, SE5 0LD, and SE5 0UR. Local Camberwell rat catchers will likely have the telephone code 020 and the postcode SE5.

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Rat Traps

One way that you might take care of a rat infestation is to use rat traps. Rat traps may be created to kill a rat or to compassionately capture a rat for later release. If you're averse to harming animals, probably the capture style rat trap would be your best solution. Rat traps are available in all styles and sizes and include the likes of: cage traps, enclosed poison traps, spring loaded bait traps and electronic rat traps.

Ultrasonic Pest Control

Using high-frequency sound waves to repel and deter pests, including mice, rats, insects, and other creatures, is what ultrasonic pest control is all about. The technology works by emitting sound waves that are above the human hearing range but are audible to pests. The waves generate an unpleasant and confusing atmosphere for pests, which complicates their navigation and communication with one another.

Ultrasonic pest control gadgets are relatively low-priced and uncomplicated to use, but their efficacy is still in question. The effectiveness of these devices is variable and subject to conflicting results in studies, with some showing successful pest repulsion while others indicating little to no impact. Ultrasonic pest control's effectiveness can change based on factors such as the type of pest, treated area's dimensions, and environmental influences. It is essential to weigh all options and seek the advice of an expert before choosing a pest control method, as with any other procedure. For optimal results, it is recommended to use ultrasonic pest control in conjunction with other pest management methods, rather than relying on it exclusively.... READ MORE.

Kinds of Rat

You'll only ever come across 2 types of rat in Camberwell or anyplace in Great Britain. The Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat

In Camberwell, the rest of the UK and Europe the most widespread kind of rat is the brown rat (common rat, street rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) or sewer rat), this is the kind you will sometimes see in your garden or home. The brown rat (it can often be grey) is typically 4 to 9 inches long (excluding the tail) and weighs 140 to 500 grams. It almost always lives wherever human beings live. Though at one time thought to have originated from Norway (hence its name), this rat is now understood to have come from China or at least Central Asia. Brown rats are omnivores (eat anything) though their favourite is cereals and grains, they have poor eyesight but an acute sense of hearing, the female rats reach sexual maturity in about five weeks and are able to produce five litters per annum (with as many as 14 young in each litter), they burrow extensively and climb well.

The Black Rat

Originating from Southeast Asia the black rat, ship rat or roof rat is also not native to the UK or Europe. Quite likely traveling in spice shipments in the times of the Romans, the black rat consequently spread through Europe. Once widespread in the UK, this rat disappeared when the brown rat became dominant. Reaching lengths of five to seven inches, this rat weighs around 75g to 230g. Well known for causing toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, salmonella, tularemia, rat bite fever, bubonic plague, Weil's disease, listeria and typhus, black rats are notorious spreaders of pathogens and disease.

Have You Got Rats?

There are several ways by which you can find out when you've got rats. If you've got some suspicions that there could be rats in your business or home you can listen for scratching noises emanating from attics and walls, particularly during the night, keep your eyes peeled for rat droppings, they are darkish brown and look like large grains of rice, search for footprints or tail trails in dusty areas or on loose soil, watch for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on walls and skirtings, look out for burrows or tunnels near to solid objects, pay attention to gnaw marks in cables, wires and wood, especially in lofts.

Rat Poisons

Using poison is one of the more horrible methods by which to remove rats and rodents. This is usually done by leaving a bait laced with poison, that's then eaten by the rat resulting in death several days later. When placed in the appropriate location in a rat infested area, poison can pretty rapidly exterminate a large number of rats. One or more of three main substances which are used in rat poison are: brodifacoum, difenacoum or bromadioline. Dogs and cats may also be killed as a result of these rat poisons, so use caution. Rat poison brands sold in the United Kingdom include: Elixir Gardens, Roshield, Pest Expert, Rentokil, RatKil and Propest. (Tags: Rat Poison Camberwell, Rat Poisons Camberwell)

Problems With Mice in Camberwell

Although not so upsetting as discovering rats scuttling around house or garden, having mice may be nearly as much of an issue. Mice, like rats, gnaw at things, contaminate food, leave droppings and breed rapidly. The same approaches are usually employed to clear up mouse problems in Camberwell, this means that poisoning and trapping are favoured. Irrespective of whether you have an infestation of mice or rats, visit BARK and find a specialist Camberwell pest controller to get it sorted.

Diseases Spread by Rats

Humans can contract various diseases from rats, with their faeces, urine and saliva being the main sources of transmission. Diseases such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, hantavirus and salmonellosis can be transmitted from rats to humans.

Symptoms such as fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps are caused by the bacterial infection salmonellosis. Vomiting, fever and rashes can be caused by rat-bite fever, a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through a rat scratch or bite. Hantavirus can cause a severe respiratory illness that can be fatal. Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection that can cause flu-like symptoms and even lead to liver and kidney failure.

It is important to take steps to prevent and control rat infestations in order to reduce the risk of these diseases.

Rat Bite Wounds

While not all that commonplace in Camberwell, rat bites certainly do occur every now and then, and in some instances they can be serious. When rats are cornered or feel threatened, they can attack and bite humans, so if you find yourself in that situation, keep out of the way and leave an easy and clear exit route.

Rat bites have been known to occur in homes where rats are being kept as pets, and poking your hand in a rat's cage is definitely a manoeuvre to be wary of. Rat bites are not necessarily dangerous, but must be avoided if possible, and they can turn nasty or even fatal if they develop into "rat bite fever". If it's not treated swiftly "rat bite fever" has a 10% mortality rate.

Symptoms of Rat Bite Fever - The signs and symptoms of "rat bite fever" can include:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Swelling or Redness
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Rash

If you get bitten by a rat you should wash the affected area promptly, apply an antibiotic ointment, and cover it with a clean bandage or plaster. Even if you don't think that it's too major, you should get it looked at by your nearest hospital A&E, or make an emergency appointment to see your doctor or GP. Having a tetanus jab is also advised, especially if it is more than five years since you've had one.

General Pest Control in Camberwell

Pest control is crucial for keeping pests out of your home and business in Camberwell. It involves the prevention and management of common pests such as flies, spiders, ants, rats and cockroaches. Helpful pest control steps include frequent inspections, correct waste management, maintaining cleanliness, sealing entry points, and making use of insecticides or traps when required. Sustainable and environmentally sensitive approaches, with a focus on minimising chemical usage, are central to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques. The implementation of comprehensive pest control strategies empowers individuals in Camberwell to establish a working or living environment that is healthier and safer for themselves and those around them. These strategies ensure pest-free surroundings in the long term by not only addressing existing problems with pests but also serving as a proactive defense against future infestations. (33117 - General Pest Control Camberwell)


Having a problem with rats in Camberwell is a situation that most of us fear, and when you find yourself in this scenario, the temptation might be to try to resolve it yourself. Rat poisons, rat traps and similar merchandise is readily accessible in hardware stores, supermarkets and shops in and around Camberwell, so the stuff that you need can be easily purchased.

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Nevertheless, unless you are aware of what you're at, it is probably much better to appoint an expert rat exterminator, who will have remedied this problem hundreds of times previously, and will know automatically what the preferred solution is.

Usually the rookie's use of rat poisons isn't actually all that effective, and could even do more harm than good - do you really want to risk the possibility of doing harm to your children and pets? If you've got any doubts, speak to the professionals for rat control needs in Camberwell.

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Camberwell rat catchers can normally help with bed bug pest control Camberwell, insect heat treatments, rat extermination, rat catching, pigeon control, bird pest control Camberwell, rat infestations, anti-bird spike installation in Camberwell, wasp nest removal, rodent control, environmental pest control Camberwell, dead animal removal in Camberwell, bird dropping removal, restaurant pest control Camberwell, ant pest control Camberwell, residential pest control, pest netting, pest control Camberwell, commercial rat control Camberwell, mouse control Camberwell, bird proofing services, pest control services, rat removal, rat deterrents Camberwell, bird nest clearing, thermal imaging surveys to detect hidden infestations, rat trapping, domestic pest control, pest removal and other pest control in Camberwell, Greater London. Listed are just a few of the tasks that are conducted by those specialising in pest control. Camberwell contractors will inform you of their full range of services.

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Also find: Dog Kennel Hill Estate rat catchers, Nunhead rat catchers, Kennington rat catchers, St Saviours rat catchers, Vauxhall rat catchers, Walworth rat catchers, Herne Hill rat catchers, Myatts Fields South rat catchers, Elmington Estate rat catchers and more. These and other towns and communities are covered by rat catchers and related experts. In dealing with your rodent problem effectively and efficiently, these experienced professional pest controllers bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge. For handling either a single rat or a larger infestation, these pest control specialists have the essential skills and tools to resolve the situation promptly. By clicking here, local householders can get pest control price quotes.

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