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Strabane Rat Catchers (BT82): Finding a rat in your house or garden tends to be rather a frightening experience although its not such a common occurrence in Strabane these days, it is certainly something that does happen once in a while. Rats breed very quickly and will likely cause issues, particularly when their numbers spiral out of hand. A single sighting of a solitary rat will possibly not be too much of a worry, but if you're observing them regularly make sure you find a solution.

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While neither of the 2 varieties of rat at present living in Great Britain are native to these shores, they have definitely thrived since they got here. The brown rat is particularly common (hence its name) while the ship (black) rat isn't so much so nowadays. Both species originated in Asia and got to the British Isles on boats (as stowaways).

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The black rat at 5-7 inches long, isn't as large as the brown rat, which attains a length of up to about 9" and weighs in at about half a kilo. Much of the damage caused by brown rats is due to the fact that to keep their teeth from getting too much, they've got to continually gnaw stuff. Their attention is often targeting objects that is made out of wood.

Rats spread disease, leave behind droppings, gnaw their way through wires, pipes, woodwork and insulation, and are basically troublesome in businesses and homes in and around Strabane. Householders need to report rat sightings to their relevant local authorities. It is possible to report a rat problem on the .gov web page HERE.

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It is not purely by appearance that you'll become aware of the existence of rats, their behaviour is sometimes enough to enlighten you. Its possible you could hear scratching noises coming from a wall, floor or loft, you might discover droppings in cupboards or on floor surfaces, you might come across holes chewed into skirtings or floorboards or you could come upon a rat's nest in some tucked away location.

To address this problem there are a few approaches that you might consider. You could lay out traps or poison yourself, you can get hold of your local Strabane environmental health or you could look for a pest removal specialist. These days rat catchers generally come under the umbrella category of pest management, and pest control businesses not only control rats but also cockroaches, moles, wasps, bedbugs, mice, fleas and many other kinds of household and garden pests.

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Reporting Rats

Here is a little more information on a subject we brought up earlier in this article. The local council is the place to send a report should you witness rats in a public space, in a neighbours garden or in your own garden. Sometimes your local council will offer a free service for dealing with rats but payment is typically required for many other infestations like cockroaches, wasps and bed bugs. You can go to the .gov website HERE to report rat infestations. Click HERE to book your local rat catcher and get the issue sorted out immediately.

Strabane Mole Catching

Rat catchers in Strabane are sometimes called on to manage another similar type of pest, ie moles. Certainly not such despised creatures, moles cause totally different problems to rats. The primary problem with moles is that they will cause a fair amount of damage to your garden, especially lawns. Beautifully manicured lawns spoiled by unsightly heaps of recently dug soil are a sure sign of activity by moles. Using traps is by far the most humane and acceptable solution to reduce the number of moles. (Tags: Mole Trapping Strabane, Mole Catchers Strabane)

Rat Bites

While, in Britain, rat bites aren't all that commonplace, they certainly do occur on occasion, and the consequences can be serious in some situations. If you encounter a rat in a confined area, it could attack and bite you if it feels cornered or threatened, therefore leave the creature an easy exit route and try to avoid it.

You would think that folks would be cautious about pushing their hand into a rat's cage, yet as rats are often kept as pets, this is an increasing cause of rat bites. Rat bites are not necessarily serious, though should be avoided wherever possible, and they can become infected or be fatal if they develop into "rat bite fever". If it's left untreated "rat bite fever" (RBF) can result in death in 10% of cases.

Symptoms of Rat Bite Fever (RBF) - "Rat bite fever" (streptobacillary RBF) can have various signs and symptoms, including:

  • Fever
  • Joint Pain
  • Swelling or Redness
  • Muscle Pain
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Rash

You should promptly wash the wound with warm water, if you receive a rat bite, and then administer an antibiotic ointment, and cover it with a clean, sterile bandage or gauze. Even if you do not consider that it's too major, you should get it looked at by your nearest A&E department, or book an emergency appointment to see your GP. If it is five years or more since you received your last tetanus vaccine, you must get one of those done as well, since rat bites can easily become infected.

Diseases Spread by Rats

Humans can contract various diseases from rats, with their saliva, urine and faeces being the main sources of transmission. Rats have been known to carry diseases such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis and hantavirus, which can be transmitted to humans.

Symptoms such as fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are caused by the bacterial infection salmonellosis. Hantavirus can cause a severe respiratory illness that can be fatal. The failure of the liver and kidneys can occur as a result of leptospirosis, a bacterial infection that also produces flu-like symptoms. The bacterial infection known as rat-bite fever can be transmitted through a rat bite or scratch and can cause vomiting, rashes and fever.

In order to lower the risk of disease transmission, it is crucial to prevent and control rat infestations. Additional diseases, such as Lyme disease and typhus, can be transmitted to humans by ticks and fleas that are carried by rats. Rodent-proofing and proper sanitation are effective rat control measures that can aid in the prevention and reduction of rat infestations and the spread of these diseases.

Mouse Problems Strabane

Mice can be nearly as much of a problem as rats, especially when they get into your property. The same as rats, mice gnaw at stuff, leave droppings, breed rapidly, contaminate foodstuffs and are generally an annoyance. The approaches for mouse problems in Strabane are pretty much the same as those employed for rats ie poisoning and trapping. When you have a mouse infestation, Strabane rat catchers should be ready to help you sort out this problem. Head right over to BARK and find a pest control specialist near you.

Rat Poisons

One way to sort out a rat issue is to use poison. A rat will die several days after eating a poisoned bait, usually wheat. When it is placed in the perfect spot in or close to a rat infested area, the poison can fairly quickly kill a large number of rats. One or more of three key ingredients that are used in making rat poisons are: difenacoum, bromadioline or brodifacoum. Rat poison won't only kill rats, dogs and cats are also at risk, so extreme care must be taken. Rat poison brands in Britain include: Roshield, RatKil, Rentokil, Elixir Gardens, Propest and Pest Expert. (Tags: Rat Poison Strabane, Rat Poisons Strabane)

General Pest Control in Strabane

Pest control is essential for maintaining a healthy and safe environment. It involves the management and prevention of common pests such as spiders, rats, cockroaches, flies and ants. Effective pest control steps include routine inspections, sealing potential entry points, maintaining cleanliness, proper waste management, and making use of insecticides or traps when required. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques place emphasis on sustainable and environmentally sensitive approaches, aiming to minimise chemical usage. Creating a safer and healthier working or living environment for individuals and those around them in Strabane is possible through the implementation of wide-ranging pest control strategies. These strategies ensure pest-free surroundings in the long term by not only addressing existing issues with pests but also serving as a proactive defense against potential infestations. (33117 - General Pest Control Strabane)

In Conclusion

Having a rat problem in Strabane is a situation that everybody fears, and when this happens to you, you may have the urge to try to resolve it yourself. By looking around shops, hardware stores and supermarkets in the Strabane area, it is not too difficult to obtain rat poisons, rat traps and other similar solutions.

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An expert rat exterminator in Strabane is however the preferred person for the job, because controlling rats isn't always as straightforward as you might think.

The amateur use of rat poisons will likely do more harm than good, because you need to be exceptionally careful with them when children and pets are about. When in doubt, bring in the professionals for your rat control needs in Strabane.

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Strabane rat catchers will likely help you with rat pest control, bird proofing services, the removal of contaminated loft insulation Strabane, rat infestations, rat baits Strabane, environmental pest control Strabane, commercial rat control Strabane, pest removal, ultrasonic pest control, rodent control Strabane, anti-bird spike installation, commercial pest control, emergency pest control Strabane, ant control, rat deterrents, the control of pests in Strabane, rat trapping, rat poison, household pest control, rat removal in Strabane, bird dropping removal, residential pest control, restaurant pest control Strabane, pest netting, pigeon control, wasp pest control Strabane, rat proofing, bird pest control Strabane, rat prevention and other pest control in Strabane, Northern Ireland. These are just a few of the duties that are carried out by people specialising in pest control. Strabane contractors will be happy to tell you about their entire range of pest control services.

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