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Bethnal Green Rat Catchers (E1): Spotting rats in your garden or house can be quite an alarming experience to go through and while it's not so common an occurrence in Bethnal Green nowadays, it is certainly not unusual. Rats breed very quickly and are likely to cause issues, especially when they are present in numbers. One incidence of a solitary rat will possibly not be all that much of a problem, but if you are seeing them often make sure you get some specialist advice.

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If you discover rats in Bethnal Green, the likelihood is that they're going to be brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus), though there are in fact two kinds of rat currently living in the British Isles; brown (common rats) and black (ship). As you might know ship rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) at which time they were quite common. Black rats are relatively scarce nowadays but in fact neither species is a native of the United Kingdom, both of them arriving from Asia.

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Brown rats are ordinarily larger than black rats weighing in at half a kilo and reaching lengths of nearly 9". To prevent their teeth from growing too long, common brown rats must keep on gnawing at things, and that's why they are responsible for such a lot of damage and destruction. Their interest is oftentimes concentrated on things that's made out of timber.

Rat infestations will cause a number of problems for business owners and householders in Bethnal Green, they will gnaw through wires, woodwork, insulation and pipes, spread disease, leave droppings, and build nests. Property owners should report sightings of rats to their relevant local authority. Or perhaps go HERE to report pest and rat sightings on the .gov dedicated webpage.

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It's not purely by appearance that you'll be alerted to the presence of rats, their actions are sometimes enough to enlighten you. Its possible you may hear scratching noises coming from a floor, loft or wall, you may come upon a rat's nest in some out of sight location, you might discover droppings in cupboards or on the floor or you may encounter rat holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards.

Unless you want to wait around for the local environmental health authority to solve your rat problem you can also get in touch with local Bethnal Green rat catcher or pest controller who'll be competent in the field of pest removal. In the old days, rat catchers were just that, however at present they're usually called pest controllers and will not just be willing to help you tackle rat problems but also mice, wasps, cockroaches, moles, ants and many more. (Tags: Rat Catchers Bethnal Green, Pest Control Bethnal Green )

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Pest control and rat catching can be carried out in Bethnal Green and also in nearby places like: Hackney, Shadwell, Arden Estate, Fish Island, Globe Town, Haggerston, Hackney Wick, Tower Hamlets, City of London, Whitmore Estate, Whitechapel, Mile End, Limehouse, Bromley by Bow, Stepney, and in these postcodes E1 4PA, E1 4DH, E1 4BZ, E1 4RH, E2 0FQ, E1 4JE, E1, E1 4EP, E2 0FX, and E1 4DS. Locally based Bethnal Green rat catchers will most likely have the phone code 020 and the postcode E1.

Bethnal Green Mole Catching

Although not such a commonplace pest these days moles are also often controlled by rat catchers. Bringing about quite different problems to rats, moles aren't quite so detested. Lawns and gardens are the chief things at risk of damage when you have a mole problem. Neatly trimmed lawns laden with unsightly mounds of freshly dug dirt are a sure sign of moles. Using traps is undoubtedly the most humane and acceptable technique to get rid of moles. (Tags: Mole Trapping Bethnal Green, Mole Catchers Bethnal Green)

What Attracts Rats?

With their fur covered bodies, twitching whiskers and pointy faces, some folk might find rats and mice to be quite cute, however they're certainly not the sort of animals that you want to be living in your home or garden in Bethnal Green, and can be more dangerous than you might expect. Mice and rats are known to cause fires and other problems in homes and business premises in Bethnal Green by chewing through insulation materials, plastic, electrical cables and floorboards. More than thirty different sorts of disease can be spread by rats and mice including bubonic plague, Weil's disease, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, typhus, trichinosis, rat bite fever, listeria and salmonella. So, listed below are just a few of the things that are going to attract rats and mice to your garden and home:

  • CLUTTER - General jumble and clutter in shed, basement or loft will be particularly attractive to mice and rats, particularly if there's a source of food close by.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Incredibly compost heaps and even pet waste can attract mice and rats - they'll find a few tasty titbits hidden in there!
  • RUBBISH/TRASH - An accumulation of junk and garden waste piled up on your property (especially in the garden) will attract rodents.
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Rats and mice can squeeze through the smallest of holes and cracks, so watch out for spaces around entrances, crawl spaces, pipes and vents.
  • WATER - Rats and mice need to drink, which means that water sources such as leaky pipes, pet water bowls, birdbaths and dripping sprinkler systems are a big attraction for these unwelcome pests.
  • FOOD - Food left discarded or lying around is perhaps the main attraction for mice and rats.

Rat Prevention Bethnal Green

For maintaining the safety of your home and property from damage and health risks, rat prevention is crucial. To start with, make sure all foodstuffs are stored securely in airtight containers. Keeping your kitchen area clean and free of food scraps or crumbs is essential, as rats are attracted to easy meals. Empty bins regularly and store pet food securely.

Rat Prevention Bethnal Green

The sealing of entry points is a crucial measure in preventing infestations by rats. Check your property for any holes, cracks or gaps that rodents could use to enter. Pay particular attention to areas around pipes, doors and vents. Block these potential entry points with materials such as steel wool or caulk, as rats can easily chew through many popular sealing materials.

Keeping a tidy and clean environment outside your Bethnal Green home or property is also crucial for preventing rats. To minimise possible nesting spots for rats, you must keep your garden or backyard free of junk, such as piles of wood or leaves. Cut back any overgrown vegetation and cover compost heaps. If you have fruit trees, promptly pick up any fallen fruit. These simple steps can substantially lower the risk of a rat infestation in and around your property or home in Bethnal Green. (Rat Prevention Bethnal Green)

Spotting Rats

When you have a notion you might have rats in your business or home, there are various ways by which you're able to find out. You should hunt for signs of tail trails or footprints on loose soil or in dusty areas, listen closely for continual scratching noises coming from walls and roofs, especially during the night, be on the lookout for tunnels or burrows next to solid surfaces, check for gnawing in wires, wood and cables, particularly in lofts, keep your eyes open for faeces, they look just like large grains of rice and are darkish brown, watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls.

Rat Bite Wounds

While they're by no means one of the most common injuries inflicted on people in Britain, on occasion rat bites certainly do happen, and the consequences can sometimes be serious. When cornered or scared, rats can attack and bite, so when you come across one in a confined area, it's best to leave the creature a clear exit route so that it can easily escape.

These sorts of bites occasionally occur when rats are kept as pets (which is happening quite frequently these days), and you're likely chancing it somewhat if you shove your hand in a rat's cage. Rat bites are not always serious, but must be avoided when possible, and they can turn nasty or even fatal if they turn into "rat bite fever". If it isn't treated appropriately "rat bite fever" can result in death, and has has a 10% mortality rate.

Symptoms of Rat Bite Fever (RBF) - The symptoms of "rat bite fever" (streptobacillary RBF) include:

  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain or Swelling
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Redness or Swelling

If you get bitten by a rat you should immediately wash the affected area with warm water, apply an antibiotic cream, and cover with a clean plaster or bandage. You should go to your nearest A&E and get it looked at, even if you don't think that it is too serious, or at the minimum arrange an appointment with your GP or doctor. If it is five years or more since you received your last tetanus jab, you must get one of those done as well, since rat bites can easily become infected.

Diseases Spread by Rats

A range of diseases are transmitted to humans by rats, mainly through their saliva, faeces and urine. Some of the diseases that rats can transmit to humans include rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis and hantavirus.

The bacterial infection rat-bite fever can result in fever, vomiting and rashes and can be transmitted through a rat bite or scratch. Symptoms such as diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps are caused by the bacterial infection salmonellosis. Flu-like symptoms can be caused by the bacterial infection leptospirosis, which can lead to the failure of the kidneys and liver. Hantavirus has the potential to cause a fatal respiratory illness.

Reducing the risk of disease transmission requires the prevention and control of rat infestations. Moreover, the risk of disease transmission can be compounded by the contamination of water and food sources with rat urine and droppings. Rat infestations and the spread of these diseases can be prevented and decreased by employing effective rat control measures, including rodent-proofing and proper sanitation.

Types of Rat

There are only two types of rat which you're likely to run into in Bethnal Green, Greater London or in fact anywhere else in the UK. The Black Rat (Rattus Rattus) and the Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus).

The Brown Rat

The brown rat (common rat, street rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) or sewer rat) is the most frequently seen rat in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe (also North America). This grey or brown coloured rodent reaches lengths of 4-9" (plus tail) and weight around 140-500g. Nowadays understood to have originally come from Central Asia (very likely China), the brown rat was once presumed to have spread from Norway (hence the name Rattus Norvegicus). Brown rats have an acute sense of hearing but poor eyesight, they dig extensive burrows and climb effectively, they're omnivores but have a preference for grain cereals, the females may produce five litters of as many as 14 young every year.

The Black Rat (Rattus Rattus)

Also not a native species of Britain, the black rat, ship rat or roof rat (Rattus Rattus) originally came to Europe from Southeast Asia (probably India). Understood to have been spread at the time of the Roman Empire, this rat most likely reached Continental Europe and the United Kingdom via shipments of spice. Very rare nowadays in Great Britain, the black rat was for the most part ousted by the larger brown (common) rat. Growing to a length of 5" to 7", this rat weighs in at only 75-230 grammes. Notorious for causing diseases black rats have been to blame for bubonic plague, Weil's disease, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, typhus, trichinosis, rat bite fever, listeria and salmonella.

General Pest Control in Bethnal Green

An important service, general pest control encompasses a wide array of measures for managing and eradicating common pests in public, residential and commercial spaces in Bethnal Green, both remedial and preventative. It is essential for the health, comfort and safety of residents and workers, property, and overall well-being of communities.

Public areas, businesses and homes are protected from various pests through "general pest control". Such pests encompass a diverse array, including insects like ants, rodents like mice and rats, cockroaches and bedbugs, and other annoying pests such as spiders, flies and silverfish.

Preventing infestations before they happen is a key goal of general pest control. Proactive measures, such as maintaining cleanliness, pest-proofing and regular inspections, accomplish this. Significantly reducing the risk of pest problems is a critical goal for businesses and individuals in Bethnal Green, and it can be achieved by addressing conditions that attract pests and identifying potential entry points, such as food debris or water sources.

General Pest Control Bethnal Green

General pest control services are vital for addressing the issue of pest infiltration effectively and promptly. Pest control specialists are equipped to identify the exact species of pest, determine the extent of the infestation, and devise a customised eradication plan. Pest controllers employ a diverse range of methods and techniques, including trapping, insecticide applications, exclusion measures and baiting, to eradicate pests.

In addition to this, general pest control services include the humane extraction and relocation of wildlife, like birds, squirrels and bats, which can encroach on properties and pose health and safety risks. Through the implementation of ethical and eco-friendly methods, pest control specialists ensure the safe relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, minimising the likelihood of harm to both humans and animals.

An environmentally responsible and sustainable approach, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is commonly used in general pest control. IPM prioritises the use of non-chemical methods whenever possible, such as sealing entry points, implementing sanitation practices, and using biological controls like natural predators. Employing chemical treatments judiciously and in compliance with regulations aims to limit their impact on both non-target species and the environment.

To summarise, general pest control serves as a critical and multifaceted service, pivotal in the protection of health, property and comfort across communities and for individuals. By integrating effective interventions with preventative strategies, general pest control services in Bethnal Green ensure working and living areas remain pest-free, thereby improving the quality of life for all. (52599 - General Pest Control Bethnal Green)


When you have a problem with rats in Bethnal Green you could possibly try to resolve it yourself - and certainly lots of folks in Bethnal Green do choose that strategy. Rat poisons, rat traps and other similar merchandise is readily available in shops, supermarkets and hardware stores in and around Bethnal Green, so the stuff you need can easily be bought.

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However, unless you know precisely what you're at, it's possibly wise to hire a professional rat exterminator, who will have remedied this issue thousands of times before, and will know automatically what the most effective solution is.

On account of the risks to children and pets, the amateur use of rat poisons is not really advised, and is often not effective in any case. If uncertain, get in touch with the professionals for your rat control in Bethnal Green.

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Bethnal Green rat catchers will likely help you with rat proofing, domestic rat control, dead bird removal, the removal of contaminated loft insulation, restaurant pest control, rat extermination in Bethnal Green, wildlife management, pest control for fleas, bird nest clearing, garden pest control, ultrasonic pest control, rodent control, rat deterrents in Bethnal Green, environmental pest control, bird proofing, rat control, rat removal, ant pest control, commercial rat control Bethnal Green, dead animal removal, rat prevention, wasp nest removal, rat catching, emergency 24 hour pest control, rat poison, fox pest control, pest control, residential pest control, bird dropping clearing, mouse control and other pest control in Bethnal Green. These are just a small portion of the tasks that are undertaken by people specialising in pest control. Bethnal Green companies will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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Also find: Hackney Wick rat catchers, Tower Hamlets rat catchers, Arden Estate rat catchers, Fish Island rat catchers, Hackney rat catchers, City of London rat catchers, Whitmore Estate rat catchers, Haggerston rat catchers, Mile End rat catchers, Bromley by Bow rat catchers, Globe Town rat catchers, Limehouse rat catchers, Whitechapel rat catchers, Stepney rat catchers, Shadwell rat catchers and more. Pest control services are available in all of these villages and towns. Their extensive expertise and knowledge enable these professionals to efficiently and effectively tackle your rat problem. These professional pest controllers are equipped with both the skills and tools needed to swiftly and effectively tackle any issue, from a single rat to a full-blown infestation. If you're a local homeowner looking to obtain competitive and accurate pest control quotes tailored to your specific needs, you just have to click here. Being plagued by rats? Get a quote today, and don't delay!

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