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Bedford Rat Catchers (MK40): Though it is not that commonplace at present, seeing a rat in your garden or house in Bedford isn't really a pleasing experience. Just one rat sighting shouldn't be that much of a concern, however, if you witness rats more frequently or see more than one you might be heading for trouble as they tend to reproduce so rapidly.

While neither of the two kinds of rat at present found in the UK are natives of these islands, they've unquestionably become well established. The brown rat is particularly common (hence its name) while the ship (black) rat isn't so much nowadays. Both of these breeds originated from Asia and got to the British Isles aboard ships.

Rat Catchers Bedford MK40

The largest and heaviest of the two rat species is the common brown at approximately nine inches, whilst the black only measures 5-7" long. To wear down their continuously growing incisors, brown rats need to keep on gnawing at things, which is the reason they cause so much damage and destruction. Their interest is often focused on objects made from timber.

Rats gnaw their way through insulation, pipes, woodwork and wires, leave behind droppings, transmit diseases, and are basically troublesome in homes and businesses throughout Bedford. Home owners should report any sightings of rats to the relevant local authority. Also you can report rat and pest problems on the .gov web page HERE.

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You do not necessarily have to see rats to confirm that they're there, since there are quite a lot of signs which may betray their presence. Its possible you may come across holes chewed in floorboards or skirting boards, you may hear scratching coming from a loft, floor or wall, you may find a rat's nest in some hidden location or you could start seeing droppings on floors or in cupboards.

If you're going to have this situation remedied properly you have to speak to a specialist. You could either contact your local authority or bring in a professional Bedford rat catcher or pest controller for yourself. In centuries past, rat catchers used to be precisely that, but today they're called pest control experts and won't just be capable of helping you manage rat problems but also ants, cockroaches, mice, moles, wasps and more.

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Rat Poisons: To some, a horrible technique for eliminating rat infestations is by using poison. Wheat grains are laced using a poisonous substance and strategically left for the rats to consume, it then takes them a few days to die. The placement of the poison is crucial and can lead to the failure or success of this process. Typically brodifacoum, bromadioline or difenacoum are among the poisons used. You need to be very careful to keep these poisons out of reach of dogs, cats and other pets. Brands of rat poison in the British Isles include: RatKil, Propest, Rentokil, Pest Expert, Elixir Gardens and Roshield. (Tags: Rat Poison Bedford, Rat Poisons Bedford)

Problems With Moles: Various rat catchers in Bedford will also help with moles. Moles may cause issues in different ways to rats and aren't disliked quite so much. Gardens and lawns are the biggest things at risk if you've got a mole problem. The sight of heaps of earth scattered all over a nicely manicured lawn are plain evidence of mole activity. The favorite and humane technique to stop moles is by using traps.

Kinds of Rat

You'll only ever run into two kinds of rat in Bedford, Bedfordshire or anywhere in Great Britain. They're the Brown Rat and the Black Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus):

In Bedford, the rest of Great Britain and Europe the most common species of rat is the brown rat (street rat, common rat, sewer rat or Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)), this is the kind you will sometimes see in your garden or property. The brown rat (it can often be grey) is typically 4 to 9 inches in length (excluding the tail) and weighs in at 140 - 500 grammes. It is almost always found wherever human beings are living. While at one time thought to have originated from Norway, it's now known to have initially come from China/Central Asia. Brown rats dig extensive burrows and climb well, they have poor eyesight but excellent hearing, the female rats can give birth to 5 litters each year, they consume more or less anything (they are omniverous) but favour grain cereals.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat):

The black rat, roof rat or ship rat is also not native to Great Britain, arriving from Southeast Asia. Possibly traveling in spice shipments at the time of the Roman Empire, the black rat eventually spread throughout Continental Europe. The black rat was at one time a common sight in the British Isles but was essentially driven out by the brown rat and is now fairly rare. Weighing only 75 to 230 grams, the black rat grows to a length of around five to seven inches. Notorious for causing diseases black rats are often responsible for typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, salmonella, bubonic plague, trichinosis, listeria, rat bite fever and Weil's disease.

Signs of Rats: There are various ways that you can tell if you have rats. If you've got a notion that there may be rats in your business or home you should watch for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls, be on the lookout for tunnels or burrows alongside solid surfaces, search for footprints or tail trails in dusty areas, check for gnaw marks in wood, cables and wires, particularly in attics, listen closely for scratching noises coming from walls and lofts, especially at nighttime, keep your eyes open for droppings, they look similar to large grains of rice and are dark brown.

Rat Burrows: When you have rats living in the garden, the chances are that there will be a burrow somewhere. Rats love to dig and burrow and they frequently do this next to and under solid objects or structures such as garage foundations, terraces, shed bases and walkways. These are the places to check out if you think there might be rats nesting there. These are not just simple holes, but rather substantial networks of burrows, built to use as shelter, a nesting place and food storage. Look out for holes with smooth sides, which may have been polished by the constant motion of these busy little pests. When you discover holes but are not certain if they are made by rats, they'll typically be two to four inches across. Toss some stuff into the entrance hole and check back the following day to find out whether it has been shifted. This should show if rats are still about.

Of course rats and rodents are not only a problem in Bedford itself, they're just as likely to show up in Stevington, Wixams, Cople, Bromham, Cardington, Elstow, Biddenham, Oakley, Cotton End, Shortstown, Fenlake, Willington, Brickhill, Goldington, Stagsden, South End, Clapham, Kempston, Harrowden and similar Bedfordshire locations.

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When you've got a problem with rats in Bedford you might be tempted to try to resolve it yourself - and needless to say many people in Bedford do just that. By looking in shops, supermarkets and hardware stores in and around Bedford, it is relatively simple to acquire rat poisons, rat traps and other products. Nonetheless, unless you know precisely what you are doing, it is probably a good idea to use an experienced rat exterminator, who'll have handled this problem thousands of times previously, and will automatically know what the perfect solution is. Because of the dangers to children and pets, the rookie's use of rat poisons isn't advised, and is often not effective in any case. If in doubt, get in touch with the professionals for your rat control needs in Bedford. (Tags: Rat Exterminators Bedford, Rat Removal Bedford, Rat Control Bedford)

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