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Yate Rat Catchers Contractors (BS37): While it isn't so commonplace at present, spotting a rat in your house or garden in Yate isn't really a pleasant thing to go through. A single sighting of a rat shouldn't be too much of an issue, nevertheless, if you witness rats more frequently or see several rats you might be in for trouble because they tend to reproduce so rapidly.

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Although neither of the two rat types currently found in Great Britain are natives of these shores, they've definitely made themselves at home. The brown rat is particularly common (hence its name) while the black (ship) rat is not so much these days. Both species fled from Asia and arrived in Great Britain on ships.

Brown rats are larger than black rats weighing in at half a kilogram and reaching lengths of nearly 9 inches. To stop their teeth from getting too long, brown rats have to keep on gnawing at things, which explains why they cause so much damage and destruction. Woodwork is especially more prone to their attention.

An infestation of rats will lead to all sorts of problems for home owners and businesses throughout Yate, they gnaw through woodwork, wires, insulation and pipes, spread diseases, leave droppings, and get up to all sorts of mischief. Property owners ought to report incidences of rats to their relevant local authority. Or even report pest and rat problems on the .gov website HERE, to be forwarded to your local authority.

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It isn't always by appearance alone that you will become aware of the existence of rats, their behaviour is often enough to enlighten you. It could be that you could notice droppings on floors or in cupboards, you might come upon a rat's nest hidden away, you might observe distinctive rat holes gnawed in floorboards or skirting boards or you could hear scratching noises coming from a wall, loft or floor.

To remedy this issue there are several routes you might consider. You could put poison or traps down yourself, you could track down a rat catcher or you can get hold of your local Yate authorities. Way back in the past, rat catchers were exactly that, however nowadays they tend to be called pest control experts and won't only be happy to help you sort out getting rid of rats but also resolving problems with mice, ants, moles, cockroaches, wasps and much more. (Tags: Rat Catchers Yate, Pest Control Yate )

Rat Poison

One somewhat unpleasant way to cure a rat infestation is to use poison. This is accomplished by setting a bait laced with poison, which is subsequently eaten by a rat leading to its death within a few days. When set in the appropriate location in or near a rat infested area, the poison can fairly swiftly exterminate a large population of rats. Lethal ingredients which are used in rat poisons include: difenacoum, brodifacoum or bromadioline. Rat poison won't just kill rats, pets are also at risk, so extreme care needs to be taken in its use. Brands of rat poison sold in the British Isles include: Pest Expert, Propest, Roshield, Elixir Gardens, Rentokil and RatKil.

Have You Got Rats?

There are a number of ways by which you can find out if you've got rats. When you've got your suspicions that there might be rats in your home or business you should search for signs of tail trails or footprints on loose soil or in dusty areas, look out for tunnels or burrows alongside solid surfaces, keep your eyes peeled for faeces (droppings), they look much like large grains of rice and are darkish brown, watch for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks, pay attention to gnawing in wood, cables and wires, particularly in lofts, listen for continual scratching noises coming from walls and lofts, in particular at night.


Burrowing and digging is one thing that rats really like to do and its next to solid structures and objects such as shed bases, garages, patios and pathways where they mainly prefer to dig. Providing nesting, shelter and food storage, rat burrows are excavated into extensive systems which can even cause damage if they remain unchecked. A guaranteed indication of a rat burrow is often a smooth sided hole adjacent to a solid structure, where the comings and goings of furry animals have rubbed and polished the entrance hole. When you spot holes but are not positive that they're made by rats, they'll commonly be approximately two to four inches across. A good way to discover if rats are still living in the burrow is to throw some debris into the burrow entrance and see if it has been removed the next day.

Reporting Rats

The following is a little more information on a subject we discussed further up the page. It is always advisable to inform the local authority Environmental Health Department if you discover rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public space. Occasionally local authorities provide a cost-free service for rat problems but charges are typically made for most other unwelcome pests for instance cockroaches, bed bugs and wasps. It's also actually possible to report rats on the Government (.gov) website which you can find HERE. To get the problem taken care of speedily schedule a rat catcher HERE.

Not surprisingly rats and rodents are not just a problem in Yate itself, you might also come across them in Hawkesbury, Winterbourne, Downend, Coalpit Heath, Kingswood, Frampton Common, Horton, Frampton Cotterell, Chipping Sodbury, Engine Common, Iron Acton, Rangeworthy, Old Sodbury, Westerleigh, Tytherington and some other places nearby.

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