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Polesworth Rat Catchers Contractors (B78): Even though its not really a common occurrence in Polesworth nowadays, homeowners do still have trouble with rats occasionally. Seeing a rat in your house or garden is not a pleasant experience, and would be sufficient to give some people the shivers. Lone rats should not create much of a problem, however rats tend to reproduce rapidly and may cause issues as soon as their numbers rise.

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There are two types of rat that you might encounter in Polesworth, brown (or common) rats and black rats. It is rather unlikely that you will ever come across a black rat, and if you've stumbled upon a rat recently chances are it'll have been the more common brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (or ship rats) were once common and were the cause of the Great Plague, they're quite scarce nowadays, but when they are found they've got good hearing, are terrific climbers, and can give birth to between 20 and 100 offspring every 12 months.

The black rat (Rattus Rattus) at 5-7 inches long, is a little smaller than the common brown rat, which reaches lengths of almost nine inches and weighs in at close to half a kilo. The majority of the destruction caused by brown rats is because to keep their incisors from getting too much, they must constantly chew on stuff. Wooden items are especially susceptible to their attention.

Rats may cause an assortment of issues in businesses and homes around Polesworth and they gnaw their way through wires, woodwork, pipes and insulation, leave droppings, transmit disease, and are basically problematic. The local authorities should be informed when there are any frequent sightings of rats. Or alternatively post a report to record pest and rat sightings on the .gov website HERE, that will be forwarded to your local authority.

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You may not necessarily have to see rats to know of that they're there, because there are plenty of signs which can betray their activity. Perhaps you might find a rat's nest in some out of the way location, you may discover droppings on floors or in cupboards, you might spot rat holes gnawed into floorboards or skirtings or you may hear scratching noises coming from a loft, wall or floor.

Unless you want to wait for the local authorities to remedy your rat problem you could also speak to a local Polesworth rat catcher or pest controller who'll be competent in the business of pest removal. These days rat catchers usually come under the umbrella category of pest control, and pest control services don't only remove rats but in addition wasps, fleas, moles, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice and many other kinds of garden and household pests.

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Rat Prevention Polesworth

Discouraging rats even before they show up is certainly an effective way to avoid such issues. For this reason, rat prevention should be something to keep in mind even though you don't currently have rat problems. Among the major reasons behind rat and rodent infestations is household rubbish littering gardens. Providing them with both the materials and place for nests will achieve nothing but attract them. If there's also loads of food on offer your rats imagine they are in paradise, so keep in mind that many bird seed feeders often attract rats, particularly when they are vulnerable to overflowing, and household food waste should never be accessible.

Rat Traps Polesworth

Rat Cage Rat traps are amongst the more effective techniques for dealing with a rat issue, whether you are taking care of it yourself or calling the experts in. These days there are several different sorts of rat traps to choose from, providing you with a range of capture solutions. Folks who hate to see animals of any sort hurt, will surely choose the capture style. Available kinds of rat trap include the likes of: enclosed poison traps, cage traps, electronic rat traps and spring loaded bait traps.

Problems With Moles

Polesworth rat catchers are also often called on to manage another similar type of pest, ie moles. Certainly not such detested critters, moles bring about completely different problems to rats. The main issue with moles is that they'll cause quite a bit of damage to your garden, particularly to your lawn. Evidence of their activity can be clearly spotted in the shape of randomly scattered heaps of earth on neatly mowed lawns. The favorite and most humane technique to get rid of moles is by using traps. (Tags: Molecatchers Polesworth, Mole Trapping Polesworth)

Spotting Rats

If you've got a notion that you might have rats in your business or property, there are several ways by which you'll be able to tell. You can watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirting boards and walls, check for gnawing in cables, wires and wood, particularly in lofts, look out for burrows or tunnels close to solid objects, hunt for signs of footprints or tail trails in dusty areas or on loose soil, listen for constant scratching noises coming from roofs and walls, in particular at nighttime, keep your eyes peeled for faeces, they're darkish brown and look much like large grains of rice.


When you have rats appearing in your garden, the probabilities are there's going to be a burrow somewhere. Rats love to burrow and they mostly excavate them beside solid objects or structures like paths, patios, garden sheds and garages. These are the locations to check out if you believe there could be rats about. They dig out substantial burrow networks which provide them with food storage, shelter and nesting places. A guaranteed sign of a rat burrow is a hole with smooth sides near to a solid surface, where the comings and goings of furry creatures have rubbed and polished the entrance. The entrances to rat burrows are generally about two to four inches across. A great way to learn if rats are still living in the burrow is to chuck a bit of rubbish into the burrow and see whether it's been removed the following day.

Problems With Mice

Possibly considered by many people to be not as distressing as rats, discovering mice inside your house can lead to just as many concerns. While much smaller, mice will still leave droppings, breed rapidly, gnaw at things and contaminate food. Also, like with rats, poisoning and trapping are the favourite methods for solving mouse problems in Polesworth. Polesworth rat catchers will also be glad to assist you with mouse infestations, so contact one or check out RATED PEOPLE and get the problem resolved.

Needless to say mice and rats aren't just a problem in Polesworth itself, you may also come across them in Shuttington, Orton on the Hill, Dordon, Warton, Baddesley Ensor, Bradley Green, Wilnecote, Grendon, Birchmoor, Tamworth, Glascote, Hockley, Amington, St Helena, Sheepy Magna and similar locations nearby.

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Having a rat problem in Polesworth is something that everyone dreads, and when you find yourself in this scenario, you may have the urge to try to resolve it on your own. Rat poisons, rat traps and other products are available in supermarkets, hardware stores and shops in the Polesworth area, so the stuff you need can easily be acquired. An expert rat exterminator in Polesworth is however the preferred person for the job, because ridding yourself of rats isn't necessarily as simple as you may suppose. The newcomer's use of rat poisons will likely do more harm than good, since you must be exceptionally careful with them especially when pets and children are around. If uncertain, call in the professionals for your rat control needs in Polesworth.

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