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Malvern Rat Catchers Contractors (WR13 and WR14): Seeing a rat in your garden or even inside your home tends to be rather an alarming thing to experience even though its not such a frequent occurrence in Malvern in recent times, it is definitely not unusual. Rats breed fairly quickly and can cause issues, especially when they are present in numbers. A single incidence of a lone rat probably won't be all that much of a concern, but if you happen to be observing them regularly make sure you do something about it.

Rat Catchers Malvern WR13 and WR14

Although neither of the two sorts of rat at present seen in the British Isles are native to these shores, they have unquestionably thrived since they arrived here. The brown rat is particularly widespread whilst the ship (black) rat is not so much nowadays. Both of these species escaped from Asia and made their way to the UK as stowaways on boats.

The black rat at 5" to 7" long, is a bit smaller than the brown variety, which reaches a length of almost 9" and weighs in at close to half a kilogram. Brown rats can cause problems because they need to constantly chew on stuff to prevent their teeth from growing too much. Their interest is usually concentrated on items that's made out of timber.

Rat infestations lead to a lot of problems for home or business owners in and around Malvern, they will gnaw their way through insulation, woodwork, pipes and wires, spread disease, leave droppings, and build nests. The local council should really be advised when there are any sightings of rats. Or post a report recording pest problems and rat sightings on the .gov website HERE, that will be passed onto your local authorities.

Pest Control in Malvern

You may not really need to observe rats to confirm that they are there, because there are a lot of telltale signs which may alert you to their activity. Perhaps you might hear scratching coming from a loft, floor or wall, you might come across rat holes gnawed in floorboards or skirtings, you might find droppings on the floor or in cupboards or you could find a rat's nest hidden away somewhere.

If you do not want to wait around for the local authorities to solve this rat infestation it's also possible to contact a local Malvern pest controller or rat catcher who will be competent in the field of pest removal. In the world today rat catchers usually come under the umbrella of pest management, and pest control companies don't only remove rats but in addition bedbugs, wasps, moles, fleas, cockroaches, mice and all manner of garden and household pests.

Rat Poisons

One of the means by which to remedy a rat issue is to put down poison. A rat dies just a few days after ingesting poisoned bait, generally wheat. The location of the poison bait is very important and can be responsible for the success or failure of this process. The substances that are widely-used in rat poison includes: brodifacoum, bromadioline or difenacoum. Pets and birds might also be harmed as a result of rat poison, so use caution. Rat poison brands made in the United Kingdom include the likes of: Elixir Gardens, Roshield, Rentokil, Pest Expert, Propest and RatKil. (Tags: Rat Poison Malvern, Rat Poisons Malvern)

Mole Problems

Whilst nowhere near such a common pest nowadays moles may also be controlled by rat catchers. Responsible for completely different problems to rats, moles aren't quite as detested. Gardens and lawns are mainly at risk if you've got a mole situation. Proof of their destructive activity can be clearly seen in the shape of scattered mounds of earth on neatly maintained lawns. Moles can be captured in traps and then released somewhere else, if you favour the most humane method.

Checking for Rats

There are a number of ways by which you can find out when you've got rats. If you've got an idea that there may be rats in your home or business you can keep your eyes open for rat droppings, they look much like large grains of rice and are dark brown in colour, watch for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks, listen out for scratching noises emanating from attics and walls, particularly at night, pay attention to gnawing in wood, wires and cables, especially in lofts, be on the lookout for burrows or holes adjacent to solid objects, search for footprints or tail trails in dusty areas.


A thing that rats like to do is dig burrows, and the location where they most like to do it is beside solid structures and objects such as walkways, terraces, shed bases and garages. These are often not straightforward holes in the ground, but extensive systems of burrows, designed to use as food storage, shelter and nesting. A sure sign of a rat burrow is usually a smooth sided hole close to a solid surface, where the motion of hairy critters have polished and rubbed the entrance. Normally 2-4 inches across, burrow entrances are not hard to recognize. You can find out if rats are using it by temporarily blocking up the entrance hole to see if they come back and remove it.

Problems With Mice in Malvern

Mice can be nearly as much of a problem as rats, particularly if they find their way into your property. Mice, like rats, gnaw at things, breed rapidly, contaminate foodstuffs and leave droppings. Much the same approaches are usually employed to clear up mouse problems in Malvern, this means that setting traps and poisoning are preferred. Malvern rat catchers can also help you with mice infestations, so contact one or go to RATED PEOPLE and get the problem resolved.

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