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Viewpark Rat Catchers (G71): Even though it isn't that commonplace at present, seeing a rat in your garden or home in Viewpark isn't really a nice thing to experience. One single sighting of a rat might not be too much of a concern, nonetheless, if you spot rats more frequently or notice more than one you could soon be heading for trouble because they reproduce so quickly.

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There are two sorts of rat which you might run into in Viewpark, common (brown) rats and black rats. It is rather unlikely that you will ever see black rats, and if you have stumbled upon a rat just recently its likely to have been the more widespread brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (ship rats) were once common and were blamed for the Great Plague during the 17th Century, they are rather scarce now, although where they are seen they are amazing climbers, have an acute sense of hearing, and can produce between 20 and 100 offspring in just one year.

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The black rat (Rattus Rattus) at 5-7 inches, is a bit smaller than the brown, which reaches a length of almost 9 inches and weighs close to half a kilo. Most of the damage attributable to brown rats is down to the fact that to keep their incisors from growing too much, they have to continuously chew on things. Wooden items are particularly more prone to this attention.

Rats transmit diseases, leave behind droppings, gnaw through insulation, pipes, woodwork and wires, and are typically problematic in businesses and households throughout Viewpark. Property holders must always report incidences of rats to the local authority. Or alternatively go HERE to report incidences of rats and other pest problems on the .gov website online.

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You will sometimes notice the existence of rats not by in fact observing them, but by their indicating their activity by other means. Its possible you might hear noises coming from a loft, floor or wall, you could find a rat's nest in some concealed location, you might observe distinctive rat holes chewed into skirtings or floorboards or you might detect droppings on floors or in cupboards.

Unless you want to wait for the local environmental health authority to remedy this rat infestation you can also call in local Viewpark pest controller or rat catcher who'll be knowledgeable in the art of pest removal. In the world today rat catchers commonly come under the umbrella of pest management, and pest elimination experts not only control rats but in addition mice, fleas, wasps, moles, bedbugs, cockroaches and all kinds of garden and domestic pests.

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Rat catching and pest control can be carried out in Viewpark and also in: Carfin, Fallside, Broomhouse, Tannochside Park, Bothwell, Calderbank, Newhouse, Carnbroe, Chapelhall, Cleland, Forgewood, Mossend, Holytown, together with these postcodes G71 5DZ, G71 6PN, G71 6NF, G71 6HD, G71 6HQ, G71 5BG, G71 6LG, G71 5HP, G71 5NG, and G71 5HH. Locally based Viewpark rat catchers will probably have the postcode G71 and the telephone code Dialling code 01698.

Mole Problems

Although not such a common issue nowadays moles are sometimes handled by rat catchers. Certainly not such disliked creatures, moles cause totally different issues than rats. It is out in the garden where you may have problems with moles, and lawns specifically are susceptible. Proof of their destructive activity can be plainly spotted in the form of scattered piles of earth on beautifully trimmed lawns. The preferred and humane strategy to stop moles is by capturing with traps.

Mouse Problems Viewpark

Mice may be just as much of an issue as rats, especially if they get inside your property. While not as large, mice are still going to breed rapidly, gnaw at things, contaminate food and leave droppings. The resolution to mouse problems in Viewpark are pretty much the same as those used with rats ie poisoning and trapping. When you've got an infestation of mice, Viewpark rat catchers will be glad to help clear up this problem. Pay a visit to BARK and track down a pest control specialist near you.

Kinds of Rat

You are only going to run into two kinds of rat in Viewpark or anywhere in the United Kingdom. They're the Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat

The most widespread rat present in Great Britain, and also in Europe, is the brown rat (street rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), common rat or sewer rat). The brown rat (it can sometimes be grey in colour) is normally four to nine inches long (without the tail) and weighs 140-500g. It is invariably found wherever people are living. Nowadays thought to have originated in Central Asia, the brown rat was at one time assumed to have arrived from Norway (hence its name). Brown rats have excellent hearing but bad eyesight, they burrow a lot and climb effectively, they are omnivores but have a preference for cereal grains, the females will reproduce five litters of up to Fourteen a year.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Also not a native species of the UK, the black rat, ship rat or roof rat originally arrived in Europe from Southeast Asia (most likely India). Believed to have spread in Roman times, this rat very likely reached Continental Europe and the UK in cargoes of spices. The black rat was once common in the British Isles however was essentially replaced by the brown rat and now is fairly uncommon. This rat grows to lengths of 5" to 7" a weight of 75-230g. Known to pass on bubonic plague, typhus, rat bite fever, Weil's disease, listeria, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, tularemia and trichinosis, black rats are notorious spreaders of pathogens and disease.

What Attracts Rats?

With their fur covered bodies, pointy faces and twitchy whiskers, some folk might find mice and rats to be cute, however they are certainly not the type of creatures that you want living in your home or garden in Viewpark, and can actually be more dangerous than you'd believe. Mice and rats are known to cause fires and other problems around the home by nibbling through plastic, skirting boards, electrical wiring and insulation materials. Over thirty different sorts of disease are spread by mice and rats including bubonic plague, typhus, rat bite fever, Weil's disease, listeria, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, tularemia and trichinosis. A variety of different things will attract mice and rats to your home or garden including:

  • WATER - Busy rats and mice need to drink, which means that water sources such as seeping sprinkler systems, leaking pipes, birdbaths and pet bowls are a big enticement for these unwanted pests.
  • TRASH - Accumulations of junk and garden rubbish piled up on your property (particularly in the garden) will unquestionably attract rodents.
  • FOOD - Food that is left lying around or discarded is perhaps the main attraction for rats and mice.
  • ENTRY POINTS AND HOLES - Mice and rats can crawl through the tiniest of holes and cracks, so be on the lookout for spaces around crawl spaces, pipework, entrances and vents.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Surprisingly heaps of compost and even pet waste can be attractive to mice and rats - they'll find a few tasty titbits hiding in there!
  • CLUTTER - General clutter in an attic, garden shed or cellar will be particularly attractive to mice and rats, especially if there is a food source close by.


Digging and burrowing is a thing that rats really love to do and its next to and under solid objects or structures like terraces, garden shed bases, paths and garage foundations that they predominantly like to dig. They dig out extensive burrow networks that provide nesting places, shelter and food storage. Keep an eye out for holes with smooth edges, that have been rubbed by the steady comings and goings of these busy little creatures. Typically approximately two to four inches across, burrow entrances are not hard to recognize. You can check if rats are there by temporarily blocking the entrance hole to ascertain if they return and remove it.

Rat Poison

A more horrible means by which to eradicate rat infestations is by poisoning. Wheat grains are laced using a poisoned substance and strategically left for the rats to ingest, it then takes them a few days to perish. When it is placed in the optimal spot in or near an area where rats have been spotted, poison can fairly rapidly kill a large population of rats. Usually brodifacoum, bromadioline or difenacoum are among the poisons used. Be extremely careful to keep this away from cats and dogs. Rat poison brands sold in Viewpark include: RatKil, Elixir Gardens, Roshield, Pest Expert, Rentokil and Propest. (Tags: Rat Poison Viewpark, Rat Poisons Viewpark)

Ultrasonic Pest Control Viewpark

Using high-frequency sound waves to repel and deter pests, including rats, insects, mice, and other critters, is what ultrasonic pest control is all about. By emitting sound waves that are above the human hearing range but within the audible range of pests, the technology functions. The sound waves create a disorienting and uncomfortable atmosphere for pests, which challenges their navigation and communication abilities.

While ultrasonic pest control gadgets are cheap and straightforward to use, their effectiveness is a subject of debate. The effectiveness of these devices in repelling pests is uncertain, with some studies indicating success for specific pests while others showing little or no impact. The efficiency of ultrasonic pest control can fluctuate depending on factors such as the species of pest, the treated area's size, and environmental variables. When selecting a pest control procedure, it is essential to explore all options and seek expert guidance before making a decision.... READ MORE.

Rat Prevention Viewpark

It is essential to prevent rats to keep your property and home safe from health risks and damage. Ensure that all foodstuffs are securely stored in airtight containers to start with. Since rats and mice are attracted to easy meals, maintaining a clean kitchen area without food scraps or crumbs is essential. Ensure that bins are emptied regularly and pet food is securely stored.

Rat Prevention Viewpark

An important step in preventing rats is the sealing of entry points. Search your home for any cracks, gaps or holes that rats could use to gain access. Focus especially on the areas around pipes, vents and doors. As rats can readily chew through many popular sealing materials, block these potential entry points with materials like caulk or wire wool.

A tidy and clean environment outside your Viewpark property or home is essential to preventing rats. To prevent rats from nesting, keep your garden or backyard free of rubbish, including piles of wood or leaves. Trim back any overgrown vegetation and ensure that compost heaps are covered up. If your garden has fruit trees, make sure you promptly pick up any fallen fruit. By following these steps, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a rat infestation in and around your home or property in Viewpark. (Rat Prevention Viewpark)

General Pest Control in Viewpark

Maintaining a pest-free environment and safeguarding your property and health necessitate the implementation of general pest control. It encompasses the prevention and management of everyday pests, including rats, ants, spiders, flies and cockroaches. Helpful pest control steps include frequent inspections, sealing potential entry points, maintaining cleanliness, correct waste management, and using traps or insecticides when necessary. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques place emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable approaches, aiming to reduce chemical usage. The implementation of comprehensive pest control techniques empowers individuals in Viewpark to establish a working or living environment that is safer and healthier for themselves and those around them. These strategies ensure pest-free surroundings in the long term by not only addressing existing issues with pests but also serving as a proactive defense against future infestations. (52599 - General Pest Control Viewpark)


When you have a rat problem in Viewpark you could possibly try to resolve it yourself - and naturally many folks in Viewpark do just that. Rat traps, rat poisons and other merchandise is available in shops, hardware stores and supermarkets in and around Viewpark, so the stuff you need can be easily acquired.

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An experienced rat exterminator in Viewpark is however the best person for the job, since ridding yourself of rats is not always as easy as you may imagine.

On account of the risks to pets and children, the novice's use of rat poison isn't generally advised, and it's not always successful in any case. You'd be much better off enlisting the help of an expert when you want rat control in Viewpark.

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Viewpark rat catchers will likely help you with bed bug pest control in Viewpark, ingress pest solutions, rat deterrents, the control of pests in Viewpark, guano clearing in Viewpark, pest control, rat poison, preventive pest control, rat pest control, environmental pest control, bird nest removal, pest control for fleas, fogging & spray treatments, rat infestations, mouse control, household pest control in Viewpark, anti-bird spike installation, commercial rat control Viewpark, dead animal removal, mole catching, bed bugs pest control in Viewpark, thermal imaging surveys to detect hidden infestations, rat trapping in Viewpark, wasp nest removal, the installation of pheromone stations, domestic pest control in Viewpark, domestic rat control, cockroach control, insect heat treatments, pest removal services in Viewpark and other pest control in Viewpark. These are just an example of the duties that are handled by those installing pest control. Viewpark professionals will be happy to tell you about their whole range of pest control services.

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Also find: Cleland rat catchers, Forgewood rat catchers, Carnbroe rat catchers, Mossend rat catchers, Holytown rat catchers, Broomhouse rat catchers, Newhouse rat catchers, Bothwell rat catchers, Chapelhall rat catchers, Carfin rat catchers, Fallside rat catchers, Calderbank rat catchers, Tannochside Park rat catchers and more. There are people who do pest control in practically all of these towns and areas. These seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring they tackle your rat issue effectively and efficiently. Whether you're dealing with a solitary rat or a larger infestation, these pest control specialists have the skills and tools needed to resolve the situation quickly. Local homeowners can get quotations by going here. Being plagued by rats? Don't delay - get a quote today!

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