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South Elmsall Rat Catchers (WF9): Spotting a rat in your house or garden could be quite an unsettling thing to experience and whilst it's not so frequent an occurrence in South Elmsall nowadays, it is definitely something that does happen. Rats tend to breed rather quickly and can cause issues, especially when there are a lot of them. An individual sighting of a solitary rat probably won't be much of a problem, but if you're seeing them regularly make sure you take action.

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If you notice rats in South Elmsall, the chances are that they are going to be brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus), even though there are in fact two species of rat at present living in Great Britain; brown (or common rats) and black (ship). As you might know black rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) and at that time they were fairly widespread. Black rats are quite rare nowadays and actually neither type is native to Great Britain, both hailing from from Asia.

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Brown rats are bigger than black rats weighing in at half a kilogram and reaching a length of nearly 9 inches. To wear down their constantly growing incisors, brown rats must keep chewing things, and that's why they are responsible for so much damage and destruction. Their attention is frequently targeting objects that's made out of timber.

Rats leave behind droppings, gnaw their way through woodwork, insulation, pipes and wires, transmit diseases, and are typically problematic in businesses and homes in South Elmsall. The local authority should really be notified when there are any sightings of rats. Additionally you can report rat problems on the .gov web page HERE.

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It is not purely by sight that you'll become aware of the presence of rats, their habits are sometimes quite enough to give warning. Perhaps you could hear noises coming from a loft, wall or floor, you could uncover a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you could observe rat holes chewed in skirting boards or floorboards or you may notice droppings on floor surfaces or in cupboards.

To take care of this situation there are several approaches you could consider. You could put traps or poison down yourself, you could find a pest removal expert or you can contact the local South Elmsall authority or council. Nowadays rat catchers commonly come under the category of pest control, and pest control companies do not only deal with rats but also moles, fleas, bedbugs, mice, wasps, cockroaches and many other kinds of garden and domestic pests.

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Diseases Spread by Rats

Rats have been found to disseminate a variety of diseases to humans, largely through the contact with their urine, saliva and faeces. Leptospirosis, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever are diseases that rats have the ability to pass on to humans.

A severe respiratory illness that can lead to fatality can be caused by hantavirus. Rat-bite fever, which can cause vomiting, rashes and fever, can be transmitted through a rat scratch or bite due to a bacterial infection. The bacterial infection called leptospirosis can cause flu-like symptoms and, in severe cases, lead to the failure of the liver and kidneys. Symptoms such as fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea are caused by the bacterial infection salmonellosis.

Preventing and controlling rat infestations is a crucial step in reducing the risk of disease transmission. Also, the risk of disease transmission can be compounded by the contamination of water and food sources with rat droppings and urine. The implementation of effective rat control measures, including proper sanitation and rodent-proofing, can prevent and decrease the risk of rat infestations and the spread of these diseases.

Spotting Rats

If you have an idea you might have rats in your business or home, there are a variety of means by which you could find out. You should hunt for signs of tail trails or footprints in dusty areas or on loose soil, keep your eyes peeled for faeces (droppings), they're dark brown and look similar to large grains of rice, be on the lookout for burrows or tunnels adjacent to solid objects, listen for scratching noises coming from rooves and walls, in particular at night, watch for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirtings and walls, check for gnaw marks in wood, wires and cables, especially in attics.

Species of Rat

You'll only ever run across 2 sorts of rat in South Elmsall, West Yorkshire and throughout the UK. The Brown Rat and the Black Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The most common rat found in Great Britain, and also in Europe and North America, is the brown rat (sewer rat, common rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) or street rat). The brown rat (it can often be grey in colour) is normally 4-9" in length (excluding the tail) and weighs in at 140 to 500g. It is invariably found wherever human beings live. Now understood to have originated in Central Asia, it was once deemed to have spread from Norway (hence the name Rattus Norvegicus). Brown rats have good hearing but bad eyesight, they climb well and dig a lot, they're omnivores but have a preference for cereals and grains, the female rats often give birth to five litters of up to Fourteen every year.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Originating in India and Southeast Asia the black rat, ship rat or roof rat is also not a native species of the United Kingdom or Europe. It's believed to have spread to Europe in Roman times, probably traveling in cargoes of spice. Quite uncommon nowadays in Great Britain, the black rat was largely driven out by the larger brown rat. This rat gets to lengths of five to seven inches and weights of 75-230 grammes. Renowned for causing diseases black rats may be accountable for salmonella, listeria, typhus, tularemia, bubonic plague, Weil's disease, rat bite fever, trichinosis and toxoplasmosis.

Problems With Mice in South Elmsall

While not quite so upsetting as discovering rats in your garden or house, having mice could be just as much of a concern. Just like rats, mice leave droppings, gnaw at things, breed quickly, contaminate foodstuffs and are generally a pain. Also, as with rats, poisoning and trapping are the favourite methods for dealing with mouse infestations in South Elmsall. If you've got an infestation of mice, South Elmsall rat catchers will be ready to help you fix this problem. Check out BARK and get a pest control specialist in your area.

Problems With Moles

A few South Elmsall rat catchers will also help with mole problems. Responsible for totally different problems to rats, moles are certainly not quite so hated. Gardens and lawns are mainly vulnerable when you've got a mole problem. Proof of their activity can be plainly spotted in the form of randomly scattered mounds of earth on nicely maintained lawns. Moles can be captured in traps and then re-released elsewhere, if you prefer a more humane strategy.

Rat Bites

Although they are not one of the most common injuries inflicted on people in the United Kingdom, on occasion rat bites do occur, and the consequences can sometimes be grave. When cornered or scared, rats can bite humans, thus if you encounter one in a confined environment, it's advisable to leave it an exit route so it can escape.

Rat bites sometimes occur in properties where rats are kept as pets, and pushing your hand in a rat's cage is definitely an action to be wary of. While rat bites are not serious in all instances, they can become infected or be life threatening if they develop into "rat bite fever". If it's not treated rapidly "rat bite fever" has a 10% mortality rate.

Symptoms of Rat Bite Fever - "Rat bite fever" (streptobacillary RBF) can have various symptoms and signs, including:

  • Joint Pain or Swelling
  • Muscle Pain
  • Rashes
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Redness or Swelling

If are bitten by a rat you should wash the wound promptly, apply an antibiotic cream, and cover with a clean bandage or gauze. You need to book an appointment to see your GP, or head to the nearest A&E unit, even if it does not appear to be that serious. If it is more than five years since you had your last vaccination for tetanus, you should get one of those done as well, given that rat bites can easily become infected.


Burrowing is something that all rats like to do and it is alongside solid objects or structures such as garages, pathways, garden shed bases and patios that they predominantly prefer to dig. Providing them with food storage, shelter and nesting, burrows are dug into substantial networks that could even cause damage if not nipped in the bud. A sure indication of a rat burrow is usually a hole with smooth sides next to a solid structure, where the movement of hairy creatures have rubbed and polished the entrance. If you spot holes but aren't positive that they are rats, they will generally be around two to four inches in diameter. An effective way to discover if rats are still in that specific burrow is to chuck a bit of debris into the burrow and see if it's been cleared away the next day.

What Attracts Rats and Mice?

While some folks in South Elmsall may think that they are cute with their pointy faces, fur covered bodies and twitching whiskers, mice and rats are certainly not creatures that you want living in your house or garden, and they can even be dangerous to have around. Rats and mice can cause damage to your home by chewing through insulation materials, plastic, electrical wires and skirting boards, and are frequently to blame for fires and other issues. Spreading the likes of salmonella, listeria, typhus, tularemia, bubonic plague, Weil's disease, rat bite fever, trichinosis and toxoplasmosis, mice and rats can cause more than 30 different kinds of disease. A variety of different things will attract rats and mice to your home or garden including:

  • RUBBISH - Accumulations of junk and garden waste heaped up on your property (especially in the garden) will attract rodents.
  • FOOD - Food that is left lying around or discarded is one of the main attractions for mice and rats.
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Mice and rats can crawl through the tiniest of holes, so keep an eye out for spaces around crawl spaces, doors, pipes and grills.
  • CLUTTER - General jumble and clutter in an outbuilding, cellar or attic will be particularly attractive to rats and mice, particularly if there's a food source nearby.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Remarkably pet waste and even piles of compost can attract mice and rats - there are likely to be some tasty titbits hidden in there!
  • WATER - Busy little rats and mice need to drink like any other living creature, so sources of water such as birdbaths, leaky pipes, seeping sprinkler systems and pet bowls are a big enticement for these unwelcome pests.

Reporting Rats and Pests

Here is a bit more information on a subject that we mentioned further up the page. The Environmental Health is where you should report it should you notice rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public place. With regards to rats this is sometimes a cost-free service, though you'll normally be charged for other pest infestations for example bed bugs, wasps and cockroaches. You can head over to the .gov webpage HERE to report rats. To get things sorted out speedily book a rat catcher HERE.

General Pest Control in South Elmsall

General pest control is a crucial service that includes a wide range of preventive and remedial measures aimed at managing and eradicating common pests in public, domestic and commercial spaces in South Elmsall. It is a crucial part of maintaining the safety, comfort and health of residents and workers, protecting property, and ensuring the overall well-being of local communities.

"General pest control" is a vital service that protects homes, public areas and businesses from various pests. Such pests encompass a diverse array, including rodents like mice and rats, insects like ants, cockroaches and bedbugs, and other nuisance pests such as spiders, silverfish and flies.

Pest control is mainly concerned with preventing pest infestations. This is achieved through proactive measures, like maintaining cleanliness, regular inspections and pest-proofing. By identifying potential entry points and addressing conditions that attract pests, such as water sources or food debris, businesses and householders in South Elmsall can significantly reduce the risk of pest problems.

Pest infiltration warrants the effective and prompt attention of general pest control services. Pest control experts are trained to identify the specific pest species, determine the extent of the infestation, and devise a tailored strategy for eradication. Pest elimination is achieved through a variety of methods and techniques, such as insecticide applications, baiting, exclusion measures and trapping.

Furthermore, general pest control involves the humane capture and relocation of wildlife, such as bats, birds and squirrels, which can infiltrate properties and pose issues with health and safety. Pest control professionals employ eco-friendly and ethical practices to ensure the safe relocation of wildlife to their native habitats, reducing the likelihood of harm to both humans and animals.

Employed frequently in general pest control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) represents an environmentally responsible and sustainable approach. IPM prioritises the use of non-chemical methods whenever possible, such as sealing potential points of entry, implementing sanitation practices, and employing biological controls like natural predators. Chemical treatments are applied carefully and in adherence to regulations to reduce their impact on both non-target species and the environment. (33117 - General Pest Control South Elmsall)


Property owners with a rat problem in South Elmsall are occasionally tempted to have a shot at solving it for themselves. So, if this happens to you, what should you do? By looking around shops, hardware stores and supermarkets in and around South Elmsall, it is not too difficult to acquire rat poisons, rat traps and other similar merchandise.

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Retaining the services of a competent South Elmsall rat exterminator would however be a better idea, unless of course you know exactly what you're doing, seeing that the right strategy is not always the most obvious one.

The newcomer's use of rat poison will likely do more harm than good, as you've got to be incredibly cautious with them especially when children and pets are around. If you know what is best for you, always bring in a professional rat control service in South Elmsall for a solution to your rat problems.

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