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Shrewsbury Rat Catchers (SY1): Even though it's not such a frequent occurrence nowadays in Shrewsbury, homeowners still have issues with rats every so often. Spotting a rat in your garden or inside your home is not a great experience, and could be enough to cause some people the shakes. Single rats don't really cause that much of a problem, however rats tend to reproduce rapidly and will cause issues when their numbers rise.

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If you do spot rats in Shrewsbury, the probability is that they'll be common brown rats, even though there are in fact two sorts of rat currently living in Great Britain; brown (common rats) and black (ship). As you may know ship rats were responsible for the Great Plague (17th C) during which period they were really common. Black rats are quite scarce nowadays and actually neither breed is native to Great Britain, both hailing from from Asia.

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The longest of the 2 rats is the common brown at around nine inches, while the black only measures 5-7" long. Brown rats cause damage because they must constantly chew on stuff to stop their teeth from getting too long. Wood is particularly vulnerable to their attention.

Rat infestations can cause all sorts of issues for home or business owners in and around Shrewsbury, they will leave behind droppings, gnaw through wires, insulation, pipes and woodwork, transmit diseases, and build nests. The local authorities should be informed whenever rats are observed. Or otherwise go HERE to report pest problems and rat sightings on the .gov website.

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It is not always by sight alone that you'll become aware of the presence of rats, their behaviour is sometimes quite enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you might hear scratching noises coming from a loft, floor or wall, you may uncover a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you may find droppings on the floor or in cupboards or you might encounter rat holes gnawed in floorboards or skirting boards.

If you're going to have this problem resolved correctly you'll want to speak to a professional. You can either speak to your local environmental health department or use the services of a specialist Shrewsbury rat catcher or pest controller yourself. There aren't too many folks these days who specialize only in rat problems, you are also able to call them if you've got a problem with moles digging up your lawn or maybe a wasps nest in your attic. (Tags: Pest Control Shrewsbury, Rat Catchers Shrewsbury )

Rat Prevention Shrewsbury: Dissuading rodents even before they become a nuisance is actually the most effective way of avoiding such problems. Therefore, even when you don't currently have a rat problem, deterring rats and rodents must be high on your priority list. Amongst the major factors that cause rat and mouse infestations is domestic trash in gardens. Providing both the location and materials to build a nest will achieve little but encourage them. When there's also enough food available your rats will be in paradise, so be warned that bird feeders attract rats, in particular when they are susceptible to spillages, and domestic waste food should never be easily accessible.

Rat Traps Shrewsbury: Rat traps are one of the ways to deal with a rat problem, regardless of whether you are taking care of it by yourself or bringing a professional in. Rat traps may be made to exterminate rats or to compassionately capture a rat for later release. If you're against the harming of animals, probably the capture rat trap will be the optimum solution. If you look around you'll find a lot of varying designs such as: cage traps, enclosed poison traps, electronic rat traps and spring loaded bait traps.

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Pest control and rat catching can be done in Shrewsbury and also in: Sweet Lake, Radbrook, Frankwell, Coleham, Bicton Heath, Great Hanwood, Atcham, Montford Bridge, Battlefield, Harlescott, Gravelhill, Cherry Orchard, Uffington, Annscroft, Underdale, Meole Brace, Bicton, Kingsland, Ditherington, Upton Magna, as well as in these postcodes SY1 2AE, SY1 1LZ, SY1 1PE, SY1 1XY, SY1 1TR, SY1 1DD, SY1 1QG, SY1 1PD, SY1 1BU, and SY1 1DF. Local Shrewsbury pest controllers will most likely have the postcode SY1 and the telephone code 01743.

Species of Rat

You are only likely to run into 2 kinds of rat in Shrewsbury and anyplace in the UK. The Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat:

The brown rat (Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus), common rat, sewer rat or street rat) is the most commonly seen rat in the United Kingdom and all across Continental Europe (also North America). This grey or brown coloured rodent grows to lengths of 4" to 9" (plus the tail) and weighs in at 140-500g. It was given its name Rattus Norvegicus (Norway Rat) because it was presumed to have arrived in the United Kingdom by boat from Norway. The brown rat is nowadays considered to have originated in Central Asia/China. Brown rats are omnivores (consume any foodstuffs) although their favourite foods are cereals, they've got excellent hearing but bad eyesight, the females reach sexual maturity in just five weeks and may have 5 litters a year (with as many as 14 kittens in each), they climb effectively and burrow extensively.

The Black Rat:

Also not native to Great Britain, the black rat, roof rat or ship rat originally came to Europe from Southeast Asia. It is regarded as having spread throughout Europe in Roman times, quite possibly hidden in cargoes of spice. Quite scarce nowadays in the British Isles, the black rat was largely driven out by the larger brown (common) rat. Weighing just 75-230 grammes, the black rat reaches a length of 5" to 7". Black rats are known to spread many different diseases, notably toxoplasmosis, bubonic plague, salmonella, typhus, listeria, rat bite fever, trichinosis, tularemia and Weil's disease.

Signs of Rat Infestations: When you've got a notion that you may have rats in your business or property, there are various ways that you're able to tell. You can listen closely for continual scratching noises coming from roofs and walls, especially during the night, look out for burrows or tunnels alongside solid surfaces, pay attention to gnaw marks in wires, cables and wood, particularly in lofts, hunt for signs of footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on walls and skirting boards, keep an eye out for faeces (droppings), they're dark brown in colour and look like large grains of rice.

Burrowing: Digging and burrowing is a thing that rats love to do and it's next to and under solid structures and objects like garages, shed bases, pathways and terraces that they mainly prefer to dig. These are often not straightforward holes in the ground, but rather substantial systems of burrows, made to provide food storage, a nesting place and shelter. The access points to rat burrows will often be worn smooth by continual coming and going, so keep your eyes open for holes with smooth sides next to and beneath solid structures. The entrances to burrows are normally around 2-4 inches in diameter. A simple way to ascertain if rats are nesting in that particular burrow is to throw some stuff into the entrance hole and see whether it has been cleared the following day.

Reporting Rats: Let's go into it a bit more here, although this topic was brought up earlier in this article. It is always a wise idea to inform the local environmental health if you spot rats in a public space, in a neighbours garden or in your own garden. Certain local councils will sort out problems with rats at no cost, however when you've got other pests for instance bed bugs, wasps and cockroaches they'll quite often charge. It is also actually possible to report rat infestations on the .gov webpage which you'll find HERE. Click HERE to organize your local rat catcher and get the issue sorted right away.

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Folks with a rat problem in Shrewsbury are sometimes tempted to have a shot at solving it themselves. Therefore, if this happens to you, what should you do? There are lots of products that are currently available to help you achieve this and you can buy rat traps, rat poisons and other similar products in hardware stores, shops and supermarkets in and around Shrewsbury. An experienced rat exterminator in Shrewsbury is however the preferred person for the job, since ridding yourself of rats is not always as simple as you might believe. Due to the risks to children and pets, the newcomer's use of rat poison isn't normally encouraged, and it isn't always beneficial in any case. If you've any doubts, bring in the professionals for your rat control needs in Shrewsbury.

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Shrewsbury rat catchers can normally help you with rat deterrents, domestic pest control, rat trapping, the installation of moth trapping pheromone stations, domestic rat control, electronic pest control, anti-bird spike installation, wasp nest removal, bird nest clearance, rat baits, pest control, residential pest control, rat infestations in Shrewsbury, bird dropping clearing, garden pest control in Shrewsbury, rat prevention, commercial rat control Shrewsbury, pest netting, cockroach control, emergency 24 hour pest control, thermal imaging surveys for locating pests, ultrasonic pest control, powder treatments, rat poison, pest extermination, insect heat treatments, pigeon control, household pest control, rat pest control, dead bird removal and other pest control in Shrewsbury. These are just a small portion of the duties that are performed by people specialising in pest control. Shrewsbury providers will inform you of their entire range of services.

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