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Great Missenden Rat Catchers (HP16): Noticing rats in your garden or home could be quite a frightening experience and while it is not so common an occurrence in Great Missenden these days, its certainly not unheard of. Rats tend to breed very quickly and can cause problems, particularly when their numbers get out of hand. A single sighting of a solitary rat may not be all that much of a concern, but if you are observing them frequently you must find a solution.

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If you do see rats in Great Missenden, the chances are that they will be common brown rats, though there are in fact 2 sorts of rats at present living in Great Britain; black (or ship) rats and brown (or common) rats. As you might know black rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) at which time they were pretty widespread. Black rats are relatively rare nowadays and actually neither variety is native to Great Britain, both of them originally from from Asia.

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The biggest of the 2 rat varieties is the brown rat at around nine inches, whilst the black rat only grows to between 5" and 7". Most of the damage attributable to brown rats is down to the fact that to keep their teeth from growing too much, they have to continuously gnaw on things. Their interest is commonly focused on stuff made of wood.

Rats leave behind droppings, transmit disease, gnaw through pipes, insulation, wires and woodwork, and generally cause problems in businesses and homes throughout Great Missenden. Property owners must always report incidences of rats to their local authorities. Or otherwise go HERE to report incidences of rats and other pest problems on the .gov website.

Pest Control Great Missenden

You won't have to physically see rats to confirm their existence, because there are many signs which will warn you of their presence. Its possible you may hear scratching coming from a loft, floor or wall, you might come across a rat's nest in some out of sight location, you may observe distinctive rat holes chewed into floorboards or skirtings or you may discover droppings in cupboards or on floors.

If you do not want to wait around for the local authorities to address this rat infestation you might decide to bring in local Great Missenden pest controller or rat catcher who will be an expert in the world of pest removal. There are not all that many folks nowadays who just specialise in rat problems, you can also call them if you've got moles causing damage or even a wasps nest in your loft area. (Tags: Pest Control Great Missenden, Ratcatchers Great Missenden )

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Pest control and rat catching can be undertaken in Great Missenden and also in: Little Hampden, South Heath, Heath End, Swan Bottom, Little Missenden, Lee Common, Ballinger, Little Kingshill, Great Hampden, Great Kingshill, together with these postcodes HP16 9BP, HP16 6BU, HP16 0BX, HP16, HP16 6BY, HP16 0BB, HP16 9AB, HP16 0AS, HP16 0UH, and HP16 9HU. Local Great Missenden rat catchers will probably have the postcode HP16 and the dialling code 01494.

Rat Prevention Great Missenden

For maintaining the safety of your property and home from damage and health risks, rat prevention is vital. Ensure all foodstuffs are securely stored in good quality airtight containers to begin with. To prevent attracting rats and mice, it is essential to keep your kitchen clean and free of food scraps or crumbs. Keep pet food stored securely and empty bins on a regular basis.

Rat Prevention Great Missenden

The sealing of entry points is a crucial measure in rat prevention. Look for any gaps, cracks or holes in your property that rats could use to get in. Focus especially on the areas around doors, vents and pipes. Block these potential entryways with materials such as wire wool or caulk, as rats can easily chew through many popular sealing materials.

Preventing rats also requires maintaining a clean and tidy environment outside your home in Great Missenden. To minimise potential nesting spots for rats, you must keep your garden and patio free of debris, such as piles of wood or leaves. Any vegetation that has become overgrown should be trimmed back and compost heaps should be kept well covered. If you have fruit trees, make sure you any fallen fruit should be picked up promptly. The chance of a rat infestation in and around your property can be substantially reduced by taking these steps. (Rat Prevention Great Missenden)

What Attracts Rats and Mice?

Though some folks in Great Missenden may think they're cute with their twitchy whiskers, fur covered bodies and pointy faces, mice and rats are certainly not animals that you want to be living in your house or garden, and they can actually be dangerous to have around. Rats and mice can cause damage to your home by gnawing through floorboards, electric cables, plasterboard and plastic, and are sometimes to blame for fires and other issues. Spreading things like bubonic plague, salmonella, typhus, listeria, Weil's disease, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, rat bite fever and trichinosis, rats and mice can cause more than thirty types of disease. So, the principal things that will attract mice and rats to your garden or home are:

  • CLUTTER - General clutter and jumble in an attic, storage shed or cellar will be especially attractive to rodents, particularly if there's a food source close by.
  • FOOD - Food that is left lying around or discarded is one of the principal attractions for rats and mice.
  • WATER - Active mice and rats need to drink, which means that sources of water such as pet bowls, seeping sprinkler systems, birdbaths and leaking pipes are a big enticement for these pests.
  • COMPOST/PET WASTE - Surprisingly pet waste and even heaps of compost can be attractive to rodents - there are a few tasty titbits hidden in there!
  • TRASH/RUBBISH - Accumulations of trash and garden rubbish heaped up on your property (especially in the garden) will definitely attract mice and rats.
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Rats and mice can crawl through the smallest of holes and cracks, so look out for spaces around vents, crawl spaces, entrances and pipework.

Rat Traps Great Missenden

Rat Traps

Rat traps are one of the solutions for dealing with a rat infestation, no matter whether you are tackling it by yourself or getting the rat catchers in. Rat traps can be intended to exterminate a rat or to humanely imprison rats for release later. The capture kind are the ideal alternative for people who hate to see creatures hurt in any way, even pests. Rat traps come in all shapes and sizes and include: electronic rat traps, spring loaded bait traps, cage traps and enclosed poison traps.

Rat Bite Wounds

Although they are not one of the most commonplace injuries inflicted on people in the British Isles, every now and again rat bites do occur, and the implications can sometimes be serious. If you stumble upon a rat in a confined environment, it could attack and bite you if it feels cornered or stressed, therefore leave an easy exit route and try to stay out of it's way.

Some instances of rat bites happen when rats are kept as pets, and poking your hand in a rat's cage could be asking for trouble. Even though they are not necessarily serious, rat bites can turn nasty or even fatal if they develop into "rat bite fever", consequently they must be avoided wherever possible. If left without treatment "rat bite fever" (RBF) can result in death, and has has a 10% mortality rate.

Signs of Rat Bite Fever - Various symptoms can be suffered by somebody with "rat bite fever" including:

  • Rash
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Redness or Swelling

In the unlikely circumstance that you ever get a rat bite, you'll have to carefully bathe the wound, apply a layer of antibiotic ointment, and wrap it with a clean, sterile plaster or bandage. Even if you don't feel that it's too severe, you should get it checked out at your nearest A&E, or book an emergency appointment at your local surgery. If you have not been vaccinated against tetanus in the last five years or so, you should also ask for of these.

Types of Rat

There are only 2 kinds of rat that you could come across in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire or in fact anywhere else in the British Isles. The Brown Rat and the Black Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The brown rat (sewer rat, common rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) or street rat) is the most commonly seen rat in the British Isles and all over Europe (also North America). The colouring of this species varies between grey and brown, it normally grows to around 4" - 9" (and an equivalent length tail) with a weight range of between 140g and 500g. It was named Rattus Norvegicus (Norway Rat) because it was assumed to have come to the British Isles by ships from Norway. The brown rat is now considered to have originated in China or Central Asia. Brown rats dig burrows and climb well, they have poor eyesight but good hearing, the female rats can produce up to 5 litters a year, they will eat just about any foodstuffs (they are omnivores) but prefer cereals and grains.

The Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Also not a native species of Great Britain, the black rat, (Rattus Rattus), roof rat or ship rat first came to Europe from India and Southeast Asia. It is regarded as having spread throughout Europe at the time of the Roman Empire, most likely traveling in spice shipments. The black rat was at one time prevalent in the United Kingdom however was largely ousted by the more dominant brown rat and now is quite rare. The black rat grows to a length of 5-7 inches and weights of 75-230g. Known to pass on bubonic plague, salmonella, typhus, listeria, Weil's disease, tularemia, toxoplasmosis, rat bite fever and trichinosis, black rats are prolific spreaders of pathogens and disease.

Rat Sightings - Reporting

We'll go into it a bit more now, though this subject was brought up further up the page. It is always a good idea to inform the local authorities if you discover rats in your own garden, in a public place or in a neighbours garden. Sometimes local councils will deal with rats cost-free, but if you have other infestations such as bed bugs, cockroaches and wasps they will quite often charge you. Incidences of rats can also be reported on the Government (.gov) webpage HERE. You're obviously able to arrange a local rat catcher to come and deal with the issue by going HERE.

Ultrasonic Pest Control Great Missenden

Ultrasonic pest control is the practice of repelling and deterring pests such as mice, insects, rats, and other critters using high-frequency sound waves. The technology's mechanism is to emit sound waves that are above the human hearing range but within the audible range of pests. An uncomfortable and disorienting environment is produced for pests by the sound waves, making it difficult for them to communicate and navigate.

The efficacy of ultrasonic pest control devices is debatable, despite their affordability and ease of use. Studies have yielded mixed results regarding the effectiveness of these devices, with some demonstrating effective repelling of specific pests while others indicating little or no impact. The effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control can vary depending on the pest species, area size, and other environmental factors. Like any pest control technique, it is important to explore all possibilities and seek professional input before deciding. For the most effective pest management, it is advisable to use ultrasonic pest control in tandem with other methods, rather than relying solely on this technique.... READ MORE.

Problems With Moles

Great Missenden rat catchers are occasionally contacted to take care of another issue, namely moles. By no means such hated creatures, moles cause totally different problems to rats. Lawns and gardens are the chief things at risk if you have a mole situation. The familiar sight of earth mounds scattered all over a nicely trimmed lawn are clear proof of such activity. Moles are usually captured in traps and then released somewhere else, if you favour a more humane resolution.

Do You Have Rats?

There are plenty of ways by which you can tell when you've got rats. If you have an inkling that there may be rats in your property or business you should hunt for footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, check for gnawing in wood, wires and cables, particularly in lofts, be on the lookout for holes or burrows adjacent to solid surfaces, keep your eyes peeled for droppings (faeces), they are darkish brown and look similar to large grains of rice, watch out for rub marks on walls and skirtings where greasy fur has left marks, listen for constant scratching noises coming from walls and rooves, in particular at night.

Rat Burrows

If you've got rats living in the garden, the probabilities are that there'll be a burrow. Rats love to burrow and they mostly excavate them adjacent to solid structures and objects such as garden shed bases, terraces, garage foundations and paths. These are the best places to check out if you believe there are rats nearby. These are not often just straightforward holes, but rather extensive systems of burrows, created to use as nesting, food storage and shelter. Keep your eyes peeled for holes with smooth edges, that have been rubbed by the continuous movement of these busy little creatures. Commonly around 2" to 4" in diameter, entrances to rat burrows are fairly easy to spot. Chuck some stuff into the burrow and check back the following day to ascertain if it's been shifted. This can show you if rats are still in situ.

General Pest Control in Great Missenden

General pest control is an essential service that encompasses a wide range of measures, both preventive and remedial, for eradicating and managing common pests in public, domestic and commercial spaces in Great Missenden. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the comfort, safety and health of individuals, protecting property, and ensuring the overall well-being of communities.

"General pest control" is a broad term that encompasses the control and management of various pests that can infest different locations. These pests include a diverse array, including insects like ants, bedbugs, cockroaches and rodents like rats and mice, and other annoying pests such as silverfish, spiders and flies.

Pest control is largely concerned with preventing pest infestations. This is accomplished through preemptive measures, such as maintaining cleanliness, regular inspections and pest-proofing. Identifying potential entry points and addressing conditions that attract pests, such as water sources or food debris, can significantly reduce the risk of pest problems for home and business owners in Great Missenden.

General Pest Control Great Missenden

General pest control services are vital for addressing the issue of pest infiltration promptly and effectively. Pest control experts are equipped to identify the exact species of pest, determine the extent of the infestation, and devise a customised eradication plan. They use a number of different techniques and methods, including trapping, exclusion measures, baiting and insecticide applications, to eliminate the pests.

Moreover, general pest control encompasses the humane removal and relocation of some species of wildlife, including birds, bats and squirrels, which can encroach on properties and pose health and safety risks. Through the application of ethical and eco-friendly methods, pest control specialists ensure the safe relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, thereby reducing the risk of harm to both humans and animals.

Employed frequently in general pest control, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) represents a sustainable and environmentally responsible approach. The key principle of IPM is to favour non-chemical methods, like implementing sanitation practices, sealing potential entry points, and utilising biological controls such as natural predators, whenever they're a viable choice. Employing chemical treatments judiciously and in compliance with regulations aims to minimise their impact on both non-target species and the wider environment.

In conclusion, the protection of property, health and comfort for both communities and individuals is fundamentally ensured by the diverse services offered by general pest control. Preventative measures paired with effective interventions by pest control services in Great Missenden are key to preserving pest-free zones in working and living areas, thus ensuring an improved quality of life for all. (52599 - General Pest Control Great Missenden)

In Conclusion

Having a problem with rats in Great Missenden is a situation that most of us dread, and when you find yourself in this scenario, the temptation might be to try to resolve it on your own. By looking around supermarkets, hardware stores and shops in the Great Missenden area, it is not too difficult to obtain rat traps, rat poisons and other similar products.

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A professional rat exterminator in Great Missenden is however the ideal person for the job, given that ridding yourself of rats is not always as easy as you might suppose.

Due to the dangers to children and pets, the newcomer's use of rat toxins isn't generally recommended, and is often not effective in any case. If you know what is better for you, use an experienced rat control service in Great Missenden for resolving your rat problems.

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Great Missenden rat catchers will likely help with bird proofing services, bird dropping clearing, insect heat treatments, household pest control, mole catching, the removal of contaminated loft insulation, pest control for fleas, fogging & spray treatments in Great Missenden, rat deterrents, rat catching in Great Missenden, 24 hour emergency pest control, fox pest control, wasp pest control, pest removal services in Great Missenden, preventive pest control in Great Missenden, pest control, cockroach pest conrtol, dead animal removal, the installation of pheromone stations, domestic pest control, powder treatments, bed bug control, rat prevention in Great Missenden, ultrasonic pest control, rat proofing, rat trapping in Great Missenden, residential pest control, garden pest control, anti-bird spike installation, electronic pest control and other pest control in Great Missenden. These are just a small portion of the duties that are handled by those installing pest control. Great Missenden specialists will keep you informed about their full range of pest control services.

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