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Ash Rat Catchers (GU12): Finding a rat in your garden or even inside your property is usually rather a frightening experience to go through even though its not so frequent an occurrence in Ash these days, it's certainly not unusual. Rats breed quickly and will likely cause problems, especially when there are a lot of them. One incidence of a lone rat may not be too much of an issue, but if you happen to be observing them frequently you ought to report it.

There are two kinds of rat which you may run into in Ash, black rats and brown (or common) rats. It is relatively unlikely that you will ever see black rats, and if you've stumbled upon a rat recently its likely to have been the more widespread brown rat (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (ship rats) were common at one time and were responsible for the spread of the Great Plague during the 17th Century, they are pretty scarce nowadays, though when they are seen they've got good hearing, are amazing climbers, and can give birth to between 20 and 100 baby rats every twelve months.

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The brown rat is normally larger than the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and can weigh as much as half a kilo, with a length of about 9". A lot of the damage caused by brown rats is because to keep their incisors from getting too long, they've got to continuously gnaw things. Their attention is oftentimes targeting items made of wood.

Rats may cause various kinds of issues in homes and businesses in Ash and they leave behind droppings, spread disease, gnaw their way through pipes, woodwork, wires and insulation, and generally cause a nuisance. Any repeated sightings of rats should always be reported to the local council. Or even head HERE to report pest and rat problems on the .gov website online.

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It's not invariably by sight alone that you will become aware of the presence of rats, their behaviour is often enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you may spot rat holes chewed into skirting boards or floorboards, you could hear scratching coming from a loft, floor or wall, you might discover droppings on the floor or in cupboards or you could find a rat's nest hidden away.

To remedy this problem there are specific approaches that you could consider. You could put poison or traps down yourself, you could find a rat removal specialist or you could contact the local Ash authority or council. In centuries past, rat catchers were exactly that, however nowadays they're referred to as pest control experts and will not just be happy to help you tackle rat problems but also ants, wasps, mice, moles, cockroaches and many more. (Tags: Ratcatchers Ash, Pest Control Ash )

Rat Traps

One of the ways that you can deal with a rat problem is by using rat traps. You can find many different styles of rat traps nowadays, some of which kill rats and others which capture the rat for release later. If you're against the harming of animals, probably the capture traps will be your appropriate answer. Rat traps are offered in all styles and sizes and include the likes of: spring loaded bait traps, electronic rat traps, enclosed poison traps and cage traps.

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Rat Poison

Poisoning is perhaps one of the more horrible methods by which to get rid of rats. This is typically accomplished by setting a bait laced with poison, that is subsequently ingested by the rat resulting in death within a few days. When its placed in the perfect spot in or close to a rat infested area, this poison can quite swiftly kill a large population of rats. In general difenacoum, bromadioline or brodifacoum are the poisons used. Pets could also be harmed by eating rat poisons, so be careful. Brands of rat poison in Great Britain include: Rentokil, Propest, Pest Expert, Elixir Gardens, Roshield and RatKil.

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Whilst not such a commonplace issue these days moles may also be dealt with by rat catchers. Moles can cause trouble in different ways to rats and are not disliked anywhere near as much. The biggest problem with moles is that they will cause considerable damage to your garden, especially your lawn. Evidence of their activity can plainly be seen in the form of scattered piles of earth on nicely mowed lawns. The favorite and most humane solution to stop moles is by trapping. (Tags: Mole Trapping Ash, Mole Catchers Ash)

Have You Got Rats?

There are numerous ways that you can tell if you have rats. If you have your suspicions that there could be rats in your property or business you can pay attention to gnaw marks in wires, cables and wood, especially in lofts, listen for continual scratching noises emanating from attics and walls, in particular during the night, search for signs of footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, look out for burrows or tunnels close to solid objects, watch for rub marks on skirtings and walls where greasy fur has left marks, keep your eyes peeled for droppings (faeces), they are dark brown in colour and look like large grains of rice.

Rat Burrows

Digging is one thing that all rats really like to do and it is at the side of solid objects or structures such as terraces, garages, paths and shed bases that they particularly prefer to dig. These are often not simple holes, but substantial systems of burrows, intended to provide food storage, shelter and a nesting place. Look out for holes with smooth edges, which have been rubbed by the frequent comings and goings of these busy pests. When you discover holes but are not certain that they are rats, they will usually be two to four inches across. Toss some stuff into the entrance and check the following day to see if it has been shifted. This would clarify if the rats are still about.

Reporting Rat Sightings

The following is more detail on a subject we touched on previously. The local council is the place to send a report if you discover rats in a neighbours garden, in your own garden or in a public area. Certain councils will solve problems with rats free of charge, however when you've got other pests for example bed bugs, wasps and cockroaches they will generally charge. You can head over to the .gov website HERE to report rat infestations. To have the issue sorted quickly schedule a rat catcher HERE.

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Home and business owners with a rat problem in Ash are occasionally tempted to have a crack at resolving it for themselves. So, if you find yourself in this situation, what should you do? Rat traps, rat poisons and other products are available in shops, hardware stores and supermarkets in and around Ash, so the items that you need can be easily purchased. Calling in a specialist Ash rat exterminator would however be a better option, unless of course you know exactly what you're up to, because the right solution isn't necessarily the obvious one. The newcomer's use of rat toxins will likely do more harm than good, since you need to be extremely cautious with them if pets and children are around. You would be much better off enlisting the help of an expert when you need rat control in Ash. (Tags: Rat Exterminators Ash, Rat Control Ash, Rat Removal Ash)

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