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Haslingden Rat Catchers (BB4): Even though it isn't so common nowadays, spotting a rat in your garden or house in Haslingden isn't really a great thing to go through. One single sighting of a rat may not be that much of a concern, but, if you see the presence of rats more regularly or see more than one rat you could be heading for trouble since they tend to breed so quickly.

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If you do happen to discover rats in Haslingden, the probabilities are that they'll be common brown rats, even though there are in fact two breeds of rats currently living in the UK; black (ship) rats and brown (or common) rats. As you may be aware black rats were blamed for the Great Plague (17th C) and at that time they were really widespread. Black rats are quite rare nowadays but in fact neither variety is a native of the British Isles, both originally from from Asia.

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Brown rats are bigger than black rats (Rattus Rattus) and may weigh up to 500g, with a length of roughly 9 inches. To wear down their continually growing incisor teetn, brown rats need to keep chewing stuff, which is the reason they are responsible for such a lot of damage and destruction. Woodwork is particularly vulnerable to their attention.

Rat infestations will lead to a lot of issues for business and home owners throughout Haslingden, they spread diseases, gnaw their way through pipes, woodwork, wires and insulation, leave droppings, and build nests. The local council ought to be advised when there are sightings of rats. Or even post a report recording pest and rat sightings on the .gov website HERE, which is forwarded to your local authorities.

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It isn't purely by sight that you'll become aware of the presence of rats, their behaviour is sometimes enough to enlighten you. Perhaps you could uncover a rat's nest hidden away somewhere, you could hear noises coming from a loft, floor or wall, you might come across distinctive rat holes chewed into skirtings or floorboards or you could detect droppings on floors or in cupboards.

To take care of this issue there are specific routes you might consider. You could put poison or traps down yourself, you could get in touch with the local Haslingden environmental health or you can locate a pest controller who specialises in rat removal. In the good old days, rat catchers used to be exactly that, however presently they tend to be referred to as pest control experts and won't solely be able to help you sort out getting rid of rats but also removing mice, moles, wasps, ants, cockroaches and many more. (Tags: Rat Catchers Haslingden, Pest Control Haslingden )

Rat Traps

Rat Traps One strategy which you could use to take care of a rat issue is by using rat traps. Rat traps may be developed to exterminate a rat or to humanely capture rats for release later. People who are loathe to think of creatures of any sort harmed, will unquestionably prefer the capture type of trap. Available sorts of rat traps include: spring loaded bait traps, enclosed poison traps, cage traps and electronic rat traps.

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Rat Poison

A more distasteful means by which to eradicate rat infestations is by using poison. Wholewheat grains are laced using a poisonous compound and left for the rats to eat, it takes several days for them to die. A large population of rats may be exterminated with this procedure as long as the poison bait is placed properly. Noxious components which are utilized in rat poisons include: bromadioline, brodifacoum or difenacoum. Be careful to keep this out of reach of cats and dogs. Well known brands of rat poison made in the United Kingdom include the likes of: Propest, Roshield, Rentokil, RatKil, Elixir Gardens and Pest Expert.

Mole Problems

Some rat catchers in Haslingden will also help with moles (the furry kind!). In no way such detested critters, moles bring about completely different issues than rats. The chief issue with moles is that they'll do a fair amount of damage to your garden, and in particular your lawn. Perfectly trimmed lawns spoiled by ugly piles of newly dug earth are a sure sign of activity by moles. Moles are usually captured in traps and then re-released someplace else, if you prefer a humane strategy.

Species of Rat

You're only going to run across two species of rat in Haslingden or anywhere in the United Kingdom. These are the Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

In Haslingden, the rest of the United Kingdom and Europe the most common species of rat is the brown rat (common rat, street rat, sewer rat or Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)), this is the kind you might spot in your garden or house. The brown rat (it can sometimes be grey in colour) is ordinarily 4" - 9" in length (without the tail) and weighs in at 140 to 500g. It is always found wherever humans live. Now understood to have originated in Central Asia (possibly China), the brown rat was at one time assumed to have come from Norway (hence its name). Brown rats are omnivores (consume any foodstuffs) though they favour cereal grains, they've got poor eyesight but excellent hearing, the females reach sexual maturity in about 5 weeks and can give birth to five litters a year (with as many as 14 kittens in each litter), they dig extensive burrows and climb efficiently.

The Black Rat (Rattus Rattus)

The black rat, (Rattus Rattus) roof rat or ship rat is also not a native of the British Isles, originally coming from India and Southeast Asia. Very likely traveling in spice shipments in the times of the Romans, the black rat subsequently spread through Continental Europe. Once widespread in the UK, this rat disappeared as the brown rat appeared. This rat attains lengths of five to seven inches and weighs about 75g to 230g. Well known for spreading pathogens and diseases black rats may be to blame for toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, rat bite fever, listeria, tularemia, salmonella, bubonic plague, Weil's disease and typhus.

Signs of Rats

If you have suspicions you may have rats in your business or home, there are various means by which it's possible to find out. You can watch out for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on walls and skirting boards, pay attention to gnawing in cables, wood and wires, particularly in attics, listen for continual scratching noises coming from walls and rooves, especially at nighttime, keep your eyes open for faeces, they look just like large grains of rice and are darkish brown, hunt for signs of footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, be on the lookout for tunnels or burrows next to solid objects.


The one thing which rats love to do is dig burrows, and their favourite place to do it is near to solid objects or structures like garden sheds, walkways, garages and patios. Providing them with nesting, shelter and food storage, burrows are excavated into substantial systems which can even cause damage if not nipped in the bud. A guaranteed indication of a rat burrow is often a hole with smooth sides next to a solid surface, where the motion of furry animals have polished the burrow entrance. The entrances to burrows are typically 2" to 4" in diameter. A simple way to determine if rats still live in that particular burrow is to throw a bit of rubbish into the entrance and see whether it has been removed the next day.

Problems With Mice

Mice are often just as much of a problem as having rats, especially when they find their way into your home. Like rats, mice contaminate foodstuffs, breed quickly, leave droppings, gnaw at things and are typically a pain. The same techniques are usually employed to clear up mouse infestations in Haslingden, basically poisoning and trapping are preferred. Haslingden rat catchers can also help you get rid of mouse infestations, so get on the phone or check out BARK and get the issue sorted.

What Attracts Rats and Mice?

With their pointy faces, twitching whiskers and fur covered bodies, some folk might find rats and mice to be cute, however they are certainly not the type of animals that you want living in your home or garden in Haslingden, and can actually be more dangerous than you might suppose. Rats and mice can cause damage to your property by chewing through plasterboard, electric cables, wood and plastic, and are regularly to blame for fires and other accidents. More than thirty different sorts of disease can be spread by mice and rats including conditions like toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, rat bite fever, listeria, tularemia, salmonella, bubonic plague, Weil's disease and typhus. Among the things that will definitely attract rats and mice to your home and garden are:

  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Rats and mice can squeeze through the smallest of holes, so look out for spaces around doors, air vents, pipes and crawl spaces.
  • COMPOST/PET WASTE - Surprisingly piles of compost and even pet waste can be attractive to rodents - there will be plenty of tasty titbits hiding in there!
  • RUBBISH/TRASH - Accumulations of trash and garden waste heaped up on your property (particularly in the garden) will obviously attract rodents.
  • FOOD - Food left lying around or discarded is one of the main attractions for rats and mice.
  • CLUTTER - General jumble and clutter in an attic, outbuilding or cellar will be especially attractive to mice and rats, particularly if there is a source of food close by.
  • WATER - Busy little rats and mice need to drink, subsequently water sources like pet water bowls, dripping sprinkler systems, birdbaths and leaky pipes are a big temptation for these unwelcome pests.
Rat Exterminator Haslingden UK

Homeowners with a rat problem in Haslingden are occasionally tempted to have a shot at resolving it themselves. Therefore, if this happens to you, what ought you to do? There are an array of products currently available to help you to achieve this and you can acquire rat traps, rat poisons and other products in hardware stores, shops and supermarkets in the Haslingden area. Retaining the services of a professional Haslingden rat exterminator would however be a better option, unless of course you know precisely what you're up to, seeing that the correct strategy is not always the obvious one. On account of the risks to children and pets, the newcomer's use of rat toxins isn't really advised, and it isn't always helpful in any case. You would be much better off enlisting the help of a professional when you need rat control in Haslingden. (Tags: Rat Exterminator Haslingden, Rat Removal Haslingden, Rat Control Haslingden)

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