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Bedwas Rat Catchers (CF83): Though it's not such a common problem in Bedwas nowadays, folks still have troubles with rats occasionally. Seeing rats in your home or garden isn't a good experience, and could be sufficient to cause some people the shakes. Single rats are unlikely to cause very much of an issue, although rats tend to reproduce quickly and will cause issues as their numbers rise.

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There are two kinds of rat that you might spot in Bedwas, black rats and brown (or common) rats. It's rather improbable that you will ever see black rats, and if you've stumbled upon a rat recently the chances are it will have been one of the more common brown rats (Rattus Norvegicus). Black rats (also known as ship rats) were once common and were the cause of the Great Plague, they are pretty scarce nowadays, but where they are found they are superb climbers, have an acute sense of hearing, and the females can produce between twenty and one hundred baby rats each year.

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The black rat (Rattus Rattus) at 5 to 7 inches, is a little smaller than the brown variety, which reaches a length of almost nine inches and weighs close to half a kilogram. Much of the damage attributable to brown rats is because to prevent their incisors from growing too much, they must continually gnaw stuff. Items made of timber are particularly susceptible to their interest.

Rat infestations will lead to all kinds of problems for business owners and householders in Bedwas, they leave droppings, transmit diseases, gnaw their way through insulation, pipes, woodwork and wires, and build nests. Property holders should report rat sightings to the relevant local authorities. Or alternatively post a report to record pest and rat problems on the .gov website HERE, which will be forwarded to the relevant local authorities.

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You don't have to physically witness rats to confirm that they are there, because there are a lot of signs that will warn you of their presence. It could be that you could detect droppings in cupboards or on floors, you may spot rat holes chewed in skirtings or floorboards, you could find a rat's nest in some tucked away location or you might hear noises coming from a loft, floor or wall.

If you want to have this issue dealt with correctly you will have to get in touch with an expert. You can inform the local authorities or call in a professional Bedwas pest controller or rat catcher for yourself. Way back in the past, rat catchers were precisely that, however nowadays they are known as pest controllers and won't solely be happy to help with getting rid of rats but also resolving problems with ants, cockroaches, mice, moles, wasps and many more.

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Diseases Spread by Rats

It is common knowledge that rats can spread a multitude of diseases to humans, primarily through their urine, faeces and saliva. Among the diseases that can be transmitted from rats to humans are rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, salmonellosis and hantavirus.

Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection that causes fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Leptospirosis, a bacterial infection, can cause flu-like symptoms and potentially result in the failure of the liver and kidneys. A severe respiratory illness that can lead to fatality can be caused by hantavirus. Rat-bite fever, which can cause rashes, vomiting and fever, can be transmitted through a rat bite or scratch due to a bacterial infection.

Taking action to control and prevent rat infestations is vital to reducing the risk of disease transmission. Rodent-proofing and proper sanitation are key components of effective rat control measures that can prevent and decrease the risk of rat infestations and the spread of these diseases.

Rat Prevention Bedwas

Discouraging mice and rats even before they appear is actually the most effective way of avoiding having problems with them. Subsequently, even if you don't actually have a rat problem, rat prevention ought to be high on your priority list. Household rubbish littered around the garden is known to be one of the main reasons behind rat and mouse infestations. Supplying both the location and materials to build nests will do little but attract them. Also, you should avoid supplying them with easy food by leaving food waste in your garden and putting bird seed feeders out with grain that will only attract rats and mice. (Tags: Rat Deterrents Bedwas, Rat Prevention Bedwas)

Ultrasonic Pest Control

To repel pests like rats, mice, insects, and other creatures, ultrasonic pest control employs high-frequency sound waves. To operate, the technology emits sound waves that are above the range of human hearing but can be heard by pests. The waves generate an unpleasant and confusing atmosphere for pests, which complicates their navigation and communication with one another.

While ultrasonic pest control devices are relatively inexpensive and easy to use, their effectiveness is subject to debate. The effectiveness of these devices in repelling pests is uncertain, with some studies indicating success for specific pests while others showing little or no impact. Additionally, the effectiveness of ultrasonic pest control can vary depending on the size of the area being treated, the type of pest, and other environmental factors. As with any pest control strategy, it is important to consider all options and consult with a specialist before making a decision.... READ MORE.

Rat Traps

Rat Traps

Rat traps are one of the solutions for dealing with a rat infestation, whether you are handling it yourself or bringing the professionals in. Rat traps may be developed to exterminate rats or to humanely capture a rat for release later. If you're averse to the harming of animals, perhaps the capture rat trap will be your perfect solution. Available rat trap styles include: cage traps, electronic rat traps, enclosed poison traps and spring loaded bait traps.

What Attracts Rats?

Irrespective of their outwardly cute appearance, with their furry bodies, twitching whiskers and pointy faces, rats and mice can be dangerous and are not creatures that you want to be living in your home or garden in Bedwas. Rats and mice can cause damage to your house by nibbling through floorboards, plasterboard, plastic and electric wires, and are regularly responsible for fires and other issues. Over 30 different sorts of disease can be spread by mice and rats including conditions like Weil's disease, trichinosis, bubonic plague, salmonella, typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, listeria and rat bite fever. So, the principal things that will attract mice and rats to your garden and home are:

  • RUBBISH/TRASH - An accumulation of trash and garden rubbish stacked up on your property (particularly in the garden) will surely attract mice and rats.
  • WATER - Rats and mice need to drink like any other living creature, subsequently sources of water such as seeping sprinkler systems, leaking pipes, pet bowls and birdbaths are a big enticement for these unwanted pests.
  • CLUTTER - General clutter and jumble in a shed, attic or basement will be particularly attractive to rodents, particularly if there is a food source close by.
  • HOLES AND ENTRY POINTS - Rats and mice can squeeze through the smallest of holes, so look out for spaces around vents, doorways, piping and crawl spaces.
  • FOOD - Food that is left discarded or lying around is one of the main attractions for rats and mice.
  • PET WASTE/COMPOST - Surprisingly pet waste and even heaps of compost can be attractive to rodents - there will be some tasty morsels hidden in there!


Burrowing and digging is something that rats like to do and it is alongside solid objects or structures like walkways, garden shed bases, patios and garage foundations that they predominantly prefer to dig. Rats create substantial networks of burrows that provide food storage, shelter and a nesting place. Keep your eyes open for holes having smooth edges, that have been rubbed by the continuous ins and outs of these busy little pests. Generally about 2" to 4" across, entrances to rat burrows are not hard to recognize. You should check if rats are about by partially blocking the burrow entrance to find out if they come back and clear it away.

Rat Bite Wounds

While rat bites are not all that commonplace in Great Britain, they do happen on the odd occasion and they can be dangerous in certain circumstances. When rats are distressed or feel cornered, they can attack and bite people, thus should you unfortunately find yourself in a situation like that, keep out of the way and leave an easy and clear exit route.

You'd think that folks would be wary of pushing their hand into a rat's cage, yet as rats are often kept as pets, this is a rising cause of rat bites. Rat bites can turn nasty or even fatal if they turn into "rat bite fever" (caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis), subsequently they must be avoided when possible, although of of course they're not always serious. "Rat bite fever", if it is left without treatment, can result in death, and has has a 10% mortality rate.

Signs of Rat Bite Fever (RBF) - "Rat bite fever" (streptobacillary RBF) can have a number of symptoms and signs, including:

  • Fever
  • Muscle Pain
  • Joint Pain or Swelling
  • Headaches
  • Rashes
  • Vomiting
  • Redness or Swelling

You should promptly wash the affected area with warm water, if you receive a rat bite, then administer an antibiotic ointment, and finally cover it with a clean gauze or bandage. You need to make an emergency appointment with your doctor, or head for the nearest A&E unit, even if you believe it isn't that severe. It is also recommended that you get a tetanus shot, especially if you haven't received one of these in the last 5 years.

Problems With Mice in Bedwas

While not quite so unsettling as finding rats scuttling around garden or house, mice may be just as much of an issue. Mice, like rats, leave droppings, contaminate foodstuffs, breed rapidly and gnaw at stuff. The resolution to mouse infestations in Bedwas are much the same as the ones employed for rats ie poisoning and trapping. Whether you have a problem with mice or rats, head over to BARK to find an expert Bedwas pest controller to help you out.

Types of Rat

You are only going to come across 2 types of rat in Bedwas or anyplace in the United Kingdom. The Black Rat and the Brown Rat.

The Brown Rat

In Bedwas, the remainder of Great Britain and Europe the most common species of rat is the brown rat (common rat, street rat, Norwegian Rat (Rattus Norvegicus) or sewer rat), this is what you might spot in your garden or house. The brown rat (it can often be grey) is typically 4 to 9 inches in length (without the tail) and weighs about 140-500g. It usually lives wherever human beings live. It was given the name Rattus Norvegicus (Norway Rat) since it was believed to have come to Great Britain by boat from Norway. It is now understood to have originated in Central Asia/China. Brown rats are omnivores (eat any foodstuffs) though they prefer to eat grain cereals, they've got poor eyesight but excellent hearing, the females reach sexual maturity in about five weeks and might have five litters every year (with as many as 14 in each), they climb well and dig extensive burrows.

The Black Rat (Rattus Rattus)

The black rat, ship rat or roof rat (Rattus Rattus) is also not native to Great Britain, originating in India. Probably traveling in spice shipments in the times of the Romans, the black rat consequently spread throughout Europe. Pretty rare nowadays in the British Isles, the black rat was for the most part replaced by the more dominant brown (common) rat. This rat reaches lengths of 5" to 7" and weights of 75-230 grammes. Black rats are notorious for spreading a variety of diseases, particularly Weil's disease, trichinosis, bubonic plague, salmonella, typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, listeria and rat bite fever.

Spotting Rats

There are various ways by which you can tell when you have rats. When you have a notion that there could be rats in your home or business you should try to find signs of footprints or tail trails in dusty areas or on loose soil, listen closely for constant scratching noises emanating from walls and lofts, particularly during the night, keep your eyes open for faeces, they look much like large grains of rice and are dark brown, pay attention to gnaw marks in cables, wires and wood, particularly in lofts, look out for burrows or tunnels near to solid objects, watch for rub marks where their greasy fur leaves marks on skirting boards and walls.

General Pest Control in Bedwas

A wide array of preventive and remedial measures are used by general pest control, an essential service, to manage and eradicate common pests in commercial, domestic and public spaces. It is a crucial part of maintaining the safety, comfort and health of individuals, protecting property, and ensuring the overall well-being of communities.

Businesses, public areas and homes are protected from various pests through "general pest control". These pests encompass a diverse array, including rodents like mice and rats, bedbugs, insects like ants and cockroaches, and other nuisance pests such as silverfish, flies and spiders.

In order to prevent pest infestations, pest control is employed. Maintaining cleanliness, regular inspections and pest-proofing are proactive measures that achieve this. Significantly reducing the risk of pest problems is a critical goal for businesses and individuals in Bedwas, and it can be achieved by addressing conditions that attract pests and identifying potential entry points, such as food debris or water sources.

General pest control services are crucial for addressing the issue of pest infiltration effectively and promptly. Pest control experts can quickly identify the specific pest species, assess the severity of the infestation, and formulate a bespoke eradication approach. Pest controllers employ a diverse range of methods and techniques, including insecticide applications, trapping, exclusion measures and baiting, to eradicate pests.

General pest control also extends to the humane removal and relocation of some species of wildlife, such as birds, bats and squirrels, which can invade properties and pose health and safety problems. Pest control professionals employ ethical and eco-friendly practices to facilitate the safe relocation of wildlife to their natural habitats, thereby reducing the risk of harm to both animals and humans.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a commonly used approach in general pest control, known for its sustainability and environmental responsibility. IPM places great importance on non-chemical methods, such as sealing potential points of entry, implementing sanitation practices, and employing biological controls like natural predators, whenever possible. Chemical treatments are judiciously applied, following regulations, to reduce their impact on non-target species and the wider environment. (88442 - General Pest Control Bedwas)

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When you've got a problem with rats in Bedwas you may possibly try to solve it yourself - and needless to say a lot of householders in Bedwas do choose that approach. Rat traps, rat poisons and other similar products are available in supermarkets, hardware stores and shops in and around Bedwas, so the stuff that you need can be easily purchased. Nonetheless, unless you are aware of what you are doing, it is probably best to engage an expert rat exterminator, who'll have handled this issue thousands of times before, and will automatically know what the most effective solution is. Because of the dangers to children and pets, the newcomer's use of rat poisons is not generally recommended, and it's not always successful in any case. If you've got any doubts, get in touch with the professionals for your rat control needs in Bedwas. (Tags: Rat Exterminators Bedwas, Rat Control Bedwas, Rat Removal Bedwas)

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Bedwas rat catchers will likely help with dead animal removal, wildlife management, rodent control Bedwas, rat deterrents in Bedwas, rat poison, wasp nest removal, electronic pest control, the installation of pheromone stations (for moth entrapment), pest control Bedwas, bird dropping removal, wasp pest control Bedwas, bird nest clearing, domestic rat control, residential pest control, domestic pest control, mouse control, commercial pest control, dead bird removal in Bedwas, pest control, rat control in Bedwas, the removal of contaminated loft insulation in Bedwas, commercial rat control Bedwas, anti-bird spike installation Bedwas, rat proofing Bedwas, bed bugs pest control, pest extermination, bird proofing services, ingress pest solutions, preventive pest control Bedwas and other pest control in Bedwas, Wales. These are just a small portion of the activities that are undertaken by people specialising in pest control. Bedwas professionals will inform you of their whole range of services.

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