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Boston Rat Catchers Contractors (PE21): Despite the fact that its not such a frequent problem nowadays in Boston, folks can still have trouble with rats every now and then. Discovering rats in your garden or inside your property isn't a good thing to experience, and is sufficient to give some property owners the shivers. Single rats should not cause much of a problem, although rats breed rapidly and will begin to cause problems as soon as they grow in numbers.

Rat Catchers Boston PE21

If you do discover rats in Boston, the likelihood is that they will be brown rats, even though there are actually two kinds of rat currently found in the United Kingdom; brown (or common rats) and black (or ship rats). As you may be aware black rats were the cause of the Great Plague (17th C) during which period they were really widespread. Black rats are quite rare nowadays and actually neither variety is a native of the UK, both of them originally from from Asia.

Brown rats are larger than black rats (Rattus Rattus) and weigh up to half a kilogram, with a length of approximately nine inches. Brown rats can cause problems because they need to continually gnaw at things to prevent their teeth from getting too long. Their attention is oftentimes focused on items that is made out of wood.

Rats spread disease, gnaw their way through wires, insulation, woodwork and pipes, leave behind droppings, and will generally cause issues in businesses and households throughout Boston. Sightings of rats need to be reported to the local authority. Or alternatively post a report to record pest and rat problems on the .gov website HERE, to be forwarded to the relevant local authority.

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It is not always by sight alone that you'll be alerted to the presence of rats, their actions are sometimes enough to give warning. Its possible you may hear scratching noises coming from a wall, floor or loft, you may find a rat's nest in some concealed location, you might spot distinctive rat holes gnawed into skirtings or floorboards or you could detect droppings in cupboards or on floor surfaces.

In order to have this problem resolved effectively you should bring in a specialist. You can either contact the local authority or hire the services of a specialist Boston pest controller or rat catcher for yourself. These days rat catchers typically fall into the category of pest control, and pest elimination businesses not only remove rats but additionally bedbugs, moles, mice, fleas, cockroaches, wasps and many more types of garden and domestic pests.

Rat Traps

Rat Cage Rat traps are among the most reliable ways to deal with a rat infestation, regardless of whether you are handling it yourself or getting the rat catchers in. These days there are various different styles of rat traps readily available, giving you a selection of capture options. Should you be against the harming of animals, probably the capture style traps would be your best solution. Rat traps can be found in all sizes and styles and include the likes of: electronic rat traps, enclosed poison traps, spring loaded bait traps and cage traps.

Rat Poison

What some may consider a distasteful way to eradicate rats is by using poison. Wholewheat grains are laced using a poisoned compound and strategically left for the rats to eat, it takes several days for them to die. When its set in the optimal location in a rat infested area, poison can quite swiftly deal with a large number of rats. Generally bromadioline, brodifacoum or difenacoum are among the poisons used. Rat poison doesn't just harm rats, cats, dogs and other pets are also at risk, consequently care should be taken. Well known brands of rat poison in Britain include: Rentokil, Roshield, RatKil, Elixir Gardens, Pest Expert and Propest.

Do You Have Rats?

If you have an idea you may have rats in your property or business, there are a variety of ways by which you'll be able to tell. You can keep your eyes peeled for faeces (droppings), they look like large grains of rice and are dark brown, listen for scratching noises coming from lofts and walls, in particular at nighttime, watch out for rub marks on walls and skirting boards where greasy fur has left marks, hunt for footprints or tail trails on loose soil or in dusty areas, be on the lookout for burrows or tunnels near to solid objects, check for gnawing in cables, wood and wires, particularly in lofts.


A thing which rats like to do is burrow, and their favourite area to do it is at the side of solid objects or structures like terraces, shed bases, garages and walkways. Providing nesting places, shelter and food storage, burrows are excavated into substantial systems that could even cause damage to buildings if allowed to continue unchecked. Watch out for holes with smooth edges, which may have been rubbed by the steady comings and goings of these busy little creatures. The entrance holes to rat burrows are usually two to four inches in diameter. A smart way to ascertain if rats are still living in the burrow is to chuck some stuff into the burrow and see whether it's been cleared away the next day.

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